Monday, May 11, 2009

MoviNG on UP

so i got the results from my Progesterone test today and my level was 15.6 YAyyyayay Thank you Jesus so much! the power of prayer was surly shown today when i got the call from the Dr. if you all can remember just a few post's ago my levels were .07 and I was in complete fear and overwhelmed with wondering if i was even going to be able to have children, now I am Pregnant and My levels are great, I am very excited with this, Dr. has ordered that I still start my Progesterone inserts for a month just to be extra safe. So after work I will hopefully be able to pick it up so we can get started with that. but this was just such good news it brought a smile to my face :)

My Mommy

so I am really going to need to learn how to get better at these picture settings on my blog, because these pictures are so much larger in person than they show up on here ( sorry) but I just had to share the photo and fill you all in on my Mr. Wonderful and how he has taken to the news that he is going to be a Mr. Daddy....

as you all know we found out we were pregnant Wednesday evening around 5:30, and then had family come in from Florida thursday in preperation for a cousins wedding on Saturday, When the Mr. and I got off work Thursday we were going  over to Mitch's house ( Mr. Wonderfuls Brother) for a family cook out. when i got home from work that evening to change and head over there, nick presented me with this... 

now if you cant read it, i will type it all out here, in the upper left it says my mommy, lower left it says baby Urankar 5/6/2009 ( the day we found out) and then on the right hand side there is a poem that he wrote... 

My Mommy

My mommy doesn't know me yet, but...
I think my mommy's cool,
My Mommy loves me,
And I love my Mommy,
My Mommy's so pretty,
My mommy Loves my Daddy,
My Mommy makes me happy,
My mommy talks to me, 
My Mommy feeds me,
My Mommy can not wait to see me,
Soon I will have a Mommy and a Daddy
That Love me,
But most of all, 
I cannot wait to SEE 
My Mommy!!!

needless to say the tears came a flowing, I feel so blessed to have a husband like him as we start our journey to becoming parents. He truly is a one of a kind.