Monday, April 19, 2010

One Piece or Two?

With summer just around the corner which means it is approaching Bathing suite season... and I am faced with a dilemma, will it be a one piece or a 2 piece.... although I have been going strong each morning and sticking to my work outs that still doesn't mean that I am totally comfortable with parading around in a 2 who knows, but I have found that whatever I choose I can find a similar style in either one, take a look ...

I am digging the whole ruffle thing... but my Hubby is not a fan ( do you all remember Vienna from the bachelor?!?! I know how can you forget, well remember her Green Swim suit she wore on the ship?!?! well my hubby HATED it and made fun of it every time she wore it...) now although the top on this suit is different than hers the bottoms are the same... he thinks they look little kid-ish... but Oh well :)

so what are you other mommas going to go with this summer? oh and PS: the bikini top those straps come off and It looks even cuter!