Saturday, March 28, 2009

D*A*V*E* & C*A*K*E

i know these pictures are kinda crummy, but how nice is this, out instructor from Financial Peace University bought us a cake for being debt free and even got us the total money makeover book and journal ... i thougth this was just too sweet not to share .....

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blades & Sparty man

so after posting What a God we have, i put on my roller blades and put Sparty man on his leash and headed out on our trail ready to be in the world that was created and to be enjoyed , now i must admit i was a bit nervouse... i mean i just got rollerblades last night and nick and i took sparty out and all he wanted to do was attack them hehe ( not funny in the moment) so today i thought it is just to beautiful to not spend some time outdoors, and that having the windows open just wasn't enough... so we ventured out... called the Hubby and he told me be careful and if sparty takes off Drop the leash and he will hault... ( he was a bit nervouse for me) well we headed outdoors and hit the trail and let me tell you he was amazing.... he didn't atack me once... and would you believe the sun was out bright and in my face.... and no one was on the trail i mean a couple peopl eon bikes and a couple runers, but no dogs to distract him he was perfect... and at i just new i was meant to be right where i was at that moment, enjoying it and praising God for the oportunity to be healthy enough and having a day off and enjoying all that he created... it was absolutly amazing. now i am back home to enjoy some lunch....

advice for the day : go out and enjoy the sun ...

What a God We have

while drinking my now afternoon iced coffee with the windows open and enjoying my day off, I opend the bible and started reading in 1 Peter and was overwhlemed, with Easter aproaching there is nothing more refreshing then being reminded of the life we were given through Christ. here is what i read:

(the Message)
1 Peter 1:3-5

"What a God we have! And how fortunate we are to have him, this Father of our master Jesus! because Jesus was raised from the dead, we've been given a brand -new life and have everything to live for, including a future in heaven - and the future starts now! God is keeping careful watch over us and the future. The Day is comming when you'll have it all - life healed and whole."

wow right? did you get that refreshing feeling, I sure did it renewed that hope & happiness inside me. here are some questions I have for you

~When you think of the future (heaven) do you live like it starts today?

~ Understanding that you have EVERYTHING to live for, what would you change in your life today?

please post your response if you like, or if not just think about these questions although i bet you already are.... :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I am Totally Not Kidding...

We all live in the world of the wonderful DVR don't we? I mean come on there are just too many shows on now a days for someone to be able to sit down and watch them all at once so we rely on the ever wonderful DVR btw ( congrats to my friend Mo who just got one wooot woot) any how... so I have posted before about the shows i like to watch so i won't take up time jibbering about that however, my husband now DVR's as well.....

so this morning after reading, and eating my breakfast i turn on the tube to catch up on a show while getting ready for work, ( we have direct TV) so i clicked on the list button to pull up the shows that are on the DVR.. and Ladies and Gentlemen can i tell you what i found on our DVR
this morning....

SAVED BY THE BELL..... I quickly called nick into the room just to check to be sure it wasn't on accident, ya know like maybe he was trying to click on the show right about that one and missed....

but he didn't and so i tried to explain to him that saved by the bell is ALWAY S on and they will alwas be re runs because its so old so you will never miss an episode anyways... but he says well its not always on when i want to watch it....

thats right i am totally not kidding about this.... I love him though and i promise to never delete anymore of his DVR's just because i think they are silly :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Recommendations PleaSe

thats right, I need some reommendations for new books please.... I love my Barnes & Noble time, but after spending a couple hours in the store the other day... i didn't find much... so i need help..... Please Post a Comment with your fav's....thanks

**Sunday Funday**

yes, yes I know it is Saturday but i am at work, and Sunday is my day off, therefore i will talk about how much i am looking forward to Sunday Funday!!!

today when i get off work my mom and my little sister will be at our house ( and the doggs :) we are having yummy chilli i put in the crock pot before i came to work thismorning for dinner and we will juat hang out and maybe play some Jenga.

on to Sunday funday....

