Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Adventure

Yesterday we headed out to good Ol Dowagiac Michigan to Butler Tree Farm to pick out the Urankar Christmas tree 2009. The trip was about 20 minutes from our house so not too bad, the whole time there we listened to comercial free Christmas tunes and couldnt wait to get to the tree farm, as I mentioned last year was our frist married christmas and we went to a tree farm to cut down a tree and decided that we would make that our little tradition, so this year we headed out to Butler Tree farm in search of the perfect tree. I was so excited on our drive, even though there was no snow to set the mood even more, but it was perfect. I couldn't help but think that this was the last year that just the Hubby and I would be picking out a tree together, that next year and all the years after we will have our little girl and who knows what other children with us :)

Butler tree farm was great, they even had animals out for the little kids to see, they had 3 basset hounds, lamas, a deer, ducks, goats and lots others.  They were serving hott cocoa and hott apple cider and had tractor/sleigh rides that drove around the farm playing christmas music, it was all too cute. I think i said like 11 times I LOVE CHRISTMAS! so it was a fun trip, we started looking at the white pines, but them moved our way onto the douglas Fir's because they looked like they wouldnt shed as much. I swear I am the WORST at pulling the trigger and making a decision when i am starting at like 1,000 trees, but together I think we agreed on the perfect one. Nick chopped it down and we were headed home. 

Decorating the tree this year was great also because out tree this year is very sentimental because my grandma Lake had all of her kids, and grandkids go through all of her chirstmas decorations she has had for many many years because they dont use them and havnt used them in years because they are in Arizona during christmas every year, so I have ornaments that are from my GREAT grandmas original tree and from my grandparents first ever tree, and a bunch of other ornaments from their trees they have had down the years, I even am using the beads my grandma used on her tree.  We are using the same tree topper as last year and nick did his anual placing of it :)

I hope you and your family have fun decorating for the Holiday!!