Monday, June 22, 2009

Daddy-To-Be Day

yesterday was Nick's first ever celebrated Daddy-To-be Day. we had a blast together. we started our day off by going to the gym together for a work out and then home to make breakfast. he was given his fathers day present of JACK for men face scrub and face lotion along with some Jack Cederwood body wash ( that smells soooo wonderful to me.) and then what was suposed to be his big gift was the Oral B electric toothbrush that plugs in the wall with extra heads so even momma can use it. I love it because its so sleek looking, not like the big bulky ones you used to see in the old days. he was super excited becuase he has always loved battery operated toothbrushes but seems to spend $10 ever two months to replace it so I thought this would be a good gift and boy do we both love it!

but then we decided to go to the Bicycle shop here in Carmel because he really likes the Idea of being only 10.5 miles from work when we move and wants to ride a bike to work instead of driving. So we looked and he found an Awesome KHS flight 220 Road bike. It's super sweet so he took it out for a spin and was sold... however it is very hard for my husband to spend money on himself... but me... not so much! so I pushed him/ but it didnt take much, but i mean come on he will make the money back in 3 month what he will have saved on gas :) then we got mirors for the bike, an air pump, a water bottle holder, a water bottle, and a flashing red light for the back for saftey and even a helmet. he is a Mr. Hottie on that Bike I tell you.. maybe next fathers day I will get him the SPandex I see all the other riders on road bikes wearing out on the monon :) hehe I kid I kid. ( unless he gets serious.)

So after getting the bike he went out for about an hour ride and then we cleaned up and went to dinner at Kona Grill. It was fab! towards the end we both still had room so we ordered a Chocolate Fudge Brownie with Rasberries and Vanilla Icecream on top. Super Yum... and the best part.. we went to pay and our waiter said the gentlemen over there paid for your desert.. so obviously we looked at him and thanked him and you know in the back of our minds we wanted to be like why did you pay for that ?!? thats super duper nice?!?! but you dont even know us... luckily the man said yes I made a bet with my wife that you were going to order desert and that she was pregnant, and if i found out she was pregnant then i said i would buy your desert. and so I won the bet. and we then asked how did you know I was pregnant, and he said I am an OBGYN in Europe... cool story hu? so thanks Mr. Nice man at Kona Grill the Brownie was FAB!!!

and i swear this post is wrapping up here...

but we then went home to get sparty man to go over the Mr. Wonderfuls brothers house to visit and let the dogs play outside... after a while I went outside to check on the dogs and sparty was covered in bumps, I FREAKED!!! Nick hurry he has hives again!! they all thought they were just bites from misquetos but i knew it had to be something else. So we left to get benydrill and by the time we got to the store to get it poor buddys eyes were swollen :*( I again Freaked out I had never seen him like this. his eyes were red and super puffy... we took him home gave him 2 benydrill with peanutbutter and gave him the best bath he has ever had. We scrubbed him down and then he got sleepy, needless to say we didnt sleep very well, getting up and checking his eyes and body to see if the bumps had gone away, luckily my by morning he was our normal playfull sparty man with a super shiney brown coat :) were very hapy about that!

to that was our wonderful daddy -to-be day. I hope nick had as much fun as I did :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Love At FirsT SiGhT

Today was the first day we got to see our little Baby Urankar, and words can not begin to describe the emotions that filled that dark room when these pictures apeared on the wall. there is was, Our little baby, Live and kicking... Tears filled both of our eyes as we grabbed for eachothers hands. and then we saw the hear beating, and then we got to hear the heart beat, it was music to our ears, a sound I had been waiting to hear since I first saw those 2 pink lines. the heart rate was strong and fast, 164 beats per minute, and the spine looked strong and health. To say I didnt have expectations of what i would feel like the first time i saw these pictures would be a lie but honeslty I cant remember what it was because seeing these images and watching our baby move and wave at us I lost all memory and all I wanted to fill in my brain was that happy moment. God is truly wonderful and we are absolutly blessed to be experiencing this. I hope you all enjoy these pictures as there will be more later on during the pregnancy.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Excitement

Yesterday we were in Granger At our new home to look everything over and learn how to turn the water on and all that stuff that comes along with living in a house that we never would have thought of before. for instance we will have a water softner and we learned what type of salt to use and all that stuff.. we are very excited to be living in a house but not be "home owners" if that makes sense lol we are renting from a couple who has had their house on the market for a while now and has just had trouble getting it sold, so we are very happy to take it off their hands for a while by renting it. I would post pictures but they are on my other computer so I will have to post later, but they are on facebook...

