Thursday, February 26, 2009

AriZonA BouND

Tomorrow at 6Pm. Nick and i will board our flight to Phoenix Arizona wehre we should arive some time after 8PM ( 4 hour flight, 2 hour time difference.) My grandparents will be at the air port to pick us up as we will be staying with them at their home in Suprise AZ. I am so just excited, i get a week off of work wooo hooo, spend some time with the grandparents, enjoy the warm weather outside with some long runs through some mountains.... the drive around the cities, and much more. This is more than just a vacation for us Urankars, we are going with the intent of checking out the area to see if this is a place we would like to live/work and raise our family. as many of you know Nick is working for State Farm and is an approved canidate to open his own office... well hes ready. he is so excited as am I ( and so proud of him too) and we both feel very strongly that if were going to move, we do it before we open the business... it just makes sense.

He has set up apointments for Monday to meet with the AFE and other agents to ask questions and check out the area... Im just so excited for our future. So we shall see what all comes from this trip...

I am up for anywhere... it doesnt have to be Arizona, although I have dreamed of living there ... it could be anywhere... when i moved from terre haute (after graduation ) back to moms house in mishawaka ( til the wedding) and then to carmel ( after the wedding) I still dream of other places... the thought of having warm weather with a cool breeze running in the mountains, hiking, swimming, having my own garden with fresh veggies and herbs year round a place wehre we can drive 2 hours and go ski or drive 2 hours the other way and go swim just sounds perfect.... i know i know the summers are HOOOOOT TT in AZ but ya winthers are COOOLLD here in Indiana.... Nick and I are both active people and love the outdoors, we belong in a place where this is possible....

the issue of missing family..... DUHHHH yes i will miss my family.... but here is the thing.... since 2004 when i went to college i moved 3 and 1/2 hours away.... I would get a visit from family maybe 2 to 3 times a year..... I actaully drove home more to visit. Now i live in carmel which is 2:15 away from home and have had the grandparents come visit many of times which i loove, my mom once and dad once.... and i have been home 3 times..... so the way i see it, no matter where i live we will see eachother just as much however, i will not see my grandparents as much which is super sad to me... because grandma truly is my best friend and someone i alway go to for advice or an ear to hear me out. I do believe though that no matter where we live I will continue to come back home for visits just as i do now, except it will be by flight instead of a car ride.... and ya know there are so many means of communication now, Skype/ web cam/ cell phones/ txt/e mails/ you name it.... and although i will admit these still dont compare to face to face conversations and the warmth of a hug from your family, these are the means of communication i have been making already with my family for a long time now....

so who knows... its a vacation, and exploration we will Venture out on tomorrow, and its something i am UBER excited for...

<3 and xox

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My GoLDeN Year

Today is my last day of being 22, tomorrow I will Turn 23. I am really excited about it jsut because I love Birthday's and all that fun stuff, however, this year has been so special... it was my GOLDEN YEAR, you know... I was Born on the 22nd of February which means when i turned 22 that was the Golden year, and boy was it ever.... for today's post i wanted to re cap all that has Happened in my Wonderful Golden year....

1) to kick off the birthday, nick and I went to Chicago for the weekend that he had planned out in advance and ate at the wonderful Signature roon in the John Handcock building, and stayed in the Club Wacker Hotel... we had a Blast, i still remember shopping for the perfect dress and shoes to wear with my mom at UP mall :) mom, Madi and Broc even came to visit us in chicago by taking the train and we went to the science and Industry museum

* the next things that have happened during my golden years are in no specific order, but they are the things that made my year sooo wonderful

2) I Graduated College

3)I got engaged

4)I got married

5) had the wedding of my DREAMS!!!

5)I Paid my car off!!!

6) Paid off all my student loans

7) went to Jamaica

8) got to sleep in the same bed as my MR... after he became my Mr of course :)

9) Nick landed an AWESOME job oportunity :)

10) got "Our" first place

and im sure I missed a whole lot of other really fun things that happened but those are def. the ones that stick out to me... so I am looking forward to being 23 and seeing what the year has in store.... becomming DEBT free will be one of the first things followed by a loooong list of posibilities.... which I guess are the same possibilities that could be there when I am 24, 25 and so on hehe.... maybe a Relocation, new job/the opening of the business... baby!?!? who knows but I sure will be enjoying everyminute and am so excited to see what doors will open :)

In the mean time, i will be enjoying the last day of my Golden year*

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Full Story....

