Friday, July 31, 2009

*Jada Grace*

YAyyayaya Today we found out that we are going to have a little precious baby girl who we have named Jada Grace.  We are so excited!!!! as the technician was giving us our ultra sound she told us, you may still be a little to early for us to tell what you are having but we can try... 

after seeing the pictures on the monitor I thought how in the world are you going to be able to tell ( this was a regular belly ultrasound) where as my last one was vaginally so you could see the baby more clear ( to us any ways) so after about 25 minutes of her taking the measurements and pointing out the things that I never thought I would call cute in my life like the spinal cord haha.. then she pointed out the bottom, the bely button, the eyes, hands and legs, and once we saw the feet were crossed it made for the cutes picture... but we thought we would be leaving there no knowing what we were having yet... she took more measurements and looked at the placenta and then she slowed down and zoomed in... and I kid you not there were two grey balls I was looking at... so i said, what is that!?!? ( expecting her to say congrats your having a little boy) now I thought these looked waaay to large to be what I thought they were, but she said that my little momma is what makes your baby a girl, and she pointed to these two little white dots ( never would have guessed thats how you tell a boy from a girl, and who knows what those grey ball thingy's were but at this moment it didn't matter anymore) I let out a sign scream kinda thing :) i was just so excited I pictured our little baby girl wearing a headband with a huge flower on one side :) 

I looked at Daddy and he had a grin on his face and his eyes were watery... I rubbed his arm and remember thinking Our baby girl is going to be the luckiest little baby girl who is going to have a daddy that loves and cares for her so much, they will be best friends, and when it comes time to dating, she will hold the men she meets up to her father and if they aren't treating her with the amt of respect and love her father will give her then they don't stand a chance :) I truly feel blessed and overwhelmed with excitement and can't wait to meet our baby little baby Jada Grace. 

oh and btw, the Dr. said she was measuring my due date to be January 9th... but that they wouldn't be changing my due date from january 1st... so take that as you wish but it doesn't look like we may be getting that tax deduction this year :) 

Christmas in July

I am up early again today, but not because my of my hair... because today we have a scheduled ultra sound that we hopefully will be able to find the sex of our little one!!! I just can't sleep anymore its like that christmas morning feeling, you know when you open your eyes and check your phone to see what time it is and its only 4:45... and your like ok 15 more minutes and then 5:00 is morning to many people... and then you get up walk around and peek downstairs to see if there are lots of gifts.. and then run backk to your bedroom and tell yourself ok 6:00, 6:00 is a good time ( this has always been my christmas morning time) Its not to early I cant get up and start my day and then soon enough it will be time to open presents... 

thats where I am at this morning. I looked at the clock and it was 2:23, went back to sleep... up at 5:55 and I just knew I couldn't fall back asleep so I hopped in the shower, now blogging and will finish getting ready here soon.  we will leave the house at 8:00 to make it downtown by 8:30 for my apt.  

Nick will be with me, and although he is uber excited also ... he is still sleeping :) but thats because he normally gets up at 6:00 am for work, so to him the 8:30 apt is awesome because he gets to sleep in a little... 

so thats where we are... its crazy to think in less than 2 hours... we could know the sex of our baby... its just so neat to me. you know, once you find out you are pregnant you say oh my gosh and you get a huge smile and you immediately picture you and your husband and then this little baby, but now I will be able to cal him or her by name and visualize them instead of this fill in the blank baby :) i know it may seem silly, but its true. 

so keep your thoughts with us this morning and hope the baby is in a great position for us to see him/her clearly :) 

oh and don't worry, I'll be back later to fill you all in. 

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Brown roots.....

why hello there... or shall I say good-morning. yep, this is me up at 7:00 AM on my day off :) smiiiiillleee .... and yep that is my brown hair... So what will I be doing today?!?!? calling ( begging) Martina at Reactions Hair Studio to please make time for me some time today or tomorrow.... I need some Bleach and some scissors Stat.... it has been far too long, and come on we all know that you have to get your hair done like a week before you go into delivery so your picks look all Beautified while you and your hubby come close in for a gazillion million photos of your new baby... and well if were going to do that, we need to be on a schedule, my hair needs assistance every 3 months.... that would be July then October, then the end of December and then bam baby due one week after... thats what I call planing.... now, all I have to do is figure out what I am going to do until the shop opens up at ten.... maybe I will try to pull the covers over my face again.... 

