Tuesday, August 24, 2010

60 in T - 7 days

Here we go again, remember when I wrote that really motivating post about how I was going to dedicate 90 days of my life to get fit and get in shape, and well I did 30 of them and posted my results, and well I just never got back to "ya'll" with the rest of my transformation, well I am here to tell you that I am sorry, you see, those other 60 days didn't quite happen.  Not because I didn't want to do them  I was just to lazy to do it by myself you see my husband went out of town for work for a week and I was left home as a single parent for a weeks time and I was going to pop in the P90X dvd's while he was out to make up for my work outs that he was having me do, and what happened? first day i popped one in and well I learned I am not a DVD type of girl, I needed someone in my face like good job or keep pushing yourself and what not, and the dvd just wasn't cutting it. 

so here we are... all moved into our new house, settled in and all so what have I been doing as far as working out? well we joined a Crossfit gym ( which are the types of work outs I was doing during my 30 day transformation) and I have been LOVING it, and guess what?!?! the gym is putting on a 60 day challenge 

its a $25 buy in and the winner takes home the cash, even more motivation right!??! so I have 7 days to get together a game plan, wish me luck and this time I am motivated and promise I will be back with my results. Wish me luck!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

7 months

Baby Bug,

You are 7 months old (+2 days) here are some of the fun things that you are now doing

* crawling, you are all over the place, but you would rather walk, or so it seems.  when you crawl you bear crawl more that anything which is where you have your feet plat on the ground and your legs all the way extended and then you take off, you try sometimes to pop your body off the ground, but you have to crawl before you walk.

* pulling yourself up, this is new within the last few days and you haven't quite done it yet, except for in your crib which as soon as mommy saw this we put an end to it when daddy got home from work and we lowered your crib all the way.

* you say momma, but not all the time, so when you do it brings tears to my eyes because its in such sweet moments like the other day you were sitting in daddys lap and he kept saying where is momma, say momma and yor little mouth would go mammamamamma and them finally momma would come out and then I would clap and say "yaaaaay" and you would do it again. so sweet.

* you have your bottom two teeth with the 3rd pushing its way through

* wearing size 12 month clothing

* you are ready for the big kid tub mommy just has to get to the store to get one of those tub suction mats.

* your favorite toy by far is your Sophie the giraffe ( you love to chew on her little legs and nose.

* I still have you eating only 2 solid meals through out the day and you are eating 4 6 oz bottles every 4 hrs.

* naps usually consist of one long one (1 - 2 hrs ) and 2 or 3 other short ones

* your adorably cute little Michelin arms are starting to deflate a bit now that you are so active with the crawling, but don't worry mommy has lots of pictures to show you just how cute they are.

Daddy and I just can't believe how big you are getting, and as each month passes you amaze us with your new developments.  I look forward to the day I can share with you all the  many pictures and videos that we have taken of you, always remember mommy and daddy love you very much!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Itch in the Kitch

the other day while flipping through the TV guide during one of Jada's naps I came across the movie Julie and Julia and read the info section about it and saw cooking and blogging, and I was sold. this movie was Great, and ever since I have been wanting to explore new recipes as I seem to have gotten in a rotating routine between a few good meals.

I must admit I had never heard of Julia Child before, and boy does she use a Crap-ton-O butter in her cooking, the idea seems very entertaining.

today I set out on a mission to the library in hunt of a good cookbook, one that would allow me to stick with our vegetarian ways but also be fun and entertaining.

I came across one called a year in vegetarian Kitchen by Jack Bishop and low and behold, in the same section I found Julia Child and Simone Beck Mastering the Art of French Cooking. I was excited to have found 2 great books and plan on flipping through them this evening after Jada goes down for the night!!

agh the life of being at home again!

Monday, August 2, 2010

weekend wrap up

this weekend was pretty packed for our little family but we all had a good time. Saturday was our family reunion for my mom's side of the family along with my cousins high school graduation party and then Sunday we went to watch my brother compete in battle of the bands, needless to say we all got some sun this weekend.

the family reunion was lots of fun this year with all the babies, last year three of us were pregnant so this time around we had a 6, 7 and 8 month old babies stealing the attention of all the grandmas.  I believe this weekend  was the most I have ever shared my little baby during her whole almost 7 months existence, but we all had a fun time.

and Jada is quite the trooper, yesterday we were out in the parking lot of woodwin and brasswin watching the battle of the bands competition and she was just hanging out in her stroller playing with her Sophie the Giraffe, taking naps, laughing and singing along, she was just perfect, for the entire 5 hours we were there. Nick and I really enjoyed watching my brother play, he has been in this band called Second Season for a while now and Nick and I have yet to see him play because his shows are usually very late at night and in a smoke filled small bar, so when yesterdays show came up we were very excited to get the opportunity to hear him along with the other bands.

you can hear them here  http://www.myspace.com/secondseasonsb

- although this is not the type of music I would just pop in and listen to, they are a FANTASTIC band, and watching them in a show setting was very fun and I really enjoyed watching my brother ( the drummer)  doing something he is not only amazing at but something that he LOVES. so take a look at their band and try to make it to a show if you are in the area!

they placed second out of the competition, and still took home a nice cash prize and some other fun things.

so there you have it, that was our fun filled weekend.