Friday, May 29, 2009

As we enter Our 3rd month

So this is me... @ week 9 today.  The Start of our 3rd month. I couldn't be more excited! but wow.. seriously? the T shirt I am wearing in this Picture is the same T shirt I was wearing in my 7 week picture and it is already too short, It could be one of two things or the combo the girls that are growing ever so much or the fact that my uturus ( sP? im going to have to get that right) is now larger than ever before and I have a lot of fluid and my little person is now a Fetus... we are super excited for whatever it may be and if you could see pictures of my skin under my shirt you would see that my chest and belly looks like a road map with green and purple veins going every which direction, I read up on this and found that it just means that the blood is going to different places in my body taking nutrients to my mommy goods and my Bay :) they arent the verocouse veins they are just flat... so there are lots of changes going on but there is my update for you all :)