Monday, May 4, 2009


This Saturday was AWESOME!! I had a blast running my first ever mini.
I didn't walk once, and kept on a pushing, and seriously I dont even remember
ever getting a feeling of " how on earth am i going to finish" i just kept running
with a big smilr on my face. I love being around all 45,000 other runners and
listining to all the different bands play at every corner, not to mention the sunchine on my face :)
everyone at work told me its going to rain blah blah blah but i just knew it wasn't
and it truly was a perfect day for my first mini. When i came saw the finish line my body filled with chills, I was so excited!!! I had done it, my first ever mini... and then i started to think,
wait, when i get up there i get to stop running, what is my body going to feel like after it has been running for this long?!!?!? and then i crossed the finish line, and found out.
(come on chels keep on a moving)

and then i grabbed a water and scarfed down a bananna and i knew nick had been finished fo ra long time and that my dad and step mom were all waiting on me, we made plans to meet at the family re union area under the big U for our last name, but when i saw the U it seemed so far away
the thought of sitting down and waiting fo rthem to hunt me down seriously crossed my mind, but i kept on a pushing... then i saw them and i was super excited!!!

this race weekend was great, and i am now convinced that i feel a slight obsessiveness coming on with wanting to run lots of races... there is just know better feeling on completing something and enjoying what God has created.

it was beautiful !