Sunday's my day off.. Yippie we will all get up I am sure i will make some yummy coffee and some good warm breakfast for the fam fam and we will head to Church all together.
after church we will do out normal stop at Fresh Markey to pick up my Husbands ever so Favorite Pretzels...

once home we will get the doggs and lace up our shoes and enjoy the BEAUTIFUL sunshine that i just know is going to be out as we head out on the monon trail for a sunday walk....

i just love when i have days off that are warm, or atleast sunny and that i get to be with family!!!

when we get back i will probably make some really yummy warm caserole of some sort. maybe go up to the work out center and let maddi swim with the cool slides.

anywho Sunday Funday is just right around the corner and i can't WAIt :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Scoop

Were Back from Arizona. The interview was yesterday. and nick ROCKED it. We arrived late Thursday night, got the rental car, went out to dinner at RA Sushi ( super yummy) checked into the hotel and called it a night.

the next morning we were up early, went down for breakfast, came up to look over the business plan last minute and just relax, we got all dressed up and headed to the corporate office.

the interviews were running super late, which kinda stunk because we were jsut sitting there in suits, waiting and waiting watching the clock tick, finally it was his turn. we walked into the room and at that moment I ( if at all possible ) had more respect for Nick that ever before, because i knew that at that moment, i would never be able to do what he was about to do, we were in this room, at a round table, well it was more of an oval shape.... nick and i sitting on one side right by eachother and then 5 other faces of people looking straight at us..... even i was sweating, but i looked at nick and i could see that he was more than fine.... i honestly don't know what knocks him off his rocker lol because he was totally fine. it actually excited him.

so they had us tell a little of ourselves ( even though they had talked to him before and one of the ladys had met him) and then they gave him 10 minutes of uninterupted time to go over his business plan with them and then once he finished the floor was opened for them to ask questions.... and they had none.... they said great job, you sure have a heart for selling and helping people. they absolutly loved him.

after reviewing his plan and they had no follow up ?'s for him they asked him some more interview ?'s which nick answered like a pro ( i truly was so proud of him) and then they asked him if he had any other ?'s for them...

and he did

he asked, i know this is a short time we met here today ( an hour and a 1/2) but what feedback can you give me, what should i improve on to be the best agent possible....

and they each said, you got it, you have what it takes to be a good agent, you have the drive, you have an infexious personality and a heart for sales, but we need to see you with more cash on hand....

( YOU can imagine my heart started racing..... I mean, we just paid over $40thousand dollars off of debt were 25 and 23years old and we are DEBT FREE!!! and we live off one persons income and we have more that we need, we have $ in the saving account and we are continuing to build that up, that has alllllllways been the plan.... ) but we left there knowing that there was now a possibility that they may want us to have more money set aside, and that now may not be the best time.)

so we ate lunch with the grandparents, we headed back to the airport and still hadn't heard anything.... then we got the call.. Jenni told Nick again that he did a wonderful job, they all really liked him, but they want us to have 20 to 25,000 CASH in liquid funds and then they are ready to take him on... .so thats where we are.

We are both feeling mixed emotions, one being : if they wanted 20 to 25 thousand dollars in liquid form i would consider that a non negociable right?!?!? I mean hellOOOO if money was what was stopping the bus from moving wouldnt they have told us that we needed that up front? they knew what we had, and he was recommended to still apply.... and he did a FANTASTIC JOB.

secondly: the sad thing is had we not have paid off our cars, and student loans like we did, he would have gotten the go ahead i am sure, because we would have had that amt of $ sitting in an account. but thats completly backwards to us... so if we had to do it all over again we would do everything the same.... we know what our plan is and where it will take us....

so now here we are back in carmel with a goal in front of us. we now know what we need to achieve, and know with out a shadow of a doubt we will get there, because all we have to do to get there is continue living out our plan that we already set long ago..... unfortunatly some people dont like to juse see the plan, they want it now... so thats where we are.....

