Wednesday, November 3, 2010

60 Day Challenge

the 60 day challenge is over at the gym, everyone had great results.  there was a tie for first place and also, 2 runner ups. I was one of the runner ups and scored a gift certificate to use at The Mark of Uptown Kitchen ( two of the restaurants I previously blogged about) I am happy with the results I have seen in myself the last 60 days and will continue the challenge on my own, I mentioned I would post my before and after pictures if I won, and although I was not the winner, I think I still owe it to you all to post them, why? I am not exactly sure... ha... but here you go.

I am excited for the results I am seeing with out doing anything crazy, and the fun part is that I am enjoying the hard work its taken to get here. my mind set is totally different than ever before  instead of focusing on weight loss I have been focusing on strength, but to build strength it takes hard work, which doing the hard work then sheds weight...

on another note of personal progress today I was able to do the first RX Work out today ( RX means prescribed)!! it was called "Randy" and it consisted of 75 snatches with 55 #'s.  I completed this in 8:06
to say I was excited is a complete understatement, I might have even fist pumped when I was finished... ha.

so there ya have it, maybe I will have a new set of pictures in another 60 days... who knows.... but then I thought of this...

OMW.... I am going to get like this again one day!!!

but boy are they worth it :)