Saturday, March 7, 2009

We're BaAaacK

Ya i am so excited to be posting again :) it seems like forever when really it has been a week but still so much has gone on since my latest post, so for starters this post is all about our trip...

Well Arizona was AmaZiNg, and i mean AmAZinG, the weather was beautiful which we new it would be based on the time of year but i mean it was AmaZINGLY beautiful, not a cloud in the sky, clear blue, super sunny , with the perfect cool breeze at your back. We arrived late friday night and my grandparents picked us up and we drove to their home in Suprize AZ, Suprize is on the West side of the Valley. the next morning we drove all around and visited scottsdale, fountain hills and many other places, it was mainly sight seeing, driving around and looking out the window but we did get to see in fountain hills the famous reallly hiiiiigh fountain that shoots off every hour at the top of the hour... it was neat i will post pictures.

our next day we went hiking in the White Tank Mountains, breath taking, it was a long 8.5 mile hike and my calves were sore well more like screaming for the next 2 days but totally worth it. that night we went to my aunt rocinas home and she worked so hard making a vegetarian meal for us and boy did she pull it off, it was fab! we drove around the west side of the valey that night just to check it out, it was great but boy they have a whole lot of state farm agents and it is a place where alot of retired snow birds live which is great but just not really where we want to live.

on monday Nick had his meetings with the AFE and AFO of State Farm, this was in Tempe. After talking with both of them seperatly and finishing out the rest of our vacation, we both just felt sooo good about the potential of moving there. and Nick is so ready, he is going to be a wonderful Agent and I truly believe it is his time, he has learned so much and has such a drive and heart for what he is doing.

We finished out or vacation by doing just that Vacationing, we road the bikes we shopped, we relaxed, we ate and spent time with family and eachother. and something Amazing happened on this trip, something i didnt think was possible so soon in our marriage but it was like i fell in love all over again with Nick, I say so soon in our marriage because we have been married since October, so still in the "Honeymoon period" acording to others, to me a place where i am head over heals in love with everyhting about him and enjoying life with my best friend, but this trip.... something happened, we were there doing grown up things, i mean HELLO were talking about starting our own business and moving Thousands of miles away from family, but yet we were able to act like children. we goofed off, laughed, played pranks on eachother, relaxed with eachother and just talked about our future with out ANYTHING interupting us, no work, no phone calls, no blogging hehe it was truly an amazing thing. One thing that makes me smile everytime i think about it happened while waiting to speak to the AFE nick and i were sitting in this really classy waiting room where we felt like we couldn't speak loud or laugh or anything so we started txting eachother, yes while we were sitting riiight next to eachother, and i told him that i was hungry and that my stomache was starting to hurt, only i didnt spell stomache i spelled sronache so we called our stomaches sronache's the whole time and it made us laugh :) alll the way home even on our flight where we got back at 1:30 AM!

What an Amazing Vacation it was :)