Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mommy Networks

I have often heard of play groups and such but last night at Yoga I learned of one that sounded very interesting to me, it is called the Holistic Moms network... I have posted a link for it here.

there is a local South Bend chapter and i figure I may as well go check it out, they have monthly meetings, playgroups, book clubs, moms nights out, new mom mentoring, field trips, and e mail loops... It sounds great to me, I want to meet other mommys and little ones and play dates just sound cool haha ...

I will be attending this months meeting which is being held this comming monday the 17th, it is at 7:00, there will be guest speakers on breastfeeding and someone speaking about "baby wearing" - you know those cute little wraps that mommas wear...

I also was introduced to a group called La Leche League of south Bend, they have 2 informal meetings a month, they are a community of mothers helping mothers and they cover everything that has to do with breastfeeding. the meetings are free and open to all women and their children. the meetings are 7 pm every second tuesday at the st joseph medical center or 10AM every third tuesday at the River Park Library branch. here is the link to the south bend group

I wanted to share this info for any other mommas or expectant mothers who are in the south bend area, but these are also national groups so you can still google search them for your area.

20 wks and no "Kick"

I officially measured 20 weeks at the Dr on Tuesday, which was great, i am right on track... I told the Dr. I was really excited to hear her heart beat again because I have yet to feel her move and everything I read says 16- 20 weeks you can start to feel from teh inside and 20 plus weeks you can feel from the outside... I laid on my back and the Dr. got the doplar thing and we heard out little girls heart beat loud and strong... as the Dr lifted up my shirt, she said oop and looked at me and said " i felt her kick, you didnt feel that?!? " umm no... I am pretty sure i just took a breath haha... so here I am at 20 weeks and still havn't felt her move i am just so excited for that first time... I hear all the time its like a butterfly... well i havnt felt that. I havent felt anything other than pressure in some areas ( which i assume that is her) and then a couple twitch things, but thats it... so I am not worried I know she is doing great.. I am just getting anxious to feel it !