Sunday, September 26, 2010


this past saturday Nick and I took part in a crossfit fundraiser called fight gone bad, it was to raise money for the fallen soldiers. it was a great time. it was my first time participating in an event with other athletes for crossfit other than our usual days at the gym. I was pretty proud of myself and set a PR (personal record) well it was pretty easy to set seeing as though this was only my second time doing it, but hey, you gotta start somewhere. 

Fight gone bad consists of 5 movements/work outs done a minute at a time as many reps as you can and then at the end of those 5 minutes you rest for a minute and then go again for a total of three rounds. 
the movements are
20'box jumps
push press
sumo deadlift highpull ( 55#'s)
wall balls  (55#'s)
rowing (for calories)

you then add up the number of reps you did for all of these and that makes up your score... I did 200 and was very happy with that, the last time I did 161, nick did 428 ( also a PR) because his last score I believe was 380 something... and I believe the weight he used was the recommended mens weight of 75#'s

we had a great time and it was for a great cause, Nick and I were in the same heat so we got to kind of compete against one another which was fun because as i was doing my box jumps wanting to quit I looked over at him and saw he was still going strong, which inspired me to keep going. I am very grateful that we both enjoy doing things like this together, and little J was watching from the sidelines with my dad, it was a great day. here are a few pictures...