Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ARGHH blfjrkjK

seriously I am totally having one of those days where I swear I wish my computer had one of these buttons.. and then if this was possible a cage would drop right around me and big red lights would flash and a siren would sound and cloud of smoke would appear and i would disapear and then reapear in my living room.... MAGIC.
this would be GREAT, so so so so so Great.
words can't describe the flustrations I have had at work today.
2 hrs. and I will be headed home.
that is unless one of you can some how make this button apear on my keyboard and home instal the cage, smoke and sirens, that would be greatly apreciated :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

the Drought has hit the Office

What will I do now?!!? I came to work at the Water Machine has been taken out of the store, I guess it has something to do with cutting back on the expenses, but seriously... what Am I going to do? i don't buy bottled water its a waste of $$ and bottles as well as taking up space in the fridge. and the fridge here is too small to put a britta in it, oh boy... I guess I could buy a 32 oz. stainless steal bottle and fill that up before i come to work, but what do i do when this runs out?! Oh the problems.... I think its time I become a Stay at home Wife:)

Over the Mountains and Through the Woods

Saturday morning Nick and I woke up at 6:45 AM, had our smoothie for breakfast and put on our running gear. We had decided that we were going to run to my Grandparents house which was 11.5 miles away from my moms.... and we did it... there were times when i thought I can not believe I am doing this but it was so fun, and I hit a point where i was just running. I knew where we were going to i kept moving, but as i got closer it seemed like it was so far away... after we drove it we figured we ran anywhere from 11.5 to 12 miles that day since we were on foot and sometimes had to run around things and what not. but it was fun, Sparty ran the whole time with us and was super tired the rest of the day. so now race day for the mini marathon is in 5 days :) this was my last long run before the race, I am getting super excited for the mini. I know there are going to be thousands of people running and bands and other entertainment to keep me going.

Six Kids and Us.

here was how we spent our Saturday. in the pictures below are 5 of my cousins and my little sister and My Mr. we went to south bend to spend Saturday with the kids and to celebrate my dads 50th Birthday. it was a great weekend but it was sure windy. it was fun for us, we got to see what it would be like to have 6 kids but it was only for a couple hours, and we had a blast this is also due to the fact that the kids are all so well mannered. we even got locked out side of the car for about 25 minutes and who was the fussy one.... thats right, ( me) sad to say but it taught me alot. KEEP YOUR COOL. anywho we had so much fun and i think they did too. after the day spent at the park we went to grandmas house for dads Birthday dinner. we all had full tummys by the time we had eaten, grandma always makes the best food ever. after dinner we played outside some more and the girls and I walked to wallgreens to pick out some hot pink nail polish, so now all of us girls have matching nails :) it was a great weekend. I love my family.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What Scares Men?

on Wednesday mornings at 6:00 AM my Husband meets the boys at a near by Starbucks for a small gathering, where they have men talk and a little bible study. These mean belong to the small group we host Wednesday nights. its funny because when we all get together for small group us women are always informed a bit on what the topic was that morning of the men meeting. and of course most of us wifes have already been filled in earlier that morning when the men have returned before they head out the door to work.

When mr Mr. got home today I asked how it went and he said great, we talked about babies... I thougth in my head how cute, the men talking about having a family without any women around, and then he says, yeah I mean we just talked about our fears with it.

so I then asked what do you mean? and I found it very interesting and LOVEd the fact that these men love their wives so much .. you will know what i mean by that in a minute.

