Friday, January 22, 2010

Labor and Delivery Part 1

As you may recall my post on January 11th when I went to the Dr to get my non stress test and ultra sound done to make sure baby girl was doing well, and at that appointment we learned that baby was in deed doing very well, and well my cervix was not favorable meaning I was not dilated yet, at that appointment we agreed to insert cytotec, this was to ripen my cervix and make it more favorable, one of the side effect can be to over stimulate the uterus AKA: make you have some pretty heave contractions. after the pill was inserted I lay there for a while, then get strapped up to the contraction monitor thing for a few minutes and we could see that I was having contractions just an hour after the pill was inserted. Nick and I left the appointment and headed home...I was having some pretty nice contractions, and nick and I just looked at each-other smiling thinking that this was really going somewhere, we were going to have a baby. I dropped nick off at work and drove home, he picked up some yummy jersey mikes veggie subs and headed home behind me. by the time I got home the contractions were a little stronger, and since the Dr had scheduled for me to go into be induced the following night at 8 PM, I decided to call my grandpa to come pick up Sparty ( our dog) because they were going to be keeping him for a few days for us when it was time for baby to come into the world.. so by the time I arrived home and the contractions were stronger I just figured it would be smart for sparty to leave that evening just in case anything happened.

now that Sparty was gone, nick and I sat and enjoyed our yummy meal together, got in our Pj's and watched the Bachelor together... yep thats right my hubby likes the show too... during the show I was surprised that the contractions seemed closer together and figured now would be a good time to start timing, and before I knew it they were 5 minutes apart. WOW, we are getting somewhere, nick was excited, as was I because I was not in any pain, just a few moments of uncomfortableness...

the bachelor ended and we get into bed, I lay there and I believe I fell asleep for a little while, but then awakened to stronger contractions, I decided to get out of bed and walk around the house, this is when I noticed that walking was not fun... I went to the bathroom as I felt a weird urge to go to the bathroom, I sat down and noticed my legs were shaking a bit and I was having a bloody show... I got out my phone to time the contractions and they were now 2 and 1/2 minutes apart... WOW I thought, so I called my husband to come to me, and told him what was going on, nick called the doula to inform her and she said that it sounded like I should head to the hospital, as I was unable to talk during some of these contractions and I was leaning over on some of our furniture..

we pack up and head to the hospital, during this ride I was on my knees in the back seat bent over at the waist leaning on a pillow taking each contraction for what it was worth, just listing to my husband telling me it was all going to be ok, and he was so proud of me, and that we were going to have a BABY!! the ride on the toll road didn't seem to bad, before I knew it we were at the hospital. Nick and I walked in and were greeted by our doula, we checked in and walked back to the triage room... I had to stop during each contraction to get to the room, for some reason walking was just not working for me.

I get to the room, undress into the gown and prepare for my check, they strap up all the monitors to check babies heart beat and my contractions, they were impressed by the intensity of the contractions the monitor showed I was having and for how I was handling them, once we saw baby was doing great, they checked my cervix, and I was told well.... your at 1 cm.... and 50% effaced... UMM EXCUSE ME?!?!?!

how is this possible?!?!? I have to get to 10 and I have been having 2 and 1.2 minute contractions and this much uncomfortableness and I am only at a 1?!??! this is when they phone kristin my midwife to see what they want me to do, kristin suggested that I take an ambian and go home and sleep through, as she figured I was just experiencing the side effect of the over active uterus.

I was very displeased, ahh did I really have to pack back up and go ride in the car again, knowing that the contractions weren't going to slow down, this was so hard and disappointing... but I got through it, we headed to the car, and agreed that the doula should go home so she gets rest as I would need her 100% because if I was going to be going through this through the night I would not be getting any sleep.

nick and I arrive home and I take the pill, hoping to sleep and that did NOTHING, I lay in bed and I felt groggy but these contractions were going strong... I called my mother and asked her to come over, I told her we have the guest bedroom downstairs and she could sleep there, but i needed someone, I wanted to have nick sleep so he was rested but I needed someone with me, mom arrived at around 1:30 am and we walked around downstairs together and she massaged my back, I was having very bad back labor at this point , it brought tears to my eyes and had my mind spinning, it was hard to concentrate, we kept all the lights off and my eyes closed to help me go into " a different place" somewhere where I would be able to escape..

an hour had past when I told my mom I needed to get into the tub, we came upstars and my mom started the warm bath water.... I remember hearing the water running and feeling my mind at ease, knowing that I wanted to be in there so bad, telling myself the water was going to relax me, and the warmth would offer me time to close my eyes. I got into the tub and water had never felt so great. I lay there with by head resting on the side of the tub and my mom was drizzling water over my belly as the water in teh tub was not high enough to cover my HUGE body at this point..

I remember slipping in and out, my eyes opening and closing, getting rest and then waking up, I had some more bloody show in the water and my mom figured we should call the doula again. The doula arrived at our house around 6:30 I think, honestly I am not to sure with the time frame at this point, but I do know I continued in the tub for a bit after she was here, and then she wanted to get me out into some awkward positions because of my bad back labor, she wanted to try to flip baby.

I did not like this, I remember them helping me walk back into my bedroom and our doula telling nick to gather a bunch of towels, funny I don't remember if i even had a towel around me as I walked back into my bedroom, I remember siting up and then being told to lay flat on my back, only as I extended back I felt a rolled up towel right above my hips... OWW OWWW ouch!!! I say, this was no fun, I was then told I needed to stay in that position through a few contractions because this was going to flip baby Jada and get her in the correct position for delivery... after about 5 minutes I hear my doula say, ok we have to get her up, we need to get to the hospital..

we all gather things up, nick and I head to our car, my mom to hers and the doula to hers. We pull out of the drive way and I went back into the position I was in during the fist car ride, I remember praying lord let this be it, I cant go back to the hospital and then be told to head back home, please let this be it.

we arrive to the hospital and it was now 10:30 AM we walk to triage again and I was checked, I was 4.5 cm and 80% effaced.. GOLDEN TICKET TIME!!!! yes what relief I was so thankful, they phoned my midwife and they came back into my room to tell me that the hospital was willing to admit me, but that kristin wanted to give em the option to go back home because she believed it would still be another 12 to 15 hours before I would be delivering.. WHAT I thought?!?!? are you CRAZY lady?!?!?! I am going no where but the labor and delivery room thank you very much and good bye!

we packed up the stuff, handed my birth plan to the labor and delivery nurse and walked to the room.....