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Big baby ( I am talking about me )

the past few days I have gotten the Urge to go look at baby stuff, you think I would have had this urge at other points in this pregnancy being at 17 wks, but really it has just been a strong urge the past few days, So I went.

First stop Hugs From Heaven...
I could alreay tell that if we find out were going to be having a little girl next friday I would be spending a lot of time in that store, everything was so frilly and girly, i loved it... but then..
it happened... my heart melted... I was in awe, I got that "this is it feeling" as I walked forward I was staring straight at the most beautiful, clean lined, crib I had ever seen. From that moment on I was attached, I was alreayd convinced that this is what we would soon call our babys bed, you know like when you find the perfect wedding dress... but then, you see the price tag and you still think oh well that is perfectly fine yes a little pricy but its what i want, its perfect in all of its ways... but then you make the phone call to your hubby and he says... wow Chels, thats expensive...

Fist's clench ( not really hehe )

and I start to say all the reasons as to why this one is perfect and nothing will ever be like this one and our baby wont sleep at night unless they are in this bed ( ya that one didnt go over well haha ) but you get the idea, mommy was sold... now we just had to sell daddy... and I mean come on, sales is what i do every day... this shouldnt be to hard...

So later that day, Grandma and I went out to lunch at SOho which just so happened to be in the same shopping complex as hugs from heaven so we just happened to stop in ( i needed someone else to see how beautiful this piece is and have them on my side) Grandma loved it, and so did like 5 other people in their shopping... Now all i had to do was bring daddy in..

that night Nick and I went to martins to grocery shop which also is right next door to hugs from heaven, so we stopped in and I showed him...

So chels, he says, why this one? why not something that is like four or five hundred dollars... yes it's really nice, but do we really need that... the palms started to sweat a little more... so we go to the car and he begins to tell me that it is a very nice crib he can see why i love it so much, but to him, we just dont need to spend that much on the crib...
but heres the thing.. this crib is a converter crib, which means it will be a grib then it will be a todler bed and then it even converts to a full bed which is the size of bed they will need the rest of the time they will be living with us, yes I am talking the whole 18 years of their life before they go off to college...

but he knows me, he says chels honestly, you dont think when they are like 7 and want to pick out a new bed you wont want to get them one?!?!?
and then the dresser is a combo changer which is super nice, so it is the changer table and dresser, then when they are potty trained and dont need the changer table anymore we take the changer table off and use it just as a dresser...

cant you ladies see how sold i am?!?!?!

so after we left there and we talked in the car we drove over to the Natural way baby store and looked at all they had to offer ( this was me not showing him my mind was closed and that I could still look at other cribs, and not be a baby about it) we started looking and he would say what abou thtis one and i would say, no i dont like where the brand is stamped on the crib, or no that is too "woddy" or I dont like that design, the ridges, the height, the color, its so "see through with all the lines "

he laughed at me

and then he got serious, chels sometimes there is just no half way with you. I want our baby to have nice things also, but i just dont see why this crib right here that is five hundred isnt nice to you... I am not saying that we can't get that crib you like ( my ears perk up) but I am just saying that there are going to be so many things that we will need to the baby and you will always what the best of the best, and sometimes i just want to feel like what I say to you on certain things sticks.... ( and in my head i am saying me too i dont want to feel like all the things I want you never want, I just wish you wanted it too) and then it happened i totally remembered my mother saying chelssie Elizabeth, when is enough enough... and I got that.. I could hear him saying at what point will we say no thats to much?

its just hard for me, we both make great money for our age, we are deft free, and all it would take is one check to pay for the crib and the combo dresser, and the changer matress, and crib matress... we can do this...

