Monday, November 15, 2010

We're Back

Let me start by saying, I was totally downplaying my anxiety about leaving Jada for the first time in that last blog post, it wasn't because I was worried about her with my mom, or that I was really worried about her, it was more me.  I have a very routine oriented personality, so much that I HATE that but can't seem to break it, you know, the type: writes everything down in her agenda, does things with out even noticing that when I do them I do them the same way EVERY time, very anal, total type A personality... so this was about me leaving my "usual routine" gosh see I write that and i know how weird that sounds.

so as I was looking forward to our good time that was a head of us, and appearing cool on the outside, my stomach was in knots, were talking plenty of trips to the bathroom before heading out the door, and then while driving down the road I got quite the headache, which i believe was the tension that was building up on the inside finally being released.  ( again, not ever really realizing that I was freaking out about leaving)  however, once I pulled up to pick up the hubby from work I was feeling much better and was ready for the fun to begin!

we had a BLAST, Our night was to kick off at Sushi on the Rocks but wouldn't you know on a Saturday night downtown at 8:00 there would be an hour and a half wait?!?! no worries though, we went across the street to claddagh and enjoyed a drink and an appetizer, I believe when we finally say down to dinner it was 10, probably the latest I have ever eaten dinner but boy it was amazing, and so picture worthy, the table was filled with the most amazing sushi one has seen, it was Delicious.

After dinner a few from our group headed back home and others went to Tastings, which was totally my kind of place. I mean a wine bar .. hello. it's such a great idea to, I think we totally need one of these here in town. I put $20 bucks on my card and was good to go.  they had taste any where from 2.50 to $10, and as I said before you could purchase a glass or even a bottle too.  however what I didn't know was when the bottle got too low the machine would shut off and one of the employees would come over and replace with a new bottle and would pour the rest of what was left in the bottle into your glass ( um hello, awesome... ) and for some reason this happened to me 3 times... I swear I wasn't on the hunt for this to happen, I mean well. maybe. kinda. sorta. I was.

it was about 1:00 when the taxi dropped us back of at my girlfriends house and we stayed up till 2:30 am having girly conversations and chugging water, I must have had 8 tall glasses, we were going to the gym that morning at 9AM and I sure did not want to have a nasty headache from the enjoyment I took part in the night before. I remember thinking I hadn't been up this late since becoming a mom, and it was just what I needed.

and would you believe I was up bright eyed and ready to go at my usual time 6:45, like clockwork I tell you, no alarm needed. Nick joined me for some breakfast downstairs and about an hour later Lauren walks down pony tail sideways one eye opened ( just like the good ol college days ) and I believe she says something along the lines of " some things never change" :)  I love her.

after a great work out at the gym we were off to shop.. ( separate post to come, lots of great finds! )

we were headed back home by 4:30 when we stopped for one more quick date at Naked Tchopstix, thats right, sushi two days in a row. I was a happy camper,  the ride home Nick and I kept talking about how much fun we had and how excited we were to see the little one.  I am truly grateful to have such great family and friends. We had a fabulous weekend and are sure Jada did too.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A night Away

In just a few hours Nick and I will be heading to Indianapolis to spend the weekend with my college roommate/made of honor, sister friend Lauren.  J will be staying here in town with my mom, this will be our first night away from each-other, I am sure she will be fine, my mom is going to stay here at our house with her that way she is in her bed and her normal surroundings, and I think I will be fine too, a night away with the Hubby will be nice.  

we are kicking things off with Dinner downtown at one of our favorite Sushi restaurants "Sushi on the Rocks"  I haven't eaten here since we last lived in Carmel, so my mouth is already starting to water.  There is also this really cool new place called Tastings, which is a wine tasting place where you  put money on a card ( kinda like a wine debit card :) you walk around and read the descriptions of the wine and if you want to taste you slide your card in and either purchase a taste, a glass or the bottle. 

then tomorrow we will be visiting the Indy North Crossfit gym to get a quick work out and then Lauren and I will be off to shop... asdkfjh!! I can't wait, Trader Joes, World Market, the Home Goods store... bring it on!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, November 12, 2010

10 months

well J you are ten months today...

your 1st birthday is quickly approaching OMWwhat the heck, how is my baby almost one?!!!??!     being your mom for these last ten months has been so rewarding, being able to be home with you each and every day, watching you learn new things, experience new thing,even when you pick out the dust bunnies on the floor and insert into mouth  I am always there for you, and this is something I hope you grow up knowing. You truly are an amazing child J and I look forward to watching you grow, I know you are only ten months now, but I gotta admit there are several nights when I lay awake thinking about our future mother daughter conversations, the first time I drop you off at school, your fist away at camp experience, your first heart break watch out whoever you may be , this little girl has a pretty tough daddy  your first sleep over, all that stuff... well, it's fun to think about, but this is where we are now, ten months... and believe me I have enjoyed every second of it.

* you have mastered the stairs, a few times.. we really need to get a gate.

