Thursday, April 29, 2010

future rules

Alright Momma's, now although we have some time to figure this stuff out, I can't help but think about it as it is in the news so much.. know where I am going with this? I am talking about cell phones and social networking sites.

we have all seen the horrible stories in the news of just how cruel kids can be and now with the social networking sites they are making it easier to reach a mass amount of people. now although cell phones and social networking sites can be used in many useful ways, I am noticing that the teens don't seem to be using them in such ways, which leads me to this post.

As a parent it will be my duty along with my husbands to raise our daughter to know right from wrong and to be able to not just know but to act on what is right and always be able to look at herself in the mirror and be proud of who she is and the choices she makes. HOW-EVA, I am her momma, and I also believe it is my duty to set her up for success, which to me means not giving her free reign on these things.

for instance, this is just some of my thinking with a cell phone, will my child have a cell phone?, yes she will, with my job I have often had many convos with mom's and dad's asking me what the appropriate age is for a child to have a cell phone and I always answered well, when you believe the time is right and you have instilled in them what it means to have the phone and they are aware of what the rules are because lets be honest every family is going to be different.

for me, having a cell phone will come in handy when I will be away from Jada weather she be at a practice of some sort to staying the night at a friends house, I want to be able to get ahold of my little girl when I want to get ahold of her, however with such privilege comes rules :

1) no going to bed with the cell phone - you got it, bed time is bed time, not txt time or check FB status ( although your mother does this, hey right now I am breast feeding in the middle of the night and I need something to do) but you as a young girl/ teenager you need no reason for a phone at night time.
2) momma has the right to say hand -it-over at any time, meaning if I am driving in the car and you are sitting in the passenger seat just texting away and I am talking to you and you are like ya ya ya and paying more attention to the cell thingy HAND-IT-Over... thats right, it is a privilege not a right girlfriend.

onto social networking sites - Now I am a BIG OL fan of FaceBook, love, love , love wasting my time on there while Jada is sleeping... but lets be honest, when it first came out it was meant strickly for college students, trust me I remember visiting a friend In Oregon and him telling me all about what facebook was and I never heard of the thing before and when I came back I was talking to a lot of my friends about it and BAM next thing you know our college was added to the list of schools, it was great to catch up with old friends you went to school with in the 2nd grade and what not, but then it was used as a dating tool, and girls posting not so momma friendly pictures of themselves, and teens using it as a bullying tool, and the list goes on and on...

and there are a baJillian social sites, facebook, myspace, twitter, and honestly when Jada is older and wanting to get into this stuff who the heck knows what it will be all I know is that I am going to be an informed momma. Yes I have facebook and Yes I have a twitter account and Obviously a Blog, I often ask myself, will I have these things as Jada gets older? or will there be a time in my life when all of a sudden face book no longer matters, Kinda like AOL was my life blood when in middle school and now although I remember my SN and Password ( HA..) I have no interest for it...

so those are just a few of my thoughts and I just wondered have you thought about these things? What do you think your rules will be?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Help Us Decide

yaya! so this is our house, I finally drove by today to take some pic's. I Love, Love, Love, Love this house... I can't wait to close on it and finally move in. As I mentioned before it is a historic home built in 1926 to be exact so it is a very solid home.... however, let take a moment and hold our breath as we look at the color the house is currently.....

although some dig the color yellow, I must say I am not one to like it on a house, so I thought I would post some pics and I would Love some feedback from my readers on Ideas... the grey is cedar shake and the yellow is aluminum siding... I would love to have the aluminum taken off and replace it with cedar shake, but I don't think that will be in the budget right off the bat so to start, we will paint. Here is where I need some input... I honestly kinda like the grey... sO i was thinking maybe a tan with grey, GASP I know, some peoples reaction to my saying that is like my reaction to grey and yellow on a house... but I for some reason see it being very pretty and it would pull some of the brick out more.

or I have thought of painting the entire thing the same tan/brown/ color just different shades, my reason for 2 tones well they are different materials so I figure that is what will be the safest...

also on the To-Do-List is to take out the shrubs around the house and porch, I am just not digging them, to me it blocks the house off too much, I will replace with pretty flowers and mulch of some sort...and although I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tree that is in front of the porch, after driving by today and seeing it fully bloomed the thing is freaking massive, and from the street you can't see the front of the house, which is why in these pictures are taken from the side of the house.

so lay it on me, what are your color ideas... and don't just stick with my gray/tan or tan/brow theme be honest , I am all up for any ideas.

