Thursday, May 21, 2009


Today was my massage that i was oh so looking forward to and instead of being super relaxed and calm I swear to you i felt as though i got manhandled.  not so fun... i mean come on Dude, I told you I was pregnant when I got here.... I am pretty sure you shouldn't be pressing on my that hard... at one point I even lifted up my head and said um, sir this is a little too rough... sooo yep thats how it went... I kept holding my little belly and saying over and over in my head hold on Baby J its ok, were going to be ok, ( i mean seriously ) so yeah it was $25 for this new place called "Foot Fitness" it was beautiful on the inside and dark and the table you lay on is really nice, but seriously it was no spa... it was just like a nail salon only they gave massages... soo i will def not go back for my mommy and me massages but it would be good if your not pregnant and just want a massage and dont mind being manhandled lol... but seriously... so that was my relaxing massage to prepair me for my dr apt tomorrow morning at 8:00 am.. hoping and praying to hear a heartbeat :)