Friday, November 12, 2010

10 months

well J you are ten months today...

your 1st birthday is quickly approaching OMWwhat the heck, how is my baby almost one?!!!??!     being your mom for these last ten months has been so rewarding, being able to be home with you each and every day, watching you learn new things, experience new thing,even when you pick out the dust bunnies on the floor and insert into mouth  I am always there for you, and this is something I hope you grow up knowing. You truly are an amazing child J and I look forward to watching you grow, I know you are only ten months now, but I gotta admit there are several nights when I lay awake thinking about our future mother daughter conversations, the first time I drop you off at school, your fist away at camp experience, your first heart break watch out whoever you may be , this little girl has a pretty tough daddy  your first sleep over, all that stuff... well, it's fun to think about, but this is where we are now, ten months... and believe me I have enjoyed every second of it.

* you have mastered the stairs, a few times.. we really need to get a gate.

* eating solids 3 times a day in addition to 4 (4-5) 5 oz bottles

* I have noticed you only say Momma when you are hungry, or really sleepy, every other time its da, daa daa, daddy...

* you have stood on your own for 3 seconds a handful of times so we think you will be walking by your first birthday.

* you Love your books, if I lay a toy out and a book 90% of the time you will go towards the book

* still sleeping great, 12 hrs a night, sometimes though you wake up and just want to be with mommy, you will fuss and I go into check on you and lay you back down and you cry, but if i pick you up you immediately place your head on my shoulder and are out like a light, so we have slumber parties in mom and dads bed maybe once a week..

* you still only have the 4 teeth top and bottom 2, the top ones are starting to come down more, I see a super cute christmas card coming soon!

* wearing 12 months and some 18 months  (they are pretty big)

thats about it as for what's new, although tomorrow night you will have your fist night away from mommy and daddy ( separate blog post coming soon ) Gigi is coming to stay with you at our house while we go to Indy to visit some of our friends.

you are an adorable baby J and you continue to bring smiles to everyones face who meets you.  Happy 10 moths buggy!

Love- Mom