Wednesday, February 11, 2009


yay tomorrow is my hair hair apointment, the one i have been anticipating more than any other hair apointments, why you might ask? well becuase the last time i got my hair done the lady Jacked it all up.... i mean all up, the back was so not like my lady Martina would have done it, but i thought living in Carmel i was bound to find a good stylist so i gave it a shot, well it didnt work out.... soo i have taken My BFF's Kady's advice and contacted a well knows salon in Indianapolis called the Bobby Cooper Salon, there i will have a stylist named Lauren cut on my hair and color me :) i am soo very excited about this, i am so tired of the way my hair is feeling on the back of my kneck, its in that funny stage where its not long with its not short, ya know what i mean?

so my APT. is at 10 AM tomorrow, and i am going to have to go shorter than i have been in the past because the way the last chick cut my hair ( the back mainly) but because the back is going to have to be so short i am going to need to get the front( which i have been growing out forever so its super pointy) will need to be cut shorter as well, so here are some pics that i am hoping my hair will look like tomorrow when i walk out of the salon....