Sunday, June 13, 2010

5 months

well Buggy here we are again, you are yet another month older. At 5 months here are some of the interesting facts about you.

* your just about ready to graduate out of your 6-9 months clothing, have to admit I am not sure what size is after this though... are we really about to enter 12 months??!!?

* you are pretty much off breast milk completely, as mommas milk just decided to leave town, you are on a organic soy base formula and every now and again we switch it up and give you a bottle of goats milk. You eat 5 times a day every 3 hrs starting at 7:30 AM I tried very hard to increase my milk by taking herbs, and even cried a lot about it with some girlfriends, but I am happy to say that you have been doing well and are still just as happy. you also are now eating solid foods, which I have really enjoyed making for you. you have now had bananas, sweet potatoes, and pears. I don't know which is your favorite because we get the same reaction with all of them you nom nom nom them down and make cute little noises and lean forward in anticipation of your next bite.

* People are always commenting on what a "happy Baby" you are. You always have a smile on your face. but I believe you have special ones for when you see mommy or daddy. your eyes just light up when you see us looking over your crib in the morning.

* you reach for any and all things, my hair, my wine glass, your toys.. you hold on to things pretty well too, last week before daddy left town you carried out his banana for him holding it in your hand, just the cutest thing I tell ya.

* when on your tummy you push up on your hands all the way and you get a really long neck like a giraffe

* you have now been in a pool and LOVED it, you are such a water baby

* you are sleeping through the night, with an occasional wake up fuss, but once I give you your paci again you go right back to sleep.

* you are able to pull out your paci, you hate that you can do this because the second you take it out you look at it and study it and then try to place it back in but so far its more on the lucky side if it actually makes its way back into your mouth.

* you are t teething.

* your sleeping in your own room in our new house!!

* you recognize Sparty ( our boxer dog) now and even laugh when he walks past some times.

* you are so content on your own, which I have to admit has made it very helpful with moving into our new house, you love to look at your hands or play with your toys.

you see chick, you are an easy baby who is loved very much! I am excited to see all the new things that will take place this month. a tooth?!!?! maybe..

Friday, June 4, 2010

no. Time.

I am alive
I just have NO TIME
right now to sit and blog....

Just moved into our house..

I will return, please don't leave me