They talked about how one of their fears is that by having a big family, it becomes easier for your marriage suffer with out noticing. i asked him to go further and he said well you know like right now your just a wife and i am your husband, when we have a baby you and i become mother and fathers and our conversation 90% of the time will be about baby baby baby ( i tried to inform him no there are so many things out there like and i have girl friends and moms and all that stuff to talk about baby baby baby

i will still be your wife and I promise to be a fantastic mommy and wife, you will still be above children ( this is something i strongly believe in GOD-husband-children-family-and so on) I think that is was a strong family is with god leading your marriage you and your husband are a strong team which makes a strong family and so on.

but I get the fear, I mean kids are a big deal, and take a lot of time. and all that stuff and you love them so much and they are time consuming and you will be super involved with them and its a another schedule to fit into a routine but im super excited :)

I want to have a big family and the Mr. has always smiled about that he loves children and will be an excellent father, I truly look forward to the day he becomes one.

with all of that said, Ithink that because we are talking about this now before there are children in the picture it is only going to make our marriage/family stronger. keeping open lines of communication in a marriage is KEY...

so for those of you followers that have babbies or are married and thinking of children, did your husband have this fear?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

20 SeCOndS

so today was pretty eventfull, we went to church, went to visit a friends property they are buliding on and then went to brekfast with our small group. it was a great morning. After all that we came home and my Mr. Went to the gym with his buddy to do their workout and i stayed home, to clean and all that other stuff i needed to get done before my week starts...

well Mr. came home and got cleaned up and I made delicious Yummy smoothies for us, mango, peach, pineapple, and strawberry froxen fruit little bit of OJ and Soy milk and honey and we were two happy campers.

we didnt want to read, we didnt want to watch tv, we werent tired, we had already played keep away with spartys toy, it was too rainy to go rollerblade or run, ( plus i diddnt wanna) so what did we do?!!?

we got in our HUGE bed and played the 20 second game.


but it is to us, I made it up on a wim i just got the idea, its safe to say i was bored. so we grabbed the I phone and started the stopwatch and here is how the game goes..

I started it off, ok Nick you have 20 seconds to name off as many items as you can that can be found at the grocery store. and then it was my turn and i had to answer the same ?

then the next time around he got to pic the topic and so on, it was really fun for us as silly as it sounds.

we stopped playing when the Mr. decided to get smart and ask name as many profesional football teams in 20 seconds, are you serious??!

i was pretty proud of myself up until that point. i had finally found a game that i was better at than him. i mean seriously this guy is my. competitive, and he's pretty much good at all things. ( not just cuz im his wife, its the truth )

so any how, it was fun, and this is how we spent our rainy sunday in together :)

but now he is gone

playing basketball with the guys, and i am watching mind numbing telivision... :/

oOoo ok ok i guess i'll open up a book.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

*cOme SePteMbER*

We have made up our mind, and are super excited to let everyone know, we are moving to the Beautiful Phoenix Arizona in September. We are very excited about this, as many of you know from revent post's this is something we have wanted for a while and after further discussing our options we find it best for us to pack up and move when our lease is up in September.

We don't know exact area we will land but we know it will be within Phoenix.

our plans til then is to enjoy our time here with family and friends. We have made friendships while being here that will last a lifetime especially our small group from church, we still offer to host out in sunny arizona but i believe that will get to be quite expensive for them.. but they always have a place to come and stay, just as out other family and friends would.

so stay tuned for more updates!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

I am A Runner

Yesterday was my long run day and it was 8 miles, I have the mini marathon comming up May 2nd so some may say having 8.5 miles being my furthest run yet that im slacking but hey I thinkI am doing just fine, why because I am actually enjoying it now, its not forced training because I have to be at a certain point at a certain time, I do it because I like it, and well because I signed up for the mini and dont want to be lying flat of my face somwhere along the way.

but I did it, i knocked out 8.5 miles yesterday and it was beautiful I even got some sun. it was hard for me to put on my shoes and make it out the door yesterday but once i was out there was no turning back.