So Yesterday was Valentines day I had to work til 5:30, at around 4:00 A woman walked into AT&T and asked for me, another sales rep told them that i was with a customer and that i would be done in a few minutes and she told them well actually i was just asked to leave this for her, so once i was finished with the customer i was handed this white envelope where my husband wrote this

* Chels, Happy Valentines Day, I have a game! I know how you like "baby Steps" so we will take this one step at a time. You must head to a place where food is plentiful, and its just a few steps away, so hurry when you get off work and tell them your Chelssie and that your looking for a clue! Love~Superman ( thats a little name i gave him when we first started dating)

So then i arrived at the floral shop at Marsh and asked told them who i was and that i was there to pick up my clue, they then handed me envelop number 2 that read ..

* Chels, I never knew there was one of these so close to us, no more traveling to watch our favorite flicks, It sounds like ghost busters but its just a "Block" away from home... get it? have fun, and just tell them who you are

So i get to BLOCK BUSTER ( in case you couldnt figure out that clue) and tell them i am chelssie and they hand me the Movie FIREPROOF and my clue number 3, I have been wanting to see this morning forever!!! Clue number 3 read

* Sushi, Sushi, Sushi oh how we love Sushi, this is our favorite place to watch the funny TV shows and eat our favorite food, so hurry time is running out, when you get there look in the round bowl under the open sign

So i get to Sashumi ( a sushi resturant by our house) and i see a while envelope sitting in a dirt pot under the open sign haha and i quickly grab it open and it says

* you have done better than i thought, dont stop and snack, i want to see you hurry to the place you love and find comfort, can't wait to see you!!!! and in this envelope there was a picture of a crab.

so i get home to a house filled with candelight and i get a big hug from my Mr. and he tells me to change into the jammies on the bed, ( he washed and laid out my fav pair ) so i got to get comfortable and then he walked me out to the kitchen where he had prepaired 2 and 1/2 lbs of KING CRAB LEGS and a lb of fresh asparagus, a bottle of Merlot and DARK chocolate :) oh how i love him....

so we ate such a yummy meal and then watched fireproof together and drank some was such a nice night i couldn't have asked for anything better I hope you all had an amazing Valentines day too!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Sweeties Day!!

Today is Valentines day and I am so excited for it, This is my 4th Valentines Day with My Mr. but it is the first one we will celebrate as Husband and Wife... I remember our first one we spent together in Terre Haute while in College, nick took me to a small pizza joint it was so cute, it was the place that most people went because they had to take their kids along haha, but nick and I enjoyed it... so the next year after our relationship had gotten closer i figured we would go to a nicer resturant, and then we pulled up in front of the ol pizza join again... i thought to im suprised were eating here again, well we walked in and i noticed a table in the back of the place that had a while table cloth and a dozen white roses and candles all over the table..... ( mind you that we are at a PIZZA joint, and no other table looked like this) so we walked back to that table and sat down and to my suprise nick had gone to that resturant and set it up all nice and put alot of thought into it and it was the best valentines day ever.... what a sweetie....

so last year our 3rd valentines day, we decided that we would make a new tradition and enjoy a nice night in, we make king crab legs, lobster and fresh asparagus and all types of yummy stuff ...he decorated my apartment and we cooked together and shared a bottle of wine... that was fun...

now this will be our 4th valentines day... and I don't know what it holds, this morning I woke up and made fresh biscuts and an Omlet with fresh OJ for breakfast for my Mr and now i am working, i work until 5:30 so i can hardly wait to get home and spend it with My sWettie.... I will be sure to post what envets take place later... :)

and PS: little miss Period came to visit finally!!!

The BIG *25*

Last night was Nick's 25th Birthday, so yesterday i was not on my computer hardly at all b/c i was getting his suprises all set up :) he came home from work and we went out and got his birthday present, guess what he wanted.... a MAN LIGHT i mean MAG Light ( you know that manly man's flashlight) haha that was the one thing he was so excited for, so he got home and we headed out to Lowes to pick it out and then headed for dinner @ H2O Sushi, little did he know that he would have friends there waiting for him to say suprise, and happy Birthday... So we arrived at dinner and he was so suprised, we all talked, laughed and ate... and ate... and ate... we Loove Sushi! and after dinner we came back to eat a Birthday Cake I made and enjoyed some good convo's and Wine :) all and all he had a really good birthday I would say, well he even said lol.... i love him so much and it was great to be able to put that big of a smile on his face and to be able to suprise the Mr. SupriseR himself !!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


yay tomorrow is my hair hair apointment, the one i have been anticipating more than any other hair apointments, why you might ask? well becuase the last time i got my hair done the lady Jacked it all up.... i mean all up, the back was so not like my lady Martina would have done it, but i thought living in Carmel i was bound to find a good stylist so i gave it a shot, well it didnt work out.... soo i have taken My BFF's Kady's advice and contacted a well knows salon in Indianapolis called the Bobby Cooper Salon, there i will have a stylist named Lauren cut on my hair and color me :) i am soo very excited about this, i am so tired of the way my hair is feeling on the back of my kneck, its in that funny stage where its not long with its not short, ya know what i mean?