we are moving in on the 25th of June, and I start work up again July 6th, so I will have plenty of time to get settled in and paint the master bedroom and shop for some decorations. I even will have the 4th of july of Yippie!!! we will be so close to michigan we may go up to the lake and watch the fireworks I just dont know :)

so stay posted for pictures :)

oh ya and our first ultra sound is in 4 days!!! I cant wait to see him/her for the first time and hear the heartbeat!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

3 days shy of 11 weeks

Forever ago

I can't believe its been one week since I have posted anything, and its not like there hasnt been a million things going on but for some reason I just havn't found time to sit down next to the computer and type away. so I will try and re cap all that has gone on since I was last craving Gummy Bears :)

This past thursday My friend Lauren and I met Downtown and just shopped our little hearts out, the Mr. and I have decided that it was time I get new clothes, although I didnt find many I did get a perfect fitting pair oj jeans and a couple of tank tops for the summer... i even found a baby bag... well it wasn;t really a baby bag but i thought I could use it as one because it is seriously GYNORMOUS buuuut after getting home and the Mr. took a look he didnt think it was all that great for him to carry seeing that is was just an over the sholder bag... but ladies... it was Marc Jacobs... so you can't blame me for trying.... however I am content with returning it because after talking with a friend and doing my research I am now obsessed with the Petunia Pickle Bottom bags. So I had a blast, after shopping we went to sushi on the rocks for 1/2 price sushi that was perfectly delicious.

later that evening my mom and sister came in town for a sleep over and then we spent the day at the water park in carmel and had a BLAST!! I even got to wear my bikini with my baby bump... we enjoyed being lazy in the lazy river, and tanning on our towels, however the best part was taking the tube down the big blue slide, even mom joined in, we had a blast. When the Mr. got off work we all went out to eat at Joes Crab Shack overlooking a beautiful body of water and watched the boats sail around and the sun set. it was great.

Sunday we went to Church in the Am. and then I came to work, after work the Mr. and I met Terry and Shelia ( the homeowners of the home we will be renting) and we signed all the paper work and we are moving in June 25th!! I am so excited about this, it will be perfect so look out for pictures later.

and then it happened... on the drive home Sunday I got hormonal, I started by telling the ever so Wonderful Mr. that I know its 9:30 right now honey but momma is hungry, and I really need to eat something... and he said ok what do you want... and my mind couldnt go anywhere but for some reason a Fish sandwich from McDonalds and fries with sweet and sour sauce sounded incredible.... ( YUCCKY YUCCCKY nasty I know!!!) I havn't have McDonalds in over 3 years... and as you could tell he was discusted by this thought...

then i snapped out of it or so i thought... and then I said I was a california roll from my fav sushi place so I called and they has just closed 10 minutes prior...

still hungry I began to feel like i was going to get sick and He mentioned how about a veggie sub from subway... and I said ok then on the way there i said no im going to get sick i dont want all those cold veggies ( and I couldnt figure out why i didnt want it I LOOOOVE sub veggie sandwiches)

so now i am frantic and its 10:15... and nick says what about Pizza?!? and he pulls into Pizza hut and goes into order me a personal cheese pizza...

he comes out to tell me it will be 6 minutes and I have the car door open holing my belly and tears in my eyes and spitting in every direction... I was feeling sooo not myself.... so I am a crying and rubbing black mascara all over my cheeks and then I say what did you get me? i dont even want pizza... then i said sorry... I just dont geel good....

he was so understanding.. he just said well you gotta eat something and rubbed my arm... so i started feeling better and we got the pizza and drove home... we split the pizza so we both ate two small triangles of pizza at 10:30 that night... it was a moment :)

I came home and took a Hot shower and got into bed... what a night.... In the Morning I woke up and kissed my Husband and gave him the worlds biggest hug and thanked him for being so good to me, and said i was not feeling well last night and his exact words were " OH... I KNOW" hahha gotta love it...

So thats whats been up with us... Since Sunday I have felt fine though, which is great, too much time has gone by since my last meal is what I think the problem was...

but thats about what I cam remember from this past week, i will try to be better at posting more!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gummi Bears

I seriously can not get enough of these right now. it's almost as if i just found out about them. I think about them and my mouth start to water.... I can't help it. its so weird too im never a candy person, but i find myself thinking about gummi bears, sour patch kids, skittles, air heads and laffy taffy sticks.... seriously I have a problem right now...