My Mr. was very proud of me and happy that I am enjoying running because he knows that for quite some time now i have been wanting to become a runner but in all my trying i give up. well he says that because i did 8.5 miles that it officially makes me an Official Runner. thats Right ya'll I am a RUNNER! wooo hoo

well next weeks long run is 10.5 miles and then the following week is race week. so there you have it I am a officially made it, I am a runner

JerkY TeArS

You may remember my post about my Easter Sunday, how I married my Some Kind of Wonderful. I mentioned how he cleaned out my car real good because it has looked like a trash dumpster inside there for a while ( grose I know)

on his way out of the door to clean out the car I mentioned to him, "hey your bag that needed to be taken to goodwill is still in my backseat if you wouldnt mind dropping that off as well but just check out the backseat and make sure you got everything because the bag has spilled out some what"...

well today I was taking Sparty out to do his business and I remembered that i never rolled up my windows last night, so i took m car keys down w me this morning to rol up the windows, when I got down to my car I thought to myself, oh no I hope no one stole the calphlon pot out of my backseat, when i noticed it wasn't there I just thought to myself no way, I wasn't mad, frustrated, or upset, I just noticed it was gone... but then i began thinknig ya know what I really dont think someone stole it, Nick Probably brought it in the house when he was finished cleaning my car and put it up on our storage shleves...

So i called him.

My Wonderful. Hello

me: Hey, where did you put that pot that was in my backset?

Mr. Wonderful: I dropped that off at Goodwill

me : WhAT?!?!?!?! , you did what? are you serious?!?!?!

Mr Wonderful: yeah.. ( and i honestly cant tell you what else he said because i was in shock that the pot was gone.... )

me: what one did you take it to? I need to call them

Mr Wonderful: the one by your work

GoodWill Lady: hello

me: hi, I am so sorry but I have a little emergency

GoodWill Lady: ok, how can i help you

Me: well you see, my husband cleaned out my car for me on Sunday and i reminded him that in the backseat was his bag to be taken to goodwill, and he literally cleaned out my backseat and dropped off a BRAND NEW CALPHLON pan that was given to us as a wedding present.

GoodWill Lady: oh honey if that was brand new those things fly off the shelves like Hottcakes.

Me: ok, i will come look to see if i can find it

Ok so as you can imagine I was upset/ frustrated/sad/ as i walk in the box is not to be found, i asked the worker if she could look in the back, she did and came out and said i am sorry, i dont see it.... then shey says

Do you have insurace

me: yes.. why?

GoodWill Lady: well maybe you can make an insurance claim

Me: he is my insurance agent!!!

so I leave, and call my grandma, i needed someone to talk to this was the first time HONEST and TRUE that i have ever felt angry at my Mr. Wonderful.... it was like I felt so bad for him because i knew he was feeling bad but then I was upset because it was a CALPHLON pan, given to us as a wedding present from a set of grandparents was now gone.... , i know it has been in my car for 6 months and yes we tried to re turn it once before ( but only because it didnt match out set) and yes it was non stick and we use stainless steal but at this moment this was all besides the fact....

then the tears came a Flowing.... I txted my Mr. Wonderful and said Quit being a JERK....( he was reminding me off all of the beside the fact points that to me really were besides the fact) now I have never ever ever ever ever ever called my husband anything other than Nick, Mr. wonderful, Superman, or some other silly name) but JERK... oh i was crushed then the tears came flowing harder because i felt so bad for calling him a JERK this was through tct messaging so really i txted him that he was being a jerk...

he txted back stop calling me a jerk.

we talked on the phone, he appoligized i appoligized, we laughed and he is still my Mr. Wonderful. I love you Snuggle Bug, with or without the Calphlon pot :)

and i just knew this was Bloging Material...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

*Some Kind Of Wonderful*

This Easter is the first Easter that I wasn't with my family, it's also the fist Easter being married, so tecnically I was with family but I was here in Carmel not South Bend with my Parents, siblings and Grandparents. You get the picture...

The days Plans were to enjoy the sunshine, enjoy the life that we have been given through Christ, make warm yumm food and relax. When we woke up mr Mr. looked at me and said, do you think the Easter Buny came?!

I looked at him with the face of " Nick we dont have kids yet, who are you teasing?you don't have to pretend" but I played along... and said no i don't think so we locked both locks on the doors last night... then i came to the living room and there was my Easter Basket...

in my basket was a Toothbrush, a Viatamin Water XXX my favorite kind, a Bolthouse farms Vanilla Chi Tea , a Pack of Extra Gum, Jelly Bellys and a Matchbox car... ( not sure) but I loved it ...

he even planned an Easter Egg hunt for me in our Apartment... so I waitied in the Bathroom ( its the only room in our place that has a door) - we live in a loft

he knocked on the door and told me i could come out, and that i had one minute to find as many eggs as possible, and anthing i didnt find he got to keep and that there was a golden Egg, only it wasnt golden ( it was green ) so I started....