but thats not the idea... we budget, we dont just spend a whole check on something and call it a day. but oh how easy it would be for this..

here it is take a peak for your self...
the color shown is the one i loved, it is called espresso... isn't it just the greatest thing you have ever seen?!!?

so anywho.. after talking nick wanted me to make a list of the things I have already fallen in love with and know that I want and write it all out with the prices next to each thing that way he will know and we can budget for them.. I love my Husband, he is the greatest, I love the way he can whip me into shape and make me have the "ahh haa moment, but in such a loving way. I feel so blessed to call him my husband as I am sure our child will feel so greatful to have him as a daddy.

so stay tuned, to find out if the Urankar's get the cutes crib ever made :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

PreNetal Yoga

I must warn you before you start reading this post, you may want to go grab some Patchouli oil and your Tie-dye shirt because I am going there... and Don't Judge.

seriously, last night was a wonderful experience for me. It was the start of a six week series class that meets every wednesday night at a yoga studio downtown from 7:30 to 8:45, there are a total of 12 women in the class who are all due anywhere from August, through January. When I first walked in It was the cutest thing to see all other 11 women sitting there with there bellys and smiles on their faces, we quickly shared all of our names and exchanged e mail addresses which i think is great i would love to make momma connections :) any how so the beginning of our class the instructor introduced herself as well, her name is Sara and she has 2 children one she delivered at a birthing center and the second at home, I think that is incredible awesome! She also is a certified doula, and teaches baby yoga ( which after last night I am sold and cant wait to sign up with my little one ) she is such a sweetie, along with all the other mothers in the class, Sara introduced us to some books that she thought were great for prego women to read, one of them was Ina Mays guide to childbirth which i had already picked up from the Library last week and another was Birthing from Within which i tried to get from the Library on that same trip after reading Dooces blog, but had no luck finding it, ( but after class I stopped by barnes & Noble and bought a copy)

any who, so there is totally something about being in a dim lit room and doing breathing exercises, I felt so in tuned with my body ( hey i gave you the warning at the beginning) and my baby. In that moment it was as if for the fist time i really paid attention to what it is that is going on inside of me and it made me so joyful , and thats not even the right word, I just felt so connected to our baby and I want to make every right decision while carying this child and Last night really focused in on that. We did lots of deep stretching and learned some relaxation techniques, it was great. I am looking forward to next wednesday!!

I mentioned before in a post i believe that I will be using a Midwife for the delivery of our child as long as insurance covered and the do, 100% I heard back on Monday so we are very excited, I have an apt with a doula tomorrow at 1:30 and I hope that goes well. well i am off to eat some breakfast and start my birthing from within book...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

our peanut ~my body

so this was me at 14 wks.. and this is me at 16 wks and 4 days...

my body is changing believe it or not.... just over 2 weeks and the roundness has kicked in... and check out those veins on the side...
9 days and we learn what we are having!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

All for the Love of Dough

Today was my day off for the week until Friday, so I have been planning all week long on what we will do on this day, I wanted to make it last a long time and I wanted to have time to relax..

so early on this week I remembered the Venetian festival will be going on and I could eat yummy potatoes, mushrooms and onins and then the ever yummy but so awful for you elephant ear, you know the fried dough with alllll that cinimon sugar on top? yep those and once I thought of those this week my plans were made, we would get up go to the gym, get cleaned up and then go to the beach at the venetian fest to lay out and take a nap and read in the sun and then when we were hungry we would go get some food from the festival... well then plans changed

family was going to the elkhart fest and I figured ehh well we should just spend time with them, and go there , its closer to home which means we would be home sooner than if we went to the beach and i could stil get my elephant ear...

but then it rained A LOT and things weren't looking good for the fair,

the hubsters noticed and said lets just go to the fair anyhow, it will be fun

so we did

and then we hit traffic like WOWA and we were at a standstill....

we pulled into the Ace hardware store and parked and firgured we would just walk, when we got closer to what we thought was the fair.... we saw that it was parked cars from the parade that was moving ever so slowly.... so nick and me wait there and he walked into the store to ask how far the fair was....

he came out and said I have good news and bad news what cha want first....

