Saturday, March 21, 2009

Recommendations PleaSe

thats right, I need some reommendations for new books please.... I love my Barnes & Noble time, but after spending a couple hours in the store the other day... i didn't find much... so i need help..... Please Post a Comment with your fav's....thanks

**Sunday Funday**

yes, yes I know it is Saturday but i am at work, and Sunday is my day off, therefore i will talk about how much i am looking forward to Sunday Funday!!!

today when i get off work my mom and my little sister will be at our house ( and the doggs :) we are having yummy chilli i put in the crock pot before i came to work thismorning for dinner and we will juat hang out and maybe play some Jenga.

on to Sunday funday....

Sunday's my day off.. Yippie we will all get up I am sure i will make some yummy coffee and some good warm breakfast for the fam fam and we will head to Church all together.
after church we will do out normal stop at Fresh Markey to pick up my Husbands ever so Favorite Pretzels...

once home we will get the doggs and lace up our shoes and enjoy the BEAUTIFUL sunshine that i just know is going to be out as we head out on the monon trail for a sunday walk....

i just love when i have days off that are warm, or atleast sunny and that i get to be with family!!!

when we get back i will probably make some really yummy warm caserole of some sort. maybe go up to the work out center and let maddi swim with the cool slides.

anywho Sunday Funday is just right around the corner and i can't WAIt :)