Sunday, May 31, 2009

BurnT Out~

So I am really getting burnt out on my job. I love what I do, but I hate when I work. and its making me not look forward to comming to work. for instance today marks the 5th sunday in a row I have worked and now we have a new scheduling tool that the computer automatically will make the schedule based on your senority in the store and the trafic volume, and well there are 5 reps here and some have worked for 16 + years and others atleast 4 or more years, so that puts little Ol me at the bottom with my 1 year and 8 months. So now I will be working OPEN to CLOSE shifts some weeks thats 11 hours folks!!!! pure craziness I am actually working that shift on back to back days one week. I already get super duper antsy with 8 hours, or the 6 hour shift I work on Sundays.... what to do what to do?

It could totally be that I am pregnant and I am having a weird feeling day Like my hair lays to straight and is too soft to do anything with, my pants arent comfortable and pregnancy pants are still to big for my in the legs, and my work shirts are getting to short and are fading so much because they are being washed so much because I am working so much, and the fact that It is beautiful out and has been for the past several days and I havent had a day off since Tuesday and my next day off is Thursday :*( I seriously can cry a river right now....

I want to be with my Husband who is home, rollerblading with our dog, and going to the gym, and maybe even going to hang out at the pool.... I want to do that stuff!!

I am just BurnT Out.

Friday, May 29, 2009

As we enter Our 3rd month

So this is me... @ week 9 today.  The Start of our 3rd month. I couldn't be more excited! but wow.. seriously? the T shirt I am wearing in this Picture is the same T shirt I was wearing in my 7 week picture and it is already too short, It could be one of two things or the combo the girls that are growing ever so much or the fact that my uturus ( sP? im going to have to get that right) is now larger than ever before and I have a lot of fluid and my little person is now a Fetus... we are super excited for whatever it may be and if you could see pictures of my skin under my shirt you would see that my chest and belly looks like a road map with green and purple veins going every which direction, I read up on this and found that it just means that the blood is going to different places in my body taking nutrients to my mommy goods and my Bay :) they arent the verocouse veins they are just flat... so there are lots of changes going on but there is my update for you all :) 

Sunday, May 24, 2009

"the MOvE"

remember the URANKAR's are moving to Arizona in September post?!! well...


but we are moving... do you know where?!?
Granger( suburb of South Bend)

you heard it right, the Urankar's are moving North :)

why you might ask? We both thought long and hard about this decision and we have family in South bend, and because we are getting ready to start our family we are thinking not only for ourselves but what will be best for our family in the long run, and while thinking that we decided that because I will need to go back to work after my Maternity leave it will be best to have family around to watch our baby during the day because nick and I both vowed never to do a day care. and also when i think about giving birth to my very first child, I want family to be there with me, and I want to have grandparents and great grandparents come to their soccer/volleyball/baseball games. and being in Arizona, our child would have only mommy and Daddy, I am not saying this is wrong, but its just not what we want for our child.

I will be transfering to the AT&T I worked at before I moved to Carmel and Nick just accepted a great offer from a State Farm agent. We will be starting our jobs there June 29th and leaving Carmel the week of June 22nd.
So much news in one post, but we are looking forward to it, I havn't lived there in 5 years and am excited to start a family "back home"


the FiRsT Dr's Apointment

Friday was our first apointment, I was 8 weeks and the Dr. confirmed our due date for January 1st 2010, what a way to ring in the new year right? we are very excited to see when he or she comes, will it be at the end of 09 or the beginning of 2010.

so this apointment was purley informational, INFORMATIONal , informational.... come on people, I want to hear a heart beat or see my little Bean inside there, I dont want you to tell me how i should be feeling right now I know how I am feeling... ( sorry had to vent) but yes, we got lots of info on what our other apointments will be like throughout the pregnancy and then she did an exam.. after it was all said and done with I let her know i was really wanting to hear a heart beat and she said oh honey its too early, but she PROMISED me that on my next apointment which is set for June 19th, we will do an ultra sound!!! I can't wait we are soooo excited for that day!!!! so i will be 12 weeks that day so we should be able to get a good picture.

