Thursday, September 16, 2010

while you all are sleeping....

last night J was pretty tired and was ready for bed by 6:45 ish...

this is where it all went wrong.

9:30, we hear cried over the monitor, daddy goes re positions her and lays her back down.

Daddy and I go to bed

11:20 cries over the monitor, loud ones, accompanied by runny nose sounds

I suctioned her nose which she does not like at all. and then tried to give her her paci which only lead to further frustration for her because she couldn't really breath when her nose is having whatever problems they may be having, runny/ stuffiness and then you go and plug up the only air hole left...

I hunted in the basement for the humidifier
found it, and set it up in her room,

meanwhile i make bottle and give to her

3 mins after finishing bottle she spits it ALL back up, on myself and her

12:00 AM to the bath tub we go

12:15 fresh jammies and diaper, tuck back into bed

12:30 my head hits the pillow

12:45 J is still talking in her crib, daddy and I decide to bring her into our bed

12:46 foot in dads face
12:47 finger in mommies eye
12:47 I am now wondering how with only an 8 month old and a husband suddenly out king bed feels like a twin as my leg is half off and one tip on my nose is still able to rest on a pillow
12:48 J tried to crawl off bed
12:49 mom repositions her
12:50 she's looking pretty sleepy
daddy was asleep all the way back at 12:45

1:15 she  is out. arm on my arm foot above the covers, making me too nervous to do a quick pull, you know so I could be comfortable with the blanket all tucked up under my neck

3:15 I wake up to some movements in the bed, and am then greeted with a wet kiss on my forehead, I atempt to lay her back down when I notice, her diaper seemed to be half on half off....

3:16 flip on bathroom light
3:16.5 face falls into hands as i notice a giant circle of wetness in the center of out bed
3:17 jammy and diaper change for J
3:20 lay her in her bed
more cries, daddy comes in
3:22 I am back in our bedroom stripping the sheets, sponging up the wetness that was starting to seep into matress...

3:23 realize, what am i doing with no sheets how can i get back to bed, where i so desperately wanted to be...
3:23 decided to take off bottom sheet and just  use cover sheet on the mattress for the rest of the night

daddy gets J to bed

3:25 YES! I look at him like he is the man , and ladies he was the man at this moment.
3:26 head hits pillow feeling so very thankful as I drift off to dream land
3:42 cries on monitor ..........
3:43, I realize I need to toss in the towel and head downstairs....

I am not sure what today brings, but I feel it will involve lots of black coffee and our  PJ's