Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 1

here we are it's september 1st, this marks day 1 of the 60 day challenge.  the before pictures and measurements have been taken and were off.....I decided to do a mix of the paleo and the zone for now and see how that works, if it gets crazy hard doing the math and measuring  then I will just stick with the paleo but I want to give it a try for at least a couple of days and see if I can intertwine the two.  I will be going to the gym later this evening and hope to get a good run in before it gets to be some crazy 90 degrees outside.

last night I gave away my coffee creamer, block of cheese, yogurt and the ever so loved vino... now that is some serious business when a girl gives that stuff up, but I have to be serious, there are 12 people signed up which = $300 big ones for the winner...

and boy do I want that to be me :)