I went with bad... he said well it will take us about and hour to get down to the fair but the good news is were parked right next to Hacienda....

so we ate din din at hacienda and waited til the parade was over and made out way back to the car and drove to the fair that took us only 10 minutes now that the traffic was gone...

we parked the car
walked through the animals
grabbed my fried dough
and LARGE lemonade

and ate together at a wet picnic table... all for the Love of Dough

This was a Great Sunday!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Baby Urankar Update

Yesterday was my first apt with the Dr. here is South Bend now that we are all moved and settled in, the original apt was set for 10:45 but I recieved a phone call at 10:30 saying the Dr. wasn't going to be able to make the apt so we rescheduled for 3:30 with a different Dr. out of the same office.. So Nick and I went in for our apt and it lasted maybe a whole 7 minutes from the time i got weighed and all, we heard our baby heart beat again, very strong beats at 148 beats per minute, Dr said all my numbers are looking perfect and were right on track, and we scheduled to have an ultra sound done on the 31st of this month.... thats less than two weeks, and we will hopefully learn the sex of the baby!! we can't wait, we hope baby will be as photogenic as our last ultra sound :)

as for the Dr. He was nice, but for the type of delivery I have always envisioned me having involves a calm setting, someone who's with me at all times and not popping in and out and asking if I want drugs, so I have contacted a Midwife and I am wating to hear back on Monday that she will be covered by our insurance. Insurance does cover midwifes however there was not one "in network" so i requested to have Gap coverage for One that came recomended in this area and her name is Kristin Vincent, so please keep this in your prayers :) I also have contacted a Doula that I will meet with next Friday just to discuss the services she could offer and price and things like that, not sure if I will need this but its a free consoultation and I am interested so I am going.

so stay tuned for more on that, Oh and also Baby and I have signed up for Prenetal Yoga classes that are on Wednesdays from 7:30 til 8:45 , this is a 6 week series that I am so excited for. the first class meets this week, I think I will learn how to get in the "zone" haha and relax and learn breathing techniques.

Monday, July 13, 2009

I swear I am not Complaining

so as I have grown up I have worked many jobs and on another note I have seen many pregnant women. One thing that has always bothered me is when people Complaine, about anything really and so i swore to try to never ever ever ever do it. so hear me out LOUD and CLEAR I swear this is not me complaining...

ok so for one I have had this back pain thing where it feels like someone has their hand inserted in the lower part of my back just above the booty and every now and again they give it a tight twist and then they unwind it and then twist it the other way so then later on there are two hands and they each keep winding it and twisting it and then the only thing that makes it feel better is having my husband literally clench his fist and apply pressure on my lower back, I swear this is like my new every day thing, and Iask him several times a day.... what the heck is this?!?!

so yep thats me not complaining but there is not and I am still not complaining

then there are these two pressure points I call them that are at the base of my kneck that I swear if i could I would walk around all day with needles sticking out of them if it would relieve the pressure... it is the weirdest thing i swear they almost feel like bruises like when i rub them it almost tingles or burns... I am just chalking it up to hormonal stuff but i am not sure... but yeah its a bother

and then there is work....

so yesterday was Sunday and were only open for 6 hrs on sunday so when you have to work that day your like well atleast its not a "full day" but then we had a meeting last night after work that lasted 3.5hrs... thats right 9.5 hrs, and mind you because it was sunday there is not time to take a lunch break because its the short day so i got home last night right before 9, made food that i shouldnt dare call dinner had time to talk to my hubby ( AKA: had his sticking his fist in my back and rub the base of my neck while i lay there like a bag of bones) before my head hit the pillow and i find my alarm going off to get me up and ready to start a 10 hr shift and work that i am supossed to be working today, tomorrow, and Wednesday....

so my back hurts, my head hurts, and I am working 40 hrs in the span of 4 days, not to mention I work saturday which come that day it will be all overtime...

so how was that for me not complaining? I think I did a pretty good job....

