Friday, April 17, 2009

I am A Runner

Yesterday was my long run day and it was 8 miles, I have the mini marathon comming up May 2nd so some may say having 8.5 miles being my furthest run yet that im slacking but hey I thinkI am doing just fine, why because I am actually enjoying it now, its not forced training because I have to be at a certain point at a certain time, I do it because I like it, and well because I signed up for the mini and dont want to be lying flat of my face somwhere along the way.

but I did it, i knocked out 8.5 miles yesterday and it was beautiful I even got some sun. it was hard for me to put on my shoes and make it out the door yesterday but once i was out there was no turning back.

My Mr. was very proud of me and happy that I am enjoying running because he knows that for quite some time now i have been wanting to become a runner but in all my trying i give up. well he says that because i did 8.5 miles that it officially makes me an Official Runner. thats Right ya'll I am a RUNNER! wooo hoo

well next weeks long run is 10.5 miles and then the following week is race week. so there you have it I am a officially made it, I am a runner

JerkY TeArS

You may remember my post about my Easter Sunday, how I married my Some Kind of Wonderful. I mentioned how he cleaned out my car real good because it has looked like a trash dumpster inside there for a while ( grose I know)

on his way out of the door to clean out the car I mentioned to him, "hey your bag that needed to be taken to goodwill is still in my backseat if you wouldnt mind dropping that off as well but just check out the backseat and make sure you got everything because the bag has spilled out some what"...

well today I was taking Sparty out to do his business and I remembered that i never rolled up my windows last night, so i took m car keys down w me this morning to rol up the windows, when I got down to my car I thought to myself, oh no I hope no one stole the calphlon pot out of my backseat, when i noticed it wasn't there I just thought to myself no way, I wasn't mad, frustrated, or upset, I just noticed it was gone... but then i began thinknig ya know what I really dont think someone stole it, Nick Probably brought it in the house when he was finished cleaning my car and put it up on our storage shleves...

So i called him.

My Wonderful. Hello

me: Hey, where did you put that pot that was in my backset?

Mr. Wonderful: I dropped that off at Goodwill

me : WhAT?!?!?!?! , you did what? are you serious?!?!?!

Mr Wonderful: yeah.. ( and i honestly cant tell you what else he said because i was in shock that the pot was gone.... )

me: what one did you take it to? I need to call them

Mr Wonderful: the one by your work

GoodWill Lady: hello

me: hi, I am so sorry but I have a little emergency

GoodWill Lady: ok, how can i help you

Me: well you see, my husband cleaned out my car for me on Sunday and i reminded him that in the backseat was his bag to be taken to goodwill, and he literally cleaned out my backseat and dropped off a BRAND NEW CALPHLON pan that was given to us as a wedding present.

GoodWill Lady: oh honey if that was brand new those things fly off the shelves like Hottcakes.

Me: ok, i will come look to see if i can find it

Ok so as you can imagine I was upset/ frustrated/sad/ as i walk in the box is not to be found, i asked the worker if she could look in the back, she did and came out and said i am sorry, i dont see it.... then shey says

Do you have insurace

me: yes.. why?

GoodWill Lady: well maybe you can make an insurance claim

Me: he is my insurance agent!!!

so I leave, and call my grandma, i needed someone to talk to this was the first time HONEST and TRUE that i have ever felt angry at my Mr. Wonderful.... it was like I felt so bad for him because i knew he was feeling bad but then I was upset because it was a CALPHLON pan, given to us as a wedding present from a set of grandparents was now gone.... , i know it has been in my car for 6 months and yes we tried to re turn it once before ( but only because it didnt match out set) and yes it was non stick and we use stainless steal but at this moment this was all besides the fact....

then the tears came a Flowing.... I txted my Mr. Wonderful and said Quit being a JERK....( he was reminding me off all of the beside the fact points that to me really were besides the fact) now I have never ever ever ever ever ever called my husband anything other than Nick, Mr. wonderful, Superman, or some other silly name) but JERK... oh i was crushed then the tears came flowing harder because i felt so bad for calling him a JERK this was through tct messaging so really i txted him that he was being a jerk...

he txted back stop calling me a jerk.

we talked on the phone, he appoligized i appoligized, we laughed and he is still my Mr. Wonderful. I love you Snuggle Bug, with or without the Calphlon pot :)

and i just knew this was Bloging Material...