I couldn't be more proud of my Mr. i know this is hard on him because he can't help but feel he failed, but he didn't it wasnt him it was the $$. and we will get there.

so that's the Urankar scoop for the day, more to come lata :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

*Sunshine * Dreams*

its a go, tomorrow i will be getting on a plane with my MR. and we will be going to Arizona!!! he has a big boy interview Thursday and then we will visit the grandparents grab some dinner and get on a plane again to head back to Indianapolis..... I can't wait. I am so excited for this oportunity!!! Nick also found out today that he will know if he gets the position Thursday as his interview comes to an end.... lots of prayers please. I will be sure to post something with the news.....

but for now i will go back to dreaming about the beautiful sunshine that is ever so bring right now :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

InvitaTion for YOU & your Spouse

Last night Nick got an e mail that read something like

Congragulations Nick, you have been selected for an interview for March 19th, both you and your spouse. ( and lots of other jibber jabber that is to wordy to blog about)

YAAAAYYY!!!! im so happy for him!!!!

i am not sure if i will be traveling along but I think its cool i got an invite hehe. but going for 1 night and 1 day i wouldnt know what to do with Sparty man, and i feel as though Nick will have less distraction W/O me there but if he wants me there. I am there. so we shall see what works best.

but for now i just couldnt be more happier for him/us.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

ReAliTY... or not

ok, i promise i do not watch much TV, i mean tuesday is biggest loser night , Wednesday is Real World and thursday is Grey's anatomy and then the rest is all DVRed which is Dave Ramsey, Bill O'Riley, Glenn Beck and Real house wives of Orange county, NY, and Atlanta.....

and today is my day off and i am catching up on all the DVRed goodies... so i opened up a bottle of wine, well it's hard to call it a bottle of wine... its the new Bandit wine its veryy yummy, and is in a recycled carton, thats right wine in a carton not a bottle... so any who, I am enjoying a glass while watching the Tube....

and i find myself, L*O*V*I*N*G the real housewives of NY, espec. Bethenny, she is actually real, well i think so any way, the comments she makes make me giggle.

so i would consider myself a reality TV junkie..... and when i ask myself why i cant figure it out... HELP lol , i mean i totally love the biggest loser and i get why i like that, i love working out, and i love to see people bettering themselves and achieving goals..... dave ramsey love it because again people are helping better themselves by getting BEDT FREE and learning how to budget, Glenn Beck and O Riley, well because I agree with all that they stand for, and its always nice to listen/watch someone who is proclaiming out loud what you agree with.

but now , why do i looooove the real house wives of orange county/NY/ Atlanta?!?! I just can't get enough....why though??!?! their lives dont reflect mine, but yet i can not get enough.... are you in the same situation?!?!

another fav is Big Brother.... BTW, when does this show come on again?? b/c i can not wait, mom thinks i should apply to be on the show.... what cha think?

well im off to watch another show...



YIPPIE the day has come, we are debt free, we are a RockIN N a RoLLIN.... so now we have moved on to another baby step, we are FULLY funding an emergency fund for 6-8 months of living expenses!!! yay i love the feeling when you have completed something and then move on to your next goal!!! I can't wait til a Friday when both the Mr. and I are home together so we can call into Daves TV show and share our story :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dear Progesterone, Please get better

today i had my Dr. follow up on my blood work i had previously written about, we went over my results from noth my FSH as well as my Progesterone levels. What my Dr. had to say was not so good, however I am young, and there are other solutions set in place if need be. The results from my FSH levels were a 4.5 which she told me that was great, the role of FSH is to act as a stimulating hormone which sents a signal to stimulate the process of releasing an egg and then Progesterone is a hormone produced by the ovaries that helps prepare the uterus for pregnancy. It is first produced by the corpus luteum in the ovaries and later is maintained by the placenta.
Progesterons helps to:

