Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oh so much

There is Oh so much to Blog about, there have been so many times I have wanted to run to the computer and write out what has gone on within the day with all the new experiences of being a new mom but I just cant find the time to break away from baby, but now I have a little bit of time so here goes....

for starters, I can not believe that I have been a momma to a beautiful baby girl for 10 days now!, Wow the time flies it defiantly didn't go this fast during the end of my pregnancy :) I have enjoyed the many moments nick and I have shared with our beautiful heathy baby girl, we truly have been blessed with a wonderful baby. becoming a mother is unlike anything else I have ever experienced, in the beginning I will admit, the first days at home my mother instincts had not yet kicked in and I found myself thinking come on chelssie you read ALL the books, you should know you should know, but now that I have relaxed more, we are taking it day by day and continuing to learn each-other. one of my first mistakes that I laugh at is mistaking Jada's cries, you should have seen it, fist day home the first slightest mouth movement and a little bit of cries out popped the boob, my feeding chart was quickly filled... but thankfully we are now following a schedule, one that her body has actually designed and I was able to pick up on, she seems to get hungry every 2 to 3 hours and will eat very well, we then change diaper and try to have some open eyed time but during the burps she tends to fall fast asleep again.

Last night was her fist bath because her umbilical cord feel out on tuesday night during one of her diaper changes, I thought it takes a couple weeks to fall out but hers just came out exactly a week of being born. she seemed to love the water and had her bright blue eyes opened the whole time. I bet we have a water baby on our hands, she was hanging around for so long because she liked the environment then when I delivered her I had her in the tub, so I think its safe to say the chick will love the water. Daddy video taped while I did the washing, he has been fixated on taking pictures of his little girl, I swear we have our nikon camera, his iphone, and our flip HD cam corder out at all times and as soon as he comes home from work bamm hes got them all turned on. He's a great daddy, I have loved watching him hold her, and take care of her.

We had Jada's fist Dr's appointment this past tuesday, for her week old birthday and she weighed 8.9 which was the 75% and length was still 21 inches which was the 90th%. Dr said she is very healthy and checked out great, she wants to see us back in a week to make sure that she is back up to her birth weight of 8.15. She eats so well but also has been very good of dirtying diapers so we are sure she will be back up there in no time.

in other news lets talk about sleeping.... Jada is a wonderful baby, but the hours of 10PM and 2AM just dont agree with her, it's as if we are holding someone elses baby during those hours, nick is so shocked each night hes like OMG its like clockwork... and really it is... during the day she if really pretty easy, sleeping, eating, diaper changes, play time... but night time between those hours is rough. I asked her pediatrician and she told me that normally its the hours of 6 and midnight that are rough and that its normal, that her system just cant figure out if shes tired or hungry, and she gets flustered... so daddy and I have been doing very well with not being overwhelmed with this its just hard to hear and see out baby girl so stressed :*(

She hasn't quite got the passy thing down yet either, before she was born I bought a few of the MAM brand because my girlfriends recommended them, and I know the hospitals use those, but I wasnt sure if I ever wanted to use them, and then the hours of 10 and 2 came around and wowzers I figure the girl needs something to help sooth her becuase I know shes not hungry that whole time! so we try to give it to her but she cant seem to keep it in her mouth, so she flails her hands around in her face trying to suck on them and continues to get frustrated... poor little girl, all I can do is squeese her and and tell her everything is ok and I even sing to her... matter of fact daddy sang to her the other night, I came out to get some water and he was trying to sooth her and I walk back into the room and hear him humming to her and Im all " awww how cute, he's singing to her" and then Im all... wait what is that I know that tune..... and it was totally some American song HAHA like not a lullaby like " I am proud to be an american, where at least I know I am free song.... we both laughed about it in the morning, but that moment it was soothing her so we didn't discuss it at that time.

well this is a jumbled together post but I wanted to get something out, baby girl is waking up now so I gotta go... hope to be back soon!