Monday, September 14, 2009

Daddy's Litte Girl Already

last night Nick and I were in bed around 9:45, we had both just finished reading a little and then decided to cuddle a little bit ( his new favorite thing since the belly has popped) Last night while laying in bed I was feeling her move but I wanst saying anything to him because I was so tired of getting all giddy and saying omigosh did you feel her and him telling me no that you cant feel them from the outside yet yada yada... so last night we were laying there, me on my side and his hand around on my belly and he says " Chels, I havn't said anything becuase this is just so crazy right now but do you feel what she is doing?!!? and at this point I hadn't been feeling strong kicks so i was wondering what he was talking about and then he finishes his sentence and says she has her hand or her foot but i like to think its her hand and she is just pressing up on my hand, and shes rubbing it back and forth... he was so excited, and proceded to tell me this was the most craziest most awesomest moment ever... every once in a while she would give us a push that would be strongly felt but nick said he could feel her just rubbing her hand/foot back and forth on his hand.... before i could even ask he said, chels i am not moving my hand this is too great...

but because she was doing this for so long he moved his hand real fast and let me feel her, and he was right it was so crazy but awesome! so last night was a really close moment for our little family :)