Thursday, April 8, 2010

my Baby is growing up

It's hard to believe in just four more days our little girl will be three months old! she amazes me every day and it is a true joy to be her momma. Lately here in the Midwest it has been pretty Rainy ( April showers bring may flowers.... and allergies) so we have been staying in the house and having PJ days, in doing so I have been able to really pay attention to what Jada's routine truly is... although some of you out there may be reading this are thinking "your child is about to be three months old and you just now are learning her routine" and well my answer to that is yes... I mean she has always been an easy baby and takes her naps and is a good eater but I just never kept track of when she was doing those things, she was just doing them and there wasn't a problem, but since we have been home the last three days I have paid attention and kept track to when she does these things and oh my word do we have a TEXT BOOK BABY!

she does everything on the clock. she is amazing. I figured I would post what her schedule is well... just so I can look back one day and see where she was @ 3 months so here goes.

7 - wakes/EAT
play time
8:20 NAP
9:40 EAT
play time
10:20 NAP
1:10 EAT
play time
2:15 NAP
3:10 EAT
play time
4:30 NAP
5:45 EAT
play time
7:00 Bath
8:00 Eat
9:00 BED

granted the minutes aren't to a T everyday but she has been within those hours the past three days. I must admit it feels great to know that I am doing what she wants, when I lay her down for a nap I play her little nature sounds and she looks at me and smiles I giver her a kiss on her forehead and tell her to enjoy her nappy and then I exit stage left :) she doesn't even fuss .. I go back in 15 to 20 minutes after she is asleep and I turn of her nature sounds. now knowing what her routine is I will be able to better gage her when we are our running errands, for instance we go visit my grandparents a lot and now I will know when to lay her down for naps while we are there instead of holding her ( i know understand why she would fuss after a while of being there)

oh and PS: my work outs have been going great, and fit perfectly in her routine, so by the time I finish my work out she is just waking up to greet me with her morning smiles!

Your momma loves you Buggy!