I fond 10 eggs, out of 14.. not bad right? and they all made loud noise i just knew there was money in them i was Uber Excited!!

I didnt find the Golden Egg..

but inside all my eggs i had $2.75 cents. thats not too shabby I thought, but then i looked over at nick's pile and he had $5.25 cents.... good thing were married because that only means he has to share right?!? :)

I wonder what we will do with our $8

thats my Nick, my some kind of Wonderful.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Kitchen Dreams

the wonderful bread maker...

the beautiful food processor

and every woman who enjoys spending time in the kitchen's dream....

oh the day when my kitchen will be filled with the things I know Dream of....


yep, I decided it was time, I have been blogging now for almost 5 months now and I am tired of looking at the bring green. Hope you all enjoy the new look. Ps, my Mr. decided to start a blog now, he says its just to track his workouts becuase he is tired of writing them out on pieces of paper that eventually get tossed out due to his overly obsessive wife with having a clean house... wait he's talking about me... well any way yes I admit, I like to keep a tidy home. any who, if you are interested in seeing his day to day work outs or inspirational advice for getting motivated check him out

Friday, April 10, 2009


yesterday I went and did the start of buliding my new wardrobe and went shopping in Keystone I ended up with amy first pair of SKINNY jeans, i ended up with 2 pairs actually they were buy one get on 50% off along with 2 pairs of the cutes 5 ince heals ever, which were also buy one get one for $10, and i stayed under what i budgeted for, awesome! on my way out i stumbled into the GAP and what caught my eye, you got it the basic plain shirts, you know the ones that come in all diff colors, but the ones that look the best are the greys, blacks, and whites? seriously i have a problem I had 3 different styles of shirts all in those colors and then i remembered Chelssie Elizabeth, you are here to build a NEW wardrobe not continue building the one you already have... so i put them down...

on my way out I remembered the (RED) campaign that i was once obsessed with in College, I mean I bought the candles, the bracelets, the scarf, the big Purse bag ect... i was never fond of the womens shirts though becuase they werent very flattering... but ladies let me tell you they have a new designer, because it was stretchy and comfortable ( yes i just had to try it on) and better yet it was on sale for $15, ( i know thats still a little pricy for a fitted V neck t shirt but its for a good cause and its lots cheper than the original $30 cost) nedless to say i was INSPI(RED) to purchase this shirt.

when I left the store, im my mind i already could think of two seperate ocasions this shirt will be worn, and one was lastnight.

I met my best friend Kady downtown for dinner along with her Dad and sister Sasha. Sasha just got back from Madagascar a week ago where she served in the peace corps, but was evacuated along with the rest of the peace corps before her time was up. She is simply amazing for what she has done, and I am truly Inspi(RED) by her. you all can take a peek and learn more of her here or visit her blog that she kept up with as much as she could while she was there, please keep her in your prayers as she is back in the states, and that she finds comfort and rest here at home.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

His Momma would be Proud

so nick tells me stories of how when growing up his mom would dice up mushrooms really small and hide them in meals and he would always find them/taste them and hate them.... he says he now realizes that he thinks his mom was just training him just for me :) so here are some here are pictures of the event when the Mushroom became the main cource. I made the stuffed mushrooms i blogged about a couple days ago except you can see that i realllllly stuffed them ( i didn't want to scare my honey buns into not eating it) so and then i made a little pasta along side.... so here are the pictures of him eating ... his mother would be proud, i sure am :)

he even liked it I might add... he said he was scared on each bite expecting it to get bad but that he was pleasntly suprised and gave it a 8.5 star ... awesome :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009


now these are pretty cute and can be dressed up or down right?

New Obsession... PLAID

I have always been the plain basic kinda of girl when it comes to my tops... i like black, Black and well black hehe j/k well thats kind of the truth, i really do love black but i also enjoy white, and grey as well...
My Mr always laughs when we go shopping because i always pick out the things that are so similar to what i have... so i am stepping out world, and what i have discoverd that i am really liking is this checkard/ plaid stuff... what do you all think? i mean dont get me wrong i like to accessorise the plain black, white and grey tops with a cute little checkard scarf or something along those lines but are these shirts to much? i think they would be super cute tucked in a bit( only the 2nd one in Pic) with a cute pair of jeans with some Trendy wedges...

and you cant beat the price of Forever 21, but does a girl need an array of plaid shirt? i mean they cant be mized and matched as much as your basic black white and greys...

help :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

other Yummy Meals this week

Orecchiette with Broccoli and chickpeas

grilled veggie and feta Paninnis

pineapple tofu stirfry

fruit salad ( kiwi,strawberries,oranges,blueberries,rasberries,blackberries, and apple) so yummy in the AM after a good run paired with A large Coffee :)

vegetable fried rice

I Absolutly looove cooking and is a fantastic website to find yummy meals to make and they have the perfect servings for 2 people, it even gives you the calories and other nutritional information, check it out :)

dinner tonight

Cheese and spinache stuffed portobellos

4 large portobello mushroom caps 1/4 teaspoon salt1/4 teaspoon freshly ground pepper, divided1 cup part-skim ricotta cheese1 cup finely chopped fresh spinach 1/2 cup finely shredded Parmesan cheese, divided2 tablespoons finely chopped kalamata olives1/2 teaspoon Italian seasoning3/4 cup prepared marinara sauce

1. Preheat oven to 450°F. Coat a rimmed baking sheet with cooking spray.2. Place mushroom caps, gill-side up, on the prepared pan. Sprinkle with salt and 1/8 teaspoon pepper. Roast until tender, 20 to 25 minutes.3. Meanwhile, mash ricotta, spinach, 1/4 cup Parmesan, olives, Italian seasoning and the remaining 1/8 teaspoon pepper in a medium bowl. Place marinara sauce in a small bowl, cover and microwave on High until hot, 30 seconds to 1 1/2 minutes.4. When the mushrooms are tender, carefully pour out any liquid accumulated in the caps. Return the caps to the pan gill-side up. Spread 1 tablespoon marinara into each cap; cover the remaining sauce to keep warm. Mound a generous 1/3 cup ricotta filling into each cap and sprinkle with the remaining 1/4 cup Parmesan. Bake until hot, about 10 minutes. Serve with the remaining marinara sauce

I will also be making some sort of whole wheat buttered noodles with fresh parmasean cheese and pesto sauce....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Yesterday MESSterday

Yesterday morning i went running, had breakfast, spent time with the Hubby and got ready for work ( all good there)

then i walked outside to get into my car and head for work and my car WOULDN't start... wait i should say it wouldn't turn over ( according to my GRANDpa: AKA: the smartest/hardest car worker who does it just for fun, and helps all of his friends out all the while grandma wants her kitchen finished man I know ) - that was a little shout out for my grandparents

back to yesterday MESSterDAY ...

so i quickly beep beep my horn as nick was leaving the same time i was headed to work and he heard me thank goodness and stopped and i hopped in his car and he took me to work, then i was to get off at 7 as was he so i waited at work for him to get here and then i got bust with a customer as he arrived, he waited in the car for a few minutes and then decided to walk in to wait for me....

and left his keys in the car....

so there you have it... my car wouldnt start/ turn over and nicks keys were locked inside his car.. you might be thinking, so don't you have a spare?!?! well DUHH we have a spare key... but its kept in the Lock box in the bedroom... you know, where you keep all the important stuff?

so we called road side assistance and waited 45 minutes for "Pop Lock" to come help
they arrived and we got sushi take out. it just seemed necessary now that we were getting home slightly after 9:pm....

so there you have it, yesterday was a messterday but we were in it together which made it better.