so my APT. is at 10 AM tomorrow, and i am going to have to go shorter than i have been in the past because the way the last chick cut my hair ( the back mainly) but because the back is going to have to be so short i am going to need to get the front( which i have been growing out forever so its super pointy) will need to be cut shorter as well, so here are some pics that i am hoping my hair will look like tomorrow when i walk out of the salon....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

HellOoo... Where are you?

So here we are, February 10th and little Mrs. Period has yet to roll around to my neck of the woods... i tell you, I would really like to know whats going on here. I finished the provera a few days ago and still nothing... hope things change soon.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


So in the job market today people are losing jobs, taking pay cuts and what have you, well i always considered myself to have a pretty safe job, and still feel that way, however, AT&T is facing the possiblity of a strike, I can remember when i was growing up and my mom working for the south bend school corporation when they went on strike, i remember seeing picketing going on in the streets near the school and all the news reports on this, i just cant picture that happening with AT&T, well as it stands now, the Union has not reached an agreement yet with AT&T for our contract that was up lastnight at 11:59, so as i left work last nigth i didn't know if i would have a job to come to in the morning or not.... so thankfully they have agreed to exten the contract for 24 hrs and continue to try to reach an agreement today, so i am very greatful for having the ability to return to work for another day, i will leave again not knowing for sure if there has been an agreement made.... they have until tonight at 11:59 to reach an agreement, i hope it turns out for the best... because i am verrrrrrrrry happy with my job, but i also apreaciate what the union is doing because i sure love the raises we get and the exceptional benefits!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Long time

so it's been almost a week since i last posted, cant believe it but we have been pretty busy... some of what has gone on since my last post
1) booked a flight to Arizona!!!!
2) been picking up my mileage on my running
3) got the new I phone 3G
4)went to group connect at our church ( we will now be leading a small group)
5)finished reading the shack
6) enjoyed an amaxing dinner ( I made ) with my bff and husband!
7) grandparents came down for a day visit, grandpa changed my oil, put a new moter on my wipers and put new wipers on while grandma an I sat inside and talked and then walked down to some local boutique shops
8) got a FAB smelling candle made my tucci ( eucalyptis mint)

yaya so all of that is good fun, exciting stuff!! i just kissed the grandparents goodbye and am sitting here at the computer right next to this wonderful smelling candle, i swear many of you know i am OBSESSED with smells... expecially good ones :) and honestly this candle is sooooo yummy it fills up our entire place, i couldnt be more fond of it :)

on to the cooking of dinner, tonight for dinner i am making a special Shrimp pasta meal for Nick, it should be pretty yummy and he loves shrimp so hopefully it works out alright.... i just love cooking though, there is something about it that i enjoy, for one i would rather cook any day than go out to eat, but secondly there is just something about it when i know nick has been gone all day hard at work and then when he gets home he just loves to see a hot meal all ready and prepaired for him, i enjoy seeing that smile on his face :) so what i have started doing is actaully weekly planning our meals.... i have a whipe board ( just like the budget board i mentioned in an earlier post) but this is the meal board, and i will write monday through sunday what we will have for meals and it makes it much easier grocery shopping and truly takes the time out of having to think what do we wanna eat, and also is probably a part of my obsessive organizing personality?! so i just sit down one day a week and plan allll that i need to buy inorder to make this weeks meals. Lovin it and highly recomend it for others :)

the Shack.... if you have not read it i URGE you to stop reading this post and go to your local book store and pick it up, it took me 3 days to read, it brought tears to my eyes and so much love in my heart it is just an incredible book..... PLease Please please read it.

ArizoNa here we come :) I am suuuuper pumped about leaving for arizona on the 27th, we will be gone til the 4th and i can no wait, to get up and run outside in the morning, hike in the mountains, drive around exploring and everything else we will be doing. Nick is contacting the AFO for state farm so while we are out there he will be able to meet up with other agents and see what the business is like, and who knows we may explore and check out some cool urban apartments, this will be a fun trip and i am totally looking forward to it!

well February is a big month for us, we have Nick's 25th birthday, Valentines Day, My 23 Birthday and then our trip to arizona!! on yah and i cant leave out my ever so important hair apointment on the 12th!!! ARG i need one so bad i keep throwing it up in a pony every day.... well thats enough for now, will post lots sooner than 5 days ! take care