this will also be my last Dr. Apointment with my current doctor because..... ( read the Move post)

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Today was my massage that i was oh so looking forward to and instead of being super relaxed and calm I swear to you i felt as though i got manhandled.  not so fun... i mean come on Dude, I told you I was pregnant when I got here.... I am pretty sure you shouldn't be pressing on my that hard... at one point I even lifted up my head and said um, sir this is a little too rough... sooo yep thats how it went... I kept holding my little belly and saying over and over in my head hold on Baby J its ok, were going to be ok, ( i mean seriously ) so yeah it was $25 for this new place called "Foot Fitness" it was beautiful on the inside and dark and the table you lay on is really nice, but seriously it was no spa... it was just like a nail salon only they gave massages... soo i will def not go back for my mommy and me massages but it would be good if your not pregnant and just want a massage and dont mind being manhandled lol... but seriously... so that was my relaxing massage to prepair me for my dr apt tomorrow morning at 8:00 am.. hoping and praying to hear a heartbeat :) 

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

All over the place

So our Dr's apointment is this Friday at 8:00Am and we are so excited! I am still feeling great, still tired, but there are some changes... latly I have been feeling a little icky but not head in the toilet sick... and also at the base of my kneck feels so tight w knots, I believe this is from all the hormones soaring through my body but tomorrow I have an hour massage booked, so i hope this helps!!

Yesterday I went out and bought Nick a book for Daddy's and a Journal that we asked for. He is so sweet, he wants to keep a daily journal and write in it and when our child grows up they will have something to look back at and see how much they were loved from the very beginning!! I think it will be so neat and I can see our child when they are 5 years old and they are picking out a book they want us to read them and the pick the little black journal :)

Other Exciting news.... we have believed to come across two names one for a boy and one for a girl that we are in L*O*V*E* with and actually, yesterday I mentioned I went to Barnes and Noble and bought a baby name book and I was flipping through and flipping through and saying the names out loud and then I kind of played with some of them by changing the first letter of the name to see how it sounded and BAM, I said it, and then did the same for the boy name, so we have a girl and boy name we love and will release it when we find out what we are having... so hold on tight we still have like another 10 to 12 weeks!

Friday, May 15, 2009

*SeVEn WeEks* - (I think)

Girls Just wanna Have fun

yesterday was my day off so I met my momma in Kokomo for lunch where she brought me the cutest mommy to be card and a Pregnancy journal!! we then had time to kill so we went over to kohls we thought we would go and look at baby stuff, ( that was the only store near us that we figured would have baby things ) however we got there and after looking at the clothes we found ourselves looking at the Momma clothes :) It was so fun shopping with my mom, we have not done that since high school.... well i should say we havent done this since high school and had SO MUCH FUN! I was trying on all different types of dresses because i figure dresses will be my new BFF and then we got into the pregnancy pants, i know you all are saying or thinking why would you need those, you are so early in your pregnancy... but ladies I kid you not, I cant to buttons or zippers well I can but it is soooo uncomfortable and I hate it... so momma bought me a pair of nice black dress capris for work, and a pair of grey slacks for work, and also a pair of black leggings.... and then we even picked out a super cute long top to wear with the leggings and I got a Vera Wang jacket that normally was $108 and i Paid 21.00 it was awesome.

thanks again momma for the beautiful clothes I am much more comfortable!!!

this day was really good for my mom and I. it was fun to sit and chat and talk about what its like to be a mommy. I look forward to more of these times with her :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

& the QUeStions begin

ladies, I need some answers :) I am reading What to expect when your Expecting ( great book) but I want to hear from real momma's... what do I expect at my frst Dr's apt comming up May 22nd? Will I get an ultrasound? - b/c i really want one, i need to see something other than a line on a test , ya know what I'm saying?

when does the sickness start? ( I am not complaining on bit) but seriously, I always hear of people getting sick when they are pregnant and so far I am lucky... what does this mean? will it kick in? am I just realllly Lucky?