Thursday, July 9, 2009

the Goodies..

ok so lets all pause for a moment over how cute these little baby biscuts... ok so they are super cute and I cant wait to use them... we have decided to go with the Baby G diapers because the thing we like most is that they are FLUSHable thats right not disposable in a little SUPER STINKY diaper jeanie that will be sitting next to the baby bed and trying to cover up the poopy smelling room with a crummy baby powder scent ... they are FLUSHABLE, so when little baby makes a messy I just take off the cuteness outer shell they call the G pant and then take out the little thing that looks like a maxi pad insert to me and then drop it in the toilet and it flushes! its magic no stinky in the house and better yet they do diaper delievery so nick and I will be set up for auto shipment and they will send diapers to our house as often as need be so we can tell them we need diapers every monday and then every thursday and they will come and we dont pay shipping or anything like that! and come on again the cuteness is a HUGE plus :) it is $52 for 160 diapers and people say you change a diaper like 10 times a day as a newborn so i think thats a pretty good deal :) now the only thing is is i DO NOT WANT TO USE ANY OTHER SORT OF DIAPER... but you know there will be baby showers and people bring diapers ... so whats the dilema... how do i tell people these are what we are using and that they can be purchased online without being tacky?!!??! is it possible!?!? HELP :)

so here are the two strollers that I really like so far, and I love both colors but i wonder if i want to get them both in the same color or diferent like pictured below... i know though choices... but any who so i hear from lots of mommies dont go cheap with the carseats and strollers because they are very important and by getting the cheap ones they dont fit right in things and so on, so i was looking at the BOB strollers because I have heard they are really great, and well they are but they arent all that cute... so then I heard about Bumbleride strollers and I think they are the cutes thing out there, not that a stroller has to be cute but it is an added bonus :) so my ? for you mommas what are your thoughts on strollers? I def want to get a runners one (daddy will use that most of the time) and then we need the regular one for shopping walks in the park and all that other fun stuff.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

hello Blog, it's me Chelssie...

here I am, I come to you from Good Ol Granger Indiana now, we have moved and settled into what we now call home. Having just got the internet set up Monday I finally have found time to grab my cup of decaf coffee and sit at the computer before getting ready for work.

so we like it here, we are renting a house as stated a while back and its just perfect fitting for us. the house is set back in the woods so in the morning time i get to sneak a peak at some deer which makes me feel like im in a cabin camping somewhere :) I have to admit though when we first moved in a didnt sleep well until about the 4th night. I think it just had to do with teh face that we were now in a house that is much larger than us and we are jsut two people sleeping in "the woods" with tons of windows around us and we hadn't met the neighbors yet... just kinds creepy. But it's all good now, i dont even sleep with the lights on anymore haha.

well I didn't wait long to whip this house into shape and touch it up with a little bit of color .... I wish i had a camera but well i dont right now... and the picks my Blackberry takes will do no justice so stay tuned a camera is on the list of items to get! but if some of you remember the picture where the walls were a dark tan and then the burgandy spashed on 2 accent walls? well now that burgundy is gone and say hello to PLUM PURPLE! it looks fab, with a little help from my friend MO I was no longer afraid of color :) I am super excited to post pictures of what our living quarters looks like so please stay tuned...

in other news, Mr. Wonderful is loving his job and I am back at my old store, getting back into the swing of things but I must say it is so nice to get off of work and be home with him and know that the rest of my family is just 10 minutes away, for the fist time everyone is around and its great!

as for Baby news, I am now approaching 15 weeks in the pregnancy and am still feeling great, I have found a dr. here and picked the hospital we will be delivering at. I have my next apt on the 17th however I do not believe they are doing an ultra sound then although I will be 16 weeks I believe they will wait til the folowing apt because i will be 20 weeks and that is a great time to tell the sex of the baby. So for now were just haning out and peeing a whole lot, I really feel very blessed to be having such a smooth pregnancy and can only hope it continues this way alllll the way through the labor part :)