Thursday, July 9, 2009

the Goodies..

ok so lets all pause for a moment over how cute these little baby biscuts... ok so they are super cute and I cant wait to use them... we have decided to go with the Baby G diapers because the thing we like most is that they are FLUSHable thats right not disposable in a little SUPER STINKY diaper jeanie that will be sitting next to the baby bed and trying to cover up the poopy smelling room with a crummy baby powder scent ... they are FLUSHABLE, so when little baby makes a messy I just take off the cuteness outer shell they call the G pant and then take out the little thing that looks like a maxi pad insert to me and then drop it in the toilet and it flushes! its magic no stinky in the house and better yet they do diaper delievery so nick and I will be set up for auto shipment and they will send diapers to our house as often as need be so we can tell them we need diapers every monday and then every thursday and they will come and we dont pay shipping or anything like that! and come on again the cuteness is a HUGE plus :) it is $52 for 160 diapers and people say you change a diaper like 10 times a day as a newborn so i think thats a pretty good deal :) now the only thing is is i DO NOT WANT TO USE ANY OTHER SORT OF DIAPER... but you know there will be baby showers and people bring diapers ... so whats the dilema... how do i tell people these are what we are using and that they can be purchased online without being tacky?!!??! is it possible!?!? HELP :)

so here are the two strollers that I really like so far, and I love both colors but i wonder if i want to get them both in the same color or diferent like pictured below... i know though choices... but any who so i hear from lots of mommies dont go cheap with the carseats and strollers because they are very important and by getting the cheap ones they dont fit right in things and so on, so i was looking at the BOB strollers because I have heard they are really great, and well they are but they arent all that cute... so then I heard about Bumbleride strollers and I think they are the cutes thing out there, not that a stroller has to be cute but it is an added bonus :) so my ? for you mommas what are your thoughts on strollers? I def want to get a runners one (daddy will use that most of the time) and then we need the regular one for shopping walks in the park and all that other fun stuff.