Wednesday, May 12, 2010

how it went down

here is how it all went down yesterday

pump time oz Ate
6:50 5 3
920 3 5 ( she ate the left over 2 oz from first feeding)
12:20 3 3
3:20 3 3
6:20 2 1/2 2 1/2

I fed her roughly an hour after I pumped, so her last feeding was at 7:00 and then we put her to bed, I pumped one last time at 9:20 and got another 2 1/2 oz and she woke up at 10 so I gave that to her. making her total 19 oz from roughly 6 am to midnight.

she slept great during all of her naps and even night time, she LOVED having her paci, I believe that is what helped her sleep because she just wanted something to sooth her, however at 3:40 she woke up and I tried to give her paci and she didnt want that so I knew she was hungry, so i nursed her instead of pumping b/c it was just easier at that time since she wanted it "now" so I am guessing since that was close to the morning hour where your milk supply is up pretty high I am going to say she got 3 oz... but I will go ahead and count those oz into todays feeding since it was past midnight... after she ate I laid her back down to sleep and she slept til 7 Am.

Todays plan is to pump again and see what we get out of today, but yesterday was much success.