Helps to regulate the menstrual cycle.
Prepares the lining of the uterus for implantation.
Keeps the lining of the uterus thick which is necessary for a successful pregnancy.
Produces a rise in temperature after ovulation, which remains until menstruation occurs.
Creates a nutrient rich environment for the baby by increasing glycogen and arterial blood to the lining of the uterus.
Keeps the uterus from having contractions.
Causes the cervix to thicken and create a mucous plug which

my level of progesterone was .7 ( super super low) the Dr. told me that my level should be a 10 to 15 and as you see im not even a 1, i am a .7

so as i understand it progesterone plays a VER VERY important role in getting and maintaining a healthy pregnancy. so right now my dr doesnt know if i am even ovulating, which obviously has to happen to get pregnant.....

Game Plan

because we aren't saying we are trying for a child right now we are taking the information we recieved today as just that, important information for us to be aware of, so there are these things called ovulation predictor kits that you can pick up from walmart or meijer and they are little pee strips which will indicate to me when i should be ovulating and then we would ACT on it and then later take a pregnancy test. so in essence we will try naturally while keeping track of a an aproximite time i would be most likly to get pregnant.....

so thats step one, we shall see but like i said this is not something we are going to be doing right now with everyhting else that is going on with the possiblilty of a move and the opening of a business and everything else, but i left a little bumbed today and a little happy, reason being atleast i know i didnt have just a CRAZY CYCLE, there was reason I wasn't having a period and now we know and can learn from it, so in a way were smarter and have an early start for consistent prayer in baby makin :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Race Day

yesterday was race day... mind you, we have been on vacation for a week and the week before the vacation started my mind had already left and went on vacation so I didnt train like i had been doing so well on before. So i was 2 weeks without running ( not good) but i was determined to race. besides the point that i had already paid the $13 to sign up I really wanted to do the race because my original goal was to get a good enough time to get seeded for running the mini.... so I went i was super nervous, i always get like that the few races that i have done i always get the butterflies and the mouth waters and my stomache feels like its on fire and then the sound of the gun goes off and i take off, and then my foot crosses over the timer and the race begins and i realize i am going to be running for the next 6.2 miles. Man did i push myself, i will admit that i gave it EVERYTHING I had in that race, however i know i could have done better if i had trained better, which is now my main focus until May 2nd which is the BIG DAY!!! So any how i was running and running and running and by mile 3 i realized man i cant feel my upper thighs, it was really weird, i mean i run 3 miles all the time and its not that big a deal, but this was up hill and curvy and dodging around people and jumping up and off of the sidewalks and all that stuff , lots diff than running on a track( i gotta stop training that way) but yes my legs felt like jello... now lets go back to before the race started, nick told me chels just run your own race and you will do fine. he told me not to try to run others peoples pace in the beginnig because you dont know if they are good runners or bad runners, meaning they could sprint off and make you think they are an awesome runer and then @ mile 2 they are walking and you wouldnt want to do that... so i took his advice and pushed myself. so i passed the first water station at mile 1.5 and then grabbed some @ the 2nd stop, i didnt stop though, just threw some water in teh back of my mouth and tossed my cup. then @ mile 3.5 i saw another station so i grabbed a cup threw some in my mouth and imediatly thought oh no!!! that taste reallly bad, i then looked in my cup and noticed it was yellow... it was a gatorade with added electrolights, yuuuucky i cant do that stuff... it made me gag when the saltyness hit my empty stomache... so i tossed that out ASAP, then continued to run.... once i was @ mile 5 i felt as though i had all the heart but i just wasnt moving, but really i was and then

I saw My MR. now any other day he would be racing and waiting for me at the finish but he had to go to work that day and wasnt able to run, but when i saw him i got that last shot of intensity as i got closer to him i noticed hehad his jeans cuffed and when i got right up to him he started running, he ran with me for more push and motivation for the last 1/2 a mile..... then he said "GO" which was my trigger to give it alllll my last bit of energy... so i did i went right up hill and corssed the finish line and i felt my heart in my mouth and my leggs felt totally weird, thats when i knew it was going to happen.....