Monday, April 19, 2010

One Piece or Two?

With summer just around the corner which means it is approaching Bathing suite season... and I am faced with a dilemma, will it be a one piece or a 2 piece.... although I have been going strong each morning and sticking to my work outs that still doesn't mean that I am totally comfortable with parading around in a 2 who knows, but I have found that whatever I choose I can find a similar style in either one, take a look ...

I am digging the whole ruffle thing... but my Hubby is not a fan ( do you all remember Vienna from the bachelor?!?! I know how can you forget, well remember her Green Swim suit she wore on the ship?!?! well my hubby HATED it and made fun of it every time she wore it...) now although the top on this suit is different than hers the bottoms are the same... he thinks they look little kid-ish... but Oh well :)

so what are you other mommas going to go with this summer? oh and PS: the bikini top those straps come off and It looks even cuter!

Monday, April 12, 2010

3 months

that's right Buggy you are 3 months old today and you are growing leaps and bounds! These past few days you have been doing so many new things its unreal. last night while Daddy was giving you your bottle you wrapped your hand around it and were holding the baba like a big girl! daddy couldn't believe it he called me over to take a peek myself and I snapped a picture, look at you, perfect position, you were even helping tilt it back. it brought a tear to my eye.. you amaze me all the time girlfriend.

in other 3 month old news mommy and daddy bought you a new seat called the Bumbo seat and you love it, the seat helps you sit up like a big girl and you enjoy it a lot because you are able to look at both of us instead of one of us having to hold you. Look at those tiny little feet.... stinkIN cute I say .

today I decided to go through your closet and dresser to take out all the little clothes that no longer are fitting you because you are growing like a weed I tell ya, you are know wearing 6 month outfits, you aren't into 6-9 months yet you are still wearing 3-6 or just a plain old 6 month when we can find it. you are so darn cute I must admit I enjoy getting you dressed in the morning, daddy calls you my little doll baby because he thinks I enjoy playing "dress up " with you, and well he is right :)

so not only are you sitting in a big girl seat, helping by holding your own bottle, you also are attempting to roll over!!!!! I have taken videos of your attempts and will post one later on.

Also, this saturday we took our first road trip with you, we packed up the car and headed to Hobart to visit grandma and grandpa U. let me just tell you our car was pretty packed, daddy had to strategically pack everything up so we could all fit... Mommy hopes to be getting a new vehicle at some point but right now its just not in the deck of cards so we make the good ol car work for now.

you are sleeping great still, you are never fussy unless mommy missed your window of activity time to nap time and I lay you down a little too late, at that point then it takes a little bit of work to get you down to nap but not too bad.

you are still sleeping in your pack and play however you are totally ready for the crib, especially because you are so active now, you need some room and with you lifting your feet and throwing them down I don't think its too comfy to hit a hard board, you would much rather pay on a soft mattress... but mommy doesn't want to part :/ but we will do what's best for you so I think we will try it out this week and see how it goes.

you have recently found your thumb and are loving it... you see you usually just gnaw on your hands or cute little arm rolls when your arms are exposed but now you have found that you can actually suck your thumb, go figure you never ever want or will take a passy but your going for the thing that we can never take away haha... but really you don't do it all that much just when you wake up out of a sleep and try to put yourself back down.

you see little missy you are up to big girl things now, every where we go people stop mommy because they want to take a peek at cha, you will generally smile at them but nothing like the smiles mommy and daddy get :)

we love you buggy and are enjoying watching you grow!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

my Baby is growing up

It's hard to believe in just four more days our little girl will be three months old! she amazes me every day and it is a true joy to be her momma. Lately here in the Midwest it has been pretty Rainy ( April showers bring may flowers.... and allergies) so we have been staying in the house and having PJ days, in doing so I have been able to really pay attention to what Jada's routine truly is... although some of you out there may be reading this are thinking "your child is about to be three months old and you just now are learning her routine" and well my answer to that is yes... I mean she has always been an easy baby and takes her naps and is a good eater but I just never kept track of when she was doing those things, she was just doing them and there wasn't a problem, but since we have been home the last three days I have paid attention and kept track to when she does these things and oh my word do we have a TEXT BOOK BABY!

she does everything on the clock. she is amazing. I figured I would post what her schedule is well... just so I can look back one day and see where she was @ 3 months so here goes.

