Tuesday, October 12, 2010

9 months

well little J you are 9 month old today! we just got back from your wellness check up at you are  20 lbs
(75%) and 29 in ( 97%) long! very healthy baby.

you are getting so big and learning so many new things.  This past weekend you had a daddy daughter day and daddy took you out for a 3 hour run and you loved it, although you slept a lot of the time in your stroller, you guys stopped and watched other little kids play a football game and then made a visit over to great grandma Nora's house. ever since you have been crawling around the house saying da da da da da da da.

you have your top two and bottom two teeth in and more are on there way as you are always looking for something to put in your mouth.

your starting to take to your sippy cup now that mommy bought one with the straw, and you are holding your own bottles... still drinking 5 bottles a day anywhere from 4-6 Oz each time.

Finger foods were new this month to you, for the most part you pick it up and play, I cant understand why you stick toys in your mouth but when it comes to actual food you want to squish it or crumble it.

your into all the cute little girl outfits now that you are wearing 12 mo.  every time I am in Target I find myself picking up something for you, its just so hard to resist.

pictured above is your new favorite face, ( with some added Brussels sprouts on your chin) you are so silly, you have been making this face a lot lately accompanied by fast breathing in and out through your nose. you crack me up, and when I make this face back at you that is exactly what you do... you just giggle giggle giggle.

this past month Gigi took you out and got you some really neat toys, like your musical table that you love to crawl up to and then stand and play, you even push it, thats right... you are kinda sorta walking! you also have another toy called the Zaney Zoo and you love to walk with that, so it wont be long and I bet you will be off the ground.

you found the stairs this month, you love to climb them so we have to keep our eye on you at all times. I am not quite sure yet if I should teach you how to come down or keep telling you not to go up them...

I started taking you to Lap sit this month at the library and you love it, we read, dance and sing, and you also get time to play with the other kids.  you love books, every week after lap sit we check out a new CD for the car and a book for each night of the week to read before bed time.

you LOVE little kids and other babies, you  have been having more and more play dates with your little friends, and its so cute to watch you interact with them, although at times you still go off and do your own thing.

this was your fist trip to the pumpkin patch, it was a very cold day out so we didn't get to take to many pictures but it was so fun and a new fall tradition :)

it's been a blast watching you learn all of these new things, you are such a fun little girl!

Love, Mom