am I silly for thinking my belly is starting to change? ( i can't suck in anymore :( and if i try it anything but comfortable...

should I already be sleeping on my left side? or can I be flat on my back?! - I have already been sleeping on left side and if on my back I have a pillow under my knees, ( but is this necessary? i am just trying to do everything right)

can there be too much folic acid? - currently taking my prenatal in the AM and then an additional folic acid in the evening ( i figured its water soluable so if its too much then i will jsut pee it out, but i also eat a very healthy diet which has folic acid in many of the foods)

is it ever too early to start using Palmers Cocoa butter/ and does it really work, or is there somehting better? the bottle is $5 bucks a pop, but believe me I have started...

has anyone used Prochieve 8 before? - what did you think about it?

I read your mood changes, when does this happen? - I find that I am happy all the time( I sure hope this is my mood change :)

when should i start belly pics?

I always said when I got pregnant I would be working out and staying fit during my pregnancy because there are so many bennefits to that.. My Mr. is still my trainer we have just tweeked my routine, however... Are sit ups ok?

Frequent urination... I CAN'T STOP!!!!! I get up in the middle of the night, I leave the sales floor like 34,560 times and fell like i should maybe just move in there sometimes... I have ALWAYs been a person who needs to pull over like 11 times on a 4 hour road trip but seriously, i thought you dont start having to be in the bathroom until your belly was large therefore pressing down on your bladder, is that not what causes frequent urination?

when do you hear a heart beat?

as you can see I have many questions but I know this is completly normal but I would love to hear some of you momma's help to answer some on these ?'s.. thanks so much :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

MoviNG on UP

so i got the results from my Progesterone test today and my level was 15.6 YAyyyayay Thank you Jesus so much! the power of prayer was surly shown today when i got the call from the Dr. if you all can remember just a few post's ago my levels were .07 and I was in complete fear and overwhelmed with wondering if i was even going to be able to have children, now I am Pregnant and My levels are great, I am very excited with this, Dr. has ordered that I still start my Progesterone inserts for a month just to be extra safe. So after work I will hopefully be able to pick it up so we can get started with that. but this was just such good news it brought a smile to my face :)

My Mommy

so I am really going to need to learn how to get better at these picture settings on my blog, because these pictures are so much larger in person than they show up on here ( sorry) but I just had to share the photo and fill you all in on my Mr. Wonderful and how he has taken to the news that he is going to be a Mr. Daddy....

as you all know we found out we were pregnant Wednesday evening around 5:30, and then had family come in from Florida thursday in preperation for a cousins wedding on Saturday, When the Mr. and I got off work Thursday we were going  over to Mitch's house ( Mr. Wonderfuls Brother) for a family cook out. when i got home from work that evening to change and head over there, nick presented me with this... 

now if you cant read it, i will type it all out here, in the upper left it says my mommy, lower left it says baby Urankar 5/6/2009 ( the day we found out) and then on the right hand side there is a poem that he wrote... 

My Mommy

My mommy doesn't know me yet, but...
I think my mommy's cool,
My Mommy loves me,
And I love my Mommy,
My Mommy's so pretty,
My mommy Loves my Daddy,
My Mommy makes me happy,
My mommy talks to me, 
My Mommy feeds me,
My Mommy can not wait to see me,
Soon I will have a Mommy and a Daddy
That Love me,
But most of all, 
I cannot wait to SEE 
My Mommy!!!

needless to say the tears came a flowing, I feel so blessed to have a husband like him as we start our journey to becoming parents. He truly is a one of a kind. 

Thursday, May 7, 2009

**Two Pink Lines**

I often wondered what it would be like when this happened, when I got to tell My husband, my family, my friends, and now the whole world...... just in case you can't see the test.... I AM PREGNANT, I am, I am, I am , I am...... And yes what you are seeing are TWO tests, thats right, 2 tests, 2 diffrent brands, same baby :) the first one I took was the one with the Pink lines and the second I took this AM is the one with the bule +.
So this is it... this is really it.... I made my Dr. Apt for tomorrow morning to see the Dr. and talk with her and hopefully get my Hormone levels checked, I AM SO EXCITED!!!! words can not describe. I also have an apointment set up for May 22 ( this is when i am at my estimated 8 to 10 weeks) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep our family in your prayers... we feel SO blessed right now, and cant seem to wipe our smiles off our faces.....

