Wednesday, May 5, 2010


what's up with the title of my post right? well those my friends are the times I was up last night, you got it 11, 1, 3, 5, and then 7 AM so what was going on ? I will tell you.

I gave Jada her night time feeding and put her to bed at 8:00 I however wanted to stay up til 10:30 last night because of the HILLS ( yes the drama still captures me) So I headed into the bed room and shortly after the ever two hour awakenings began.

11:00 Jada is playing in her crib and starts getting fussy, I get her out and feed her and place her right back to bed, she made a bunch of sweet noises and we were all off to bed again

1:00 she is awake again, bright eyed and playing in her bed and began getting fussy like mom come get me out... so I feed her and place her back to bed

3:00 Same thing

5:00 Same thing only this time, after I fed her she didn't want to go back to bed she was laughing and cooing and well she just was awake, so I decided to come out in the living room and lay her out on a blankey on the floor and popped in her Praise baby DVD ( 30 minute video thats A lot like the baby einstein videos) I however grabbed a pillow and a blanket and made a nice little bed on the sofa.

the video was 30 minutes long and when it was over she was wide awake so yes i started it over and let it play about 1/4th of the way through and then realized it was now 6 something and It would be time for her first nap....

I put her in her crib and went back to bed, thinking she would sleep for her typical first nap of the day time ( 2 to 3 hours) and well folks she was wide awake shortly after 7...

I think what is going on is a mixture of two things.... one she is in the beginning stages of teething therefore she is wanting to nurse to sooth her b/c she doesn't take a passy and although you have seen the great pictures of her sucking on her thumb she hasn't been so impressed with that lately, its just not cuttin it for her... I have bought her teething toys which she enjoys but there isn't one that she is drawn to for more than a few minutes. I have purchased the Hylands all natural teething tablets and those my friends do work, when she is in an ever so frustrated state and trying to jam both fists into her mouth, these suckers work wonders..

secondly I think my little buggy is ready to venture into the world of solids, obviously starting with the rice cereal and then later introducing the fruits and veggies. while it is obvious by the looks of my little chunker monkers she is very healthy just off mommas breast milk but I think that if she was on rice cereal and breast milk she would be more balanced. I have always heard of introducing solids at 6 months but the more research I have done I have discovered that some babies are ready at 4 months, I picked up a cute little baby cook book the other day from the library and discovered that they had the meals listed out by age the first foods starting from 4-7 months. so this is something I plan on discussing with our pediatrician at Jada's 4 month appointment which is coming up next week. she is already so interested in what mommy and daddy are eating and she lights up she she sees me drinking my morning smoothie...

so thats just my mothers intuition of what could be causing the frequent waking up at night time... although I would enjoy a full nights rest of more than a two hour span I do enjoy those moments between just me and her ,holding her while she falls asleep, there is something so sweet about those moments that I never want to forget.