Monday, February 15, 2010

Big girl

I can't believe it but it looks like our little girl is getting sooooo big. she is
now 23 and 1/2 inches at 5 weeks, weighing in some where in the 11 lb range! Daddy measured her while she was laying on the changing table and we looked at the measuring tape in shock, how is that possible... just 3 weeks ago she was 21 1/4. she is a growing girl, now who knows if we took the measurements exactly like the do at the pediatricians office, but either way this girl is super long, you can tell just by looking at her how she has grown, we even had to bump up a snap on her gro baby diapers!!! I wondered why she never stretched her legs out much but as soon as you take her diaper off her legs go a dancing... so yesterday while changing her into her Pj's I thought hmm let me just try to bump up a snap and she if the diaper still fits and wow it does, and she was kicking her legs out as straight as they could get, I felt so bad, but instantly felt so good knowing that we fixed it!!

she has even improved her sleep/eating schedule, her typical eating schedule is now consistently every 3 hours. this past week her night feedings have started at 9 pn, she stays awake with daddy out in the living room while mommy goes to sleep till around 11 or 11:30 then she goes to sleep, she sleeps till 4 am waking to eat and then goes back down until 7am something to eat again and then goes back down again until 10am. Last night was her first night sleeping in her play pin the whole night, ( she usually starts out with us in our bed on either my chest or daddies.)

we are so proud of you Jada Bug! you are a growing baby girl.