Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thirty SiX

So here is the deal, these pictures were both taken today because this marks 36 weeks, I lifted up my shirt a little for the second photo because to me it looked like she was lower that earlier... did she drop?!?! YIPPIE!!! I have been feeling contractions starting Tuesday evening at labor class, nothing like OMG iam going into labor or anything, just my body getting ready I would say, although they were persistent and time to time uncomfortable to the point where i had to change positions I was sitting in, I was excited. Wednesday there were a few and today, maybe a couple but no pressure just the tightening of the uterus up top.  as you can see from my face, I am very excited to be at this week marker... hard to believe that this time next week i will be considered Full Term! it's truly hard to believe as excited as I am to hold her in my arms and watch her daddy stare at her, I can honestly say, I am not rushing anything because I also realize that once she is out and enters the world, I am no longer Pregnant, which means no more little kicks, flutters and little rolls, no more waking up in the middle of the night dreaming of what she will look like, no more belly, it just truly makes me so thankful for the entire experience. Pregnancy is a truly wonderful and amazing experience and I have greatly enjoyed every moment of it, not one complaint.... so we have an estimated 29 days left till little Jada Grace will be here, and I am sure it will come soon enough. until then, I will be enjoying the "daddy snuggles before bed"where we both place a hand on my belly and feel her dancing around.