Thursday, May 6, 2010

I can not believe I am doing this, repeat, I CAN NOT BELIEVE I AM DOING THIS

remember how I talked about getting serious and wanted to tighten up by after baby Bod and committed myself to 90 days of work outs... and I mentioned how I took my before pictures and how icky icky ew ew they were and that I would only post the before pictures if the after pictures showed a whole new me .... and holy stinking cow, this AM we took my 30 day pictures, just 30 days, and I am not kidding you it brought tears to my eyes! this is just 30 days 30, 30, 30 .... thats not many at all and there is so much change. I honestly thought it over a million times, chels do you really want to post these photos? but this is a huge milestone for me, I have 60 more days of this transformation and it can only get better, and this is my journal, only its open for public review :/

icky icky ew ew .... there is nothing about this picture that made me feel comfortable with posting it, but I did it.... look at that stomach... do you see the rounding from under my chest down to my hips, even the width of my hips...thats the biggest area I noticed the change, but all around my body just feels lifted and tighter.

and to be completely honest.... I have enjoyed every second of the past 30 days, My work outs have taken anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes 6 days a week and are based off of crossfit training. I did not change my diet because I feel as though we are already a family of clean eaters,in both of these pictures my body was receiving the same nutrition but with the addition of working out my body has changed. At first I was sceptical, I thought here I am wanting p90x which the work outs take anywehre from 60 mins to 90 mins and Nick says he can train me and I will get results by just working out 5 - 20 minutes 6 days a week? but I trusted him, and OMW these work outs are not just 5-20 minutes of casual lifts... it's serious stuff... I used to be timid of heavy weights but I am really enjoying the challenge.. my moto has been " if I can give Birth, I can lift that"

and so the journey continues....