So are you waiting to hear how i figured out I am PREGNANT!?!?!?

yesterday while poring my now last cup of coffee ( for atleast 9 months) i thought to myself... I havnt had a period in a while, thats strange, and i was disapointed because i thought i would have to go into the dr again and take a med to get me a kickin again... and so i went to my training for work and I looked at my menstral calander and noticed my last period was March 27th.... I figured wow. and then i started to think well yeah, ( I hate this word but i am going to use it) my nipples have been feeling pretty soar latly.... but honestly i thought that just meant a period was comming soon....

So i finish up training and come to work and the CUTEst little baby boy a month or 2 old gave me the most perfect baby wave ever, and it just melted my heart, as i looked at the mother on her cell phone i thougth she is such a cute mom, and her baby is adorable, i bet her husband is goodlooking, i bet they all take beautiful pictures and their grass outside their white picket fence is soooo much brighter ... ( you know how we ladies think) and I thougth at that moment, it would be really cool to be having a family... again i still thought no more about it....

I came home from work, sat down to Pee and thought, wait I have a pregnancy test under the sink, i should just take it and see....

and well ladies there you have it, I had 2 PINK lines...
I imediatly called my Mr. Man and told him and then we called our familys ( both sides) and then I phoned a few friends... and my BFF Kady, was estatic.. she quickly sent me all these baby web sites to visit, and super cute T shirt ideas hehe and this beautiful picture that for my face on another persons body, i laughed so hard when i got thise mail, Love her to pieces and it is funny how it really makes it look like me minus the brown hair... so there you have it!!


And what a wonderful weeked, mothers day, and nick's whole family is comming intown from Florida and all over for a cousins wedding this weekend so i will be with family:) so exciting!!! so check back for more updates and Please keep the pregnancy in your prayers!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009


This Saturday was AWESOME!! I had a blast running my first ever mini.
I didn't walk once, and kept on a pushing, and seriously I dont even remember
ever getting a feeling of " how on earth am i going to finish" i just kept running
with a big smilr on my face. I love being around all 45,000 other runners and
listining to all the different bands play at every corner, not to mention the sunchine on my face :)
everyone at work told me its going to rain blah blah blah but i just knew it wasn't
and it truly was a perfect day for my first mini. When i came saw the finish line my body filled with chills, I was so excited!!! I had done it, my first ever mini... and then i started to think,
wait, when i get up there i get to stop running, what is my body going to feel like after it has been running for this long?!!?!? and then i crossed the finish line, and found out.
(come on chels keep on a moving)

and then i grabbed a water and scarfed down a bananna and i knew nick had been finished fo ra long time and that my dad and step mom were all waiting on me, we made plans to meet at the family re union area under the big U for our last name, but when i saw the U it seemed so far away
the thought of sitting down and waiting fo rthem to hunt me down seriously crossed my mind, but i kept on a pushing... then i saw them and i was super excited!!!

this race weekend was great, and i am now convinced that i feel a slight obsessiveness coming on with wanting to run lots of races... there is just know better feeling on completing something and enjoying what God has created.

it was beautiful !

Friday, May 1, 2009

Race Day

Tomorrow is
I am very excited and filled with anticipation for the big race.
I wonder if i will sleep well tonight or if i will keep my Mr. up talking all night about how excited I am. we are both running in the race but not together. he is running up in the front of the pack and i am running with 2 of my girlfriends this is our first mini and his second so he is racing the race and we are running the race :)

People keep telling me its going to rain tomorrow but I just know its not :) its going to be perfect outside with the sun shining, and I also know that me knees are going to be just fine which means i will be just fine and it will be a perfect race. ( this is what i know)

so i will keep you all updated after the race tomorrow sometime as to how i felt and how I did. so