Friday, March 20, 2009

The Scoop

Were Back from Arizona. The interview was yesterday. and nick ROCKED it. We arrived late Thursday night, got the rental car, went out to dinner at RA Sushi ( super yummy) checked into the hotel and called it a night.

the next morning we were up early, went down for breakfast, came up to look over the business plan last minute and just relax, we got all dressed up and headed to the corporate office.

the interviews were running super late, which kinda stunk because we were jsut sitting there in suits, waiting and waiting watching the clock tick, finally it was his turn. we walked into the room and at that moment I ( if at all possible ) had more respect for Nick that ever before, because i knew that at that moment, i would never be able to do what he was about to do, we were in this room, at a round table, well it was more of an oval shape.... nick and i sitting on one side right by eachother and then 5 other faces of people looking straight at us..... even i was sweating, but i looked at nick and i could see that he was more than fine.... i honestly don't know what knocks him off his rocker lol because he was totally fine. it actually excited him.

so they had us tell a little of ourselves ( even though they had talked to him before and one of the ladys had met him) and then they gave him 10 minutes of uninterupted time to go over his business plan with them and then once he finished the floor was opened for them to ask questions.... and they had none.... they said great job, you sure have a heart for selling and helping people. they absolutly loved him.

after reviewing his plan and they had no follow up ?'s for him they asked him some more interview ?'s which nick answered like a pro ( i truly was so proud of him) and then they asked him if he had any other ?'s for them...

and he did

he asked, i know this is a short time we met here today ( an hour and a 1/2) but what feedback can you give me, what should i improve on to be the best agent possible....

and they each said, you got it, you have what it takes to be a good agent, you have the drive, you have an infexious personality and a heart for sales, but we need to see you with more cash on hand....

( YOU can imagine my heart started racing..... I mean, we just paid over $40thousand dollars off of debt were 25 and 23years old and we are DEBT FREE!!! and we live off one persons income and we have more that we need, we have $ in the saving account and we are continuing to build that up, that has alllllllways been the plan.... ) but we left there knowing that there was now a possibility that they may want us to have more money set aside, and that now may not be the best time.)

so we ate lunch with the grandparents, we headed back to the airport and still hadn't heard anything.... then we got the call.. Jenni told Nick again that he did a wonderful job, they all really liked him, but they want us to have 20 to 25,000 CASH in liquid funds and then they are ready to take him on... .so thats where we are.

We are both feeling mixed emotions, one being : if they wanted 20 to 25 thousand dollars in liquid form i would consider that a non negociable right?!?!? I mean hellOOOO if money was what was stopping the bus from moving wouldnt they have told us that we needed that up front? they knew what we had, and he was recommended to still apply.... and he did a FANTASTIC JOB.

secondly: the sad thing is had we not have paid off our cars, and student loans like we did, he would have gotten the go ahead i am sure, because we would have had that amt of $ sitting in an account. but thats completly backwards to us... so if we had to do it all over again we would do everything the same.... we know what our plan is and where it will take us....

so now here we are back in carmel with a goal in front of us. we now know what we need to achieve, and know with out a shadow of a doubt we will get there, because all we have to do to get there is continue living out our plan that we already set long ago..... unfortunatly some people dont like to juse see the plan, they want it now... so thats where we are.....

I couldn't be more proud of my Mr. i know this is hard on him because he can't help but feel he failed, but he didn't it wasnt him it was the $$. and we will get there.

so that's the Urankar scoop for the day, more to come lata :)