7 - wakes/EAT
play time
8:20 NAP
9:40 EAT
play time
10:20 NAP
1:10 EAT
play time
2:15 NAP
3:10 EAT
play time
4:30 NAP
5:45 EAT
play time
7:00 Bath
8:00 Eat
9:00 BED

granted the minutes aren't to a T everyday but she has been within those hours the past three days. I must admit it feels great to know that I am doing what she wants, when I lay her down for a nap I play her little nature sounds and she looks at me and smiles I giver her a kiss on her forehead and tell her to enjoy her nappy and then I exit stage left :) she doesn't even fuss .. I go back in 15 to 20 minutes after she is asleep and I turn of her nature sounds. now knowing what her routine is I will be able to better gage her when we are our running errands, for instance we go visit my grandparents a lot and now I will know when to lay her down for naps while we are there instead of holding her ( i know understand why she would fuss after a while of being there)

oh and PS: my work outs have been going great, and fit perfectly in her routine, so by the time I finish my work out she is just waking up to greet me with her morning smiles!

Your momma loves you Buggy!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Little Bunny Foo Foo

Daddy with his little bunny Foo Foo! her cheeks were pinched a whole lot yesterday, thats just how cute she was :)

the next 90 days

I promised I would be using this weekend to come up with a plan for me to get motivated and do something about the spillage.... and well here is what I have come up with.

for the next 90 days Nick ( my hubby) will be waking up with me between 5:30 and 6:00 every morning and training me. why 90 days? well my friend Kaley mentioned that she and her hubby were doing p90X ( which also looks super interesting to me- but I didn't want to spend the $ just yet, in fear that I wouldn't stick to it ) so I figure with my hubby being a personal trainer he could pretty much kick my but and hold me accountable.. and if I stick to this for the next 90 days and still want to purchase the P90X program then I will.

my hopes is that by the end of this 90 days I will be able to do pull ups and have no more spillage! and no, I don't plan on quitting working out after the 90 days... I just set a goal of 90 days to get in a routine and transform my body... so I took my before pics last night and my weight... and NO i will NOT post the before pics.... well I will think about it, but my after pics have to look reallllly good in order for me to post the before pics :)

so today was day 1 and I must say it feels really good to have gotten up, worked out, showered, and eaten breakfast all while Baby is still sleeping!

Friday, April 2, 2010


ok, seriously, I am in dire need to find motivation to sit down and do some sit ups, seriously.... I feel so pathetic that I am taking the time to sit down at the computer to complain about the spillage I have going on over the top of my pants rather than sitting down to do some stinkin situps... I mean seriously... whats the deal?

so since giving birth to our beautiful baby girl, my hips are still not back to the way they were before which I have not come to terms with the fact that they are going to just be staying put where they are, but this flab? I can do something about the flab... I need to kick it in gear with this 80 degree weather we have been having latley swimsuit season will be here before I blink again... so what to do what to do!??!

I have been walking atleast 2 miles every day, but I need to be RUNNING, and I need to be doing weight training... I know what to do but dang... why arent I doing it? don't you just hate when you know what to do but you arent doing it? I know its totally stupid right? especially when I have a hubby who works out 2 times a day and when ever he is bored he's doing sit ups or wall push ups or something else... yeah I know I am pathetic, you caught me....

well I promise I will be spending my weekend trying to find the motivation to work on these things, today the family is going rollerblading for 6 miles down the east race... so that should be fun and a good work out..

if you have any suggestions feel free to shoot them my way, please and thanks in advance!