i tried to find nick in the croud just by glancing but that made me dizzy so i went right over to the side, hung my head and lost my breakfast... absolutly CRAZY but as i was doing that in my head i remembered nick telling me you know you had an excelent work out if you get sick afterwards lol... so it was a proud moment in my life when i lost my breakfast :)

I ended up finishing in 60 minutes and 18 seconds that was a 9:45 pace which was enough to get a prefered seeding for the mini , yaaay!!! so although i know i could have done better had i trained, i was very happy to know i gave it all i had that day and was able to achieve my original goal i made for that race. MY heart rate on avereage was 197 during that time and my max was 203.... and 197 according to the heart rate configuration is my max out @ 100% so it was a good day!


it is official, Nick has posted for the East Valley Opening in Arizona!!!! so now we play the waiting game... hoping to hear some good news (ie. calling to set up an interview) so i will be sure to post the news once we hear it!!

Word*Less Post

Saturday, March 7, 2009

We're BaAaacK

Ya i am so excited to be posting again :) it seems like forever when really it has been a week but still so much has gone on since my latest post, so for starters this post is all about our trip...

Well Arizona was AmaZiNg, and i mean AmAZinG, the weather was beautiful which we new it would be based on the time of year but i mean it was AmaZINGLY beautiful, not a cloud in the sky, clear blue, super sunny , with the perfect cool breeze at your back. We arrived late friday night and my grandparents picked us up and we drove to their home in Suprize AZ, Suprize is on the West side of the Valley. the next morning we drove all around and visited scottsdale, fountain hills and many other places, it was mainly sight seeing, driving around and looking out the window but we did get to see in fountain hills the famous reallly hiiiiigh fountain that shoots off every hour at the top of the hour... it was neat i will post pictures.

our next day we went hiking in the White Tank Mountains, breath taking, it was a long 8.5 mile hike and my calves were sore well more like screaming for the next 2 days but totally worth it. that night we went to my aunt rocinas home and she worked so hard making a vegetarian meal for us and boy did she pull it off, it was fab! we drove around the west side of the valey that night just to check it out, it was great but boy they have a whole lot of state farm agents and it is a place where alot of retired snow birds live which is great but just not really where we want to live.

on monday Nick had his meetings with the AFE and AFO of State Farm, this was in Tempe. After talking with both of them seperatly and finishing out the rest of our vacation, we both just felt sooo good about the potential of moving there. and Nick is so ready, he is going to be a wonderful Agent and I truly believe it is his time, he has learned so much and has such a drive and heart for what he is doing.

We finished out or vacation by doing just that Vacationing, we road the bikes we shopped, we relaxed, we ate and spent time with family and eachother. and something Amazing happened on this trip, something i didnt think was possible so soon in our marriage but it was like i fell in love all over again with Nick, I say so soon in our marriage because we have been married since October, so still in the "Honeymoon period" acording to others, to me a place where i am head over heals in love with everyhting about him and enjoying life with my best friend, but this trip.... something happened, we were there doing grown up things, i mean HELLO were talking about starting our own business and moving Thousands of miles away from family, but yet we were able to act like children. we goofed off, laughed, played pranks on eachother, relaxed with eachother and just talked about our future with out ANYTHING interupting us, no work, no phone calls, no blogging hehe it was truly an amazing thing. One thing that makes me smile everytime i think about it happened while waiting to speak to the AFE nick and i were sitting in this really classy waiting room where we felt like we couldn't speak loud or laugh or anything so we started txting eachother, yes while we were sitting riiight next to eachother, and i told him that i was hungry and that my stomache was starting to hurt, only i didnt spell stomache i spelled sronache so we called our stomaches sronache's the whole time and it made us laugh :) alll the way home even on our flight where we got back at 1:30 AM!

What an Amazing Vacation it was :)