Thursday, February 4, 2010

3 wks

this video should have been uploaded on Tuesday February 2, because this was the day she turned three weeks but ya know life happens when your busy being a mom. anyhow, I can't believe all of her changes she's made in just these three weeks.
One of my favorites has been her focus, when she is laying down and I go to pick her up she really stares me over, looking right into my eyes, its the greatest feeling because I know she knows I am her mommy.

another new that has happened now that Jada is three weeks, she has been introduced to the bottle and throws it back like a champ, she also has been enjoying the MaM passys, but she's still not too much of a fan, I think she feels tricked when we give it to her but it soothes her for a little while.

as for her physical changes, I just lover her bright big blue eyes and now accompanying them are her ultra super long lashes. I knew she had them, they were just hiding between her eye lids but boy have they popped!

so there you have it. our little girl, three weeks old.