Monday, June 22, 2009

Daddy-To-Be Day

yesterday was Nick's first ever celebrated Daddy-To-be Day. we had a blast together. we started our day off by going to the gym together for a work out and then home to make breakfast. he was given his fathers day present of JACK for men face scrub and face lotion along with some Jack Cederwood body wash ( that smells soooo wonderful to me.) and then what was suposed to be his big gift was the Oral B electric toothbrush that plugs in the wall with extra heads so even momma can use it. I love it because its so sleek looking, not like the big bulky ones you used to see in the old days. he was super excited becuase he has always loved battery operated toothbrushes but seems to spend $10 ever two months to replace it so I thought this would be a good gift and boy do we both love it!

but then we decided to go to the Bicycle shop here in Carmel because he really likes the Idea of being only 10.5 miles from work when we move and wants to ride a bike to work instead of driving. So we looked and he found an Awesome KHS flight 220 Road bike. It's super sweet so he took it out for a spin and was sold... however it is very hard for my husband to spend money on himself... but me... not so much! so I pushed him/ but it didnt take much, but i mean come on he will make the money back in 3 month what he will have saved on gas :) then we got mirors for the bike, an air pump, a water bottle holder, a water bottle, and a flashing red light for the back for saftey and even a helmet. he is a Mr. Hottie on that Bike I tell you.. maybe next fathers day I will get him the SPandex I see all the other riders on road bikes wearing out on the monon :) hehe I kid I kid. ( unless he gets serious.)

So after getting the bike he went out for about an hour ride and then we cleaned up and went to dinner at Kona Grill. It was fab! towards the end we both still had room so we ordered a Chocolate Fudge Brownie with Rasberries and Vanilla Icecream on top. Super Yum... and the best part.. we went to pay and our waiter said the gentlemen over there paid for your desert.. so obviously we looked at him and thanked him and you know in the back of our minds we wanted to be like why did you pay for that ?!? thats super duper nice?!?! but you dont even know us... luckily the man said yes I made a bet with my wife that you were going to order desert and that she was pregnant, and if i found out she was pregnant then i said i would buy your desert. and so I won the bet. and we then asked how did you know I was pregnant, and he said I am an OBGYN in Europe... cool story hu? so thanks Mr. Nice man at Kona Grill the Brownie was FAB!!!

and i swear this post is wrapping up here...

but we then went home to get sparty man to go over the Mr. Wonderfuls brothers house to visit and let the dogs play outside... after a while I went outside to check on the dogs and sparty was covered in bumps, I FREAKED!!! Nick hurry he has hives again!! they all thought they were just bites from misquetos but i knew it had to be something else. So we left to get benydrill and by the time we got to the store to get it poor buddys eyes were swollen :*( I again Freaked out I had never seen him like this. his eyes were red and super puffy... we took him home gave him 2 benydrill with peanutbutter and gave him the best bath he has ever had. We scrubbed him down and then he got sleepy, needless to say we didnt sleep very well, getting up and checking his eyes and body to see if the bumps had gone away, luckily my by morning he was our normal playfull sparty man with a super shiney brown coat :) were very hapy about that!

to that was our wonderful daddy -to-be day. I hope nick had as much fun as I did :)