Friday, January 16, 2009

~The Urankar's have Chairs ~

As most of you know, since Nick and I got Married, we are living in carmel in a Loft Apartment ( which I absolutly L*O*V*E) we have 11ft ceilings and exposed brick walls, such an urban feel to it, once we knew this was the place we would call home, we wanted to start fresh, pick out "our" furniture.... I knew with planning a wedding and how expensive they are that we needed to hold off on a lot of the purchases that way we had all of our cash at hand for the wedding.... and we had also decided that anything that we were going to put in our house would only be put in our house when we were able to purchase it with Cash... thats right ( NO CREDIT CARDS )...we furst purchased our KING bed, mattress, dresser, chest,sofa and love seat, and a reallly tall floor mirror that I adore and i was sure that we were set, all i needed was a roof over my head a bed to lay on and a husband by my side and we would have it all :) so we have lived with with only those mentioned above for the last 3 1/2 months..... I cook dinner @ home for us every night, so we have been eating on the floor indian style for quite some time, but I wouldn't trade those memories for anything, we have even been able to have my mother in law in town from Florida and brother in law mitch and his girlfriend over for dinner where we all sat on the floor and ate our dinner... :)

well everyone I have good news..... THE URANKARS HAVE CHAIRS, I am sooo excited about this, last night Nick assembled them after our small group and they are the most beautiful chairs i could have asked for :) I actually am sitting in this chair right now and really dont want to move... darn, but i have to go to work soon ....