Wednesday, May 13, 2009

& the QUeStions begin

ladies, I need some answers :) I am reading What to expect when your Expecting ( great book) but I want to hear from real momma's... what do I expect at my frst Dr's apt comming up May 22nd? Will I get an ultrasound? - b/c i really want one, i need to see something other than a line on a test , ya know what I'm saying?

when does the sickness start? ( I am not complaining on bit) but seriously, I always hear of people getting sick when they are pregnant and so far I am lucky... what does this mean? will it kick in? am I just realllly Lucky?

am I silly for thinking my belly is starting to change? ( i can't suck in anymore :( and if i try it anything but comfortable...

should I already be sleeping on my left side? or can I be flat on my back?! - I have already been sleeping on left side and if on my back I have a pillow under my knees, ( but is this necessary? i am just trying to do everything right)

can there be too much folic acid? - currently taking my prenatal in the AM and then an additional folic acid in the evening ( i figured its water soluable so if its too much then i will jsut pee it out, but i also eat a very healthy diet which has folic acid in many of the foods)

is it ever too early to start using Palmers Cocoa butter/ and does it really work, or is there somehting better? the bottle is $5 bucks a pop, but believe me I have started...

has anyone used Prochieve 8 before? - what did you think about it?

I read your mood changes, when does this happen? - I find that I am happy all the time( I sure hope this is my mood change :)

when should i start belly pics?

I always said when I got pregnant I would be working out and staying fit during my pregnancy because there are so many bennefits to that.. My Mr. is still my trainer we have just tweeked my routine, however... Are sit ups ok?

Frequent urination... I CAN'T STOP!!!!! I get up in the middle of the night, I leave the sales floor like 34,560 times and fell like i should maybe just move in there sometimes... I have ALWAYs been a person who needs to pull over like 11 times on a 4 hour road trip but seriously, i thought you dont start having to be in the bathroom until your belly was large therefore pressing down on your bladder, is that not what causes frequent urination?

when do you hear a heart beat?

as you can see I have many questions but I know this is completly normal but I would love to hear some of you momma's help to answer some on these ?'s.. thanks so much :)