* eating solids 3 times a day in addition to 4 (4-5) 5 oz bottles

* I have noticed you only say Momma when you are hungry, or really sleepy, every other time its da, daa daa, daddy...

* you have stood on your own for 3 seconds a handful of times so we think you will be walking by your first birthday.

* you Love your books, if I lay a toy out and a book 90% of the time you will go towards the book

* still sleeping great, 12 hrs a night, sometimes though you wake up and just want to be with mommy, you will fuss and I go into check on you and lay you back down and you cry, but if i pick you up you immediately place your head on my shoulder and are out like a light, so we have slumber parties in mom and dads bed maybe once a week..

* you still only have the 4 teeth top and bottom 2, the top ones are starting to come down more, I see a super cute christmas card coming soon!

* wearing 12 months and some 18 months  (they are pretty big)

thats about it as for what's new, although tomorrow night you will have your fist night away from mommy and daddy ( separate blog post coming soon ) Gigi is coming to stay with you at our house while we go to Indy to visit some of our friends.

you are an adorable baby J and you continue to bring smiles to everyones face who meets you.  Happy 10 moths buggy!

Love- Mom

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Random weekend facts

* it Snowed.. and it snowed a lot, I was out running some errands with my grandmother and J and when we walked out of Macys my car was covered.

*got my grandma to realize there was no way she was an A cup that in fact she was a full C cup, and now both her and her bras are much happier, thank you lady at Macys.

* we went on a road trip saturday morning to visit my father in law and nick and I went back to the crossfit crown point gym to get a work out in and visit with the cool peeps at the gym, this gave my father in law just some good grandpa and J time, and all was a success.

* we cleaned out the garage. yippee, we now are ready for the snow as the cars will be protected.

* did 3 really long work outs the past 3 days. looking forward to a rest day on Monday

* I enjoyed an entire bottle of tabor hill wine this weekend. by myself.

* got lots of hubby wifey time, as the hubs was off saturday and today

* enjoyed some quiet time reading our new BC pick, the year of living biblically by A.J Jacobs, can't wait to talk to the rest of the girls to see if they are finding it as humorous as I am.

* crawled in circles around the house, with a naked baby. there is something completely adorable watching your baby chase after you will a full on cheese smile.  

* enjoyed another 1/2 bottle of tabor hill wine .. all... by .. myself

* was amazed by the fact that every time i go to chipotle its always a different price when i order the SAME THING, every time.

* J is learning to kiss, and it is the most adorable thing ever.

* having dinner tonight with the grandparents, which is always good fun

* found the perfect pair of closed toe wedges at Aldo!! they should be arriving in mail wednesday this week

Hope you all had a great weekend, and ps: I realize this was maybe a lame post, but I had to post something to get rid of the bikini pictures I last posted :)


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

60 Day Challenge

the 60 day challenge is over at the gym, everyone had great results.  there was a tie for first place and also, 2 runner ups. I was one of the runner ups and scored a gift certificate to use at The Mark of Uptown Kitchen ( two of the restaurants I previously blogged about) I am happy with the results I have seen in myself the last 60 days and will continue the challenge on my own, I mentioned I would post my before and after pictures if I won, and although I was not the winner, I think I still owe it to you all to post them, why? I am not exactly sure... ha... but here you go.

I am excited for the results I am seeing with out doing anything crazy, and the fun part is that I am enjoying the hard work its taken to get here. my mind set is totally different than ever before  instead of focusing on weight loss I have been focusing on strength, but to build strength it takes hard work, which doing the hard work then sheds weight...

on another note of personal progress today I was able to do the first RX Work out today ( RX means prescribed)!! it was called "Randy" and it consisted of 75 snatches with 55 #'s.  I completed this in 8:06
to say I was excited is a complete understatement, I might have even fist pumped when I was finished... ha.

so there ya have it, maybe I will have a new set of pictures in another 60 days... who knows.... but then I thought of this...

OMW.... I am going to get like this again one day!!!

but boy are they worth it :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trick or Treat...

This was J's first Halloween and she was our sweet little Pig.

while being overwhelmed with options of costumes this year we decided to go with the pig outfit from the Baby Gap because it looked so warm and its a multi functional costume, she now has a cute warm velour outfit and a cute little Pig hat that she can wear separately through out the winter. it was a win win. Not to mention how cute she looked in it.

we had lots of Trick O treaters this year, our neighborhood has lots of kids so I expected this but I was shocked to see this the loads of cars parking on our street, and the amount of kids that would pop out of the cars and run up to the houses, this seemed to be a destination neighborhood and my candy bowl was proof to that. This was the fist year we bought candy to hand out to trick or treaters, we figured we would have quite a few kids so we went to good ol sams club and bought two big mixed bags of goodies... next year we may need a bit more, as I can recall more than a few times putting 1, thats right ONE tootsie roll in the poor little kids bag.

J had a good time waiting by the front door and seeing all the kids dressed up in costume. luckily we didn't see any really scary ones. the kids got a kick out of her costume J's first Halloween was a good one and we hope you and your families was as well :)

oink oink