Monday, March 29, 2010

the Happenings & what Nots

*yes I have been away from the blog now for 10 days, and these 10 days have actually been flying by and I just haven't made the time to sit down and write about what has been going on with us. but I have great news WE PURCHASED A HOME!!! we will be closing on June 1st. We were about to find a beautiful house in a historic neighborhood with a fenced in back yard and a front porch. I am so excited about home ownership! I will finally be able to decorate and hang things on walls and know that they can hang there for as long as we like, with no end date in sight of when we have to move out. I have been moving every single year and sometimes twice with in one year since I graduated high school in 2004, well it will finally be 2010 when I move into the house my family will call home and we will share many memories in this home!!!! I am sooo looking forward to the remodeling of the kitchen, ahh to design my own kitchen, kasjdfkadsj I am just so excited about it!

* in preparation of moving out of the current house we have been renting Nick painted back all the rooms to the colors that they were when we moved in ( per the homeowners request) I guess my colors were to decoration specific!? so Jada and I packed up and moved out for the weekend and stayed over at Grandma Nora's house so we weren't breathing in any paint fumes and daddy would come over once he was finished painting for that day. so now that the house is back to the colors it was when we moved in come June 1st all we have to do is carry all of our belongings out, sweep the floors and we are OUTA HERE!

*In Jada's world she is babbling all the time now, she has discovered her vocal cords and makes the cutes little sounds. she is growing so fast, she is no longer an infant she is a baby!! I just love all of her little faces she makes when she hears different noises. We have been attending church with her the past few weeks and it is so nice to have that back in our sundays! Jada sits with us and sleeps the whole time, although our church has a very great children's ministry, I just cant break away from her yet. she had her first laugh a few days ago and has since been trying to have the laugh come out but she is coughing instead which is very funny and cute at the same time, she will figure it out one day I am sure... boy if not can you see her every time she wants to laugh she coughs instead hahaa that would be quite a site.

well thats what we have been up to ... I will get back to better blogging I Promise!

A morning conversation with her Daddy

Friday, March 19, 2010

historic homes

well we have been looking at houses on the internet now for a while and today we are headed to tour some homes in an old historic area today.  We are pretty excited and hope to find a few that we are interested in. Yes that is right I said historic, I am pretty into artsy fartsy unique  stuff and I think it would be really awesome to have an Older home and then gut out the inside into todays modern style.  I figure the older homes have the good solid sound structure which will hold up with the remodeling on the inside, and we can make the house a home this way and it will be unique to our style.

It is very important that we get a home that is priced right that way we are able to afford the remodel job, because it would just not be a pretty sight if I had to live with checkered green and white floors in the kitchen with yellow cabinets, Im just saying...

Nick and I have never gut a home other than when we went to New Orleans to help with samaritans purse disaster relief, but lets be honest, it was easy to gut those homes because we didn't have to fix anything, we just ripped out floors and wally and stripped the house to the studs, but we have hope, and well Grandpa who is ever so skilled, but I must say Nick and I are up to the challenge, we want to do this ourselves with well a lot of  supervision.... I think the project will be fun and Lowes will become my new BFF!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

the Search continues

I mentioned we were going to meet with the realtor on the house I so dearly loved to ask more questions, and then put in an offer.  This appointment was set for 4:00 yesterday afternoon, at 2:00 I got a phone call from our realtor stating that another couple put an offer in on the house and that we would have till 7:00 PM to place an offer in, she also told us that the other couple who had already placed an offer in, that her realtor was going to call them back to let them know that we to were placing an offer ( giving them a chance to up their bid) well my friends, We lost the bid, but it's ok, after walking through the house again, it was a bit small and we noticed that all of the vents in the house had no duct work, meaning that the heat/air conditioning would have to heat or cool the crawl space which is all thats under the house and then it is pressurized gravity fed through the rest of the house.... so these were some things we learned during our last walk through that we would have replaced once moved in, also a new water softener.. so we went in with what we felt was the best we could offer for that house based on what that house could offer us and we lost, so although I loved the new HGTV touch and cute charm that house had our search must go on....

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What's been going on

So much is going on with the Urankar family, I have neglected my blog, my apologies.  but now I am back and here to tell you a bit of what has been going on.

as many of you know we have been renting a house for a while and our lease is up at the end of July, so we have been talking about where we will be moving next.. renting, buying, moving to another city? so this is one subject matter....

another topic we have been tossing around is me staying home with out little buggy.  There is nothing more that i would love to be able to do than be a stay at home mommy, so we have been looking at our budget and tossing out other ideas to bring in a higher income in order for me to be home.

so tying those things together, my mr hubby man finally took his certification exam with ISSA and he passed! which means he is now a certified personal trainer which =  great possibility for extra income. what he want's to do is market himself to small businesses  and offer a free consultation and then a great group rate for personal training, that way he is able to set his own hours, which would work nicely with the job he currently is working because he is off by 5:00 every day and has the weekends open.

now we also have begun our search for a home....

and we found one

thats right
it was the second house we looked at
it was like when I found my wedding dress, I was so ready to purchase, I didn't need to try any more dresses on, I was sold. and that is exactly how I feel about this home!!!

we will be going through the house again this evening and sitting down with the realtor because we have more questions that we would like answered and then if everything sounds good from there we are ready to put in an offer!!!!

I am just so excited and smiling ear to ear, I couldn't seep last night as I was arranging our furniture around in my head of that beautiful house I want so badly to call home!

so stay tuned I will post something later about how our meeting goes with the realtor... so many exciting things going on!!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Two Months

well miss Jada another month has flown by and you are now two months old! You are doing lots of new cute things and mommy and daddy are still staring at you all the time.  here is what you have been up to this last month.

* you weigh 12 lbs 10 oz and are 23 1/2 inches long!

*You met your Nanna for the first time- you brought a smile to her face every morning.

* you enjoy floor time, you love to lay on your back and just kick around,you are always moving, even Nanna commented during her visit that you remind her of daddy the way you are always so active.
 we also give you tummy time but you don't care all that much for it, however you hold your head up so well while you are on your tummy.  we have floor time about 5 times a day at least for about 20 minutes each.

* when I am nursing you you do this super cute thing when you fumble with your hands and then you clasp them together. it makes my heart melt every time. You are eating about ever 2 and a half to 3 hours still, with the past few days leaning much closer to the 3 hour mark.

* you still love your baths only now you are a moving and a kicking all over the place, daddy thinks pretty soon you will have outgrown your tub!

* we tried you in a bouncy seat that hangs from the door frame today at grandmas and you loved it, and can you believe you were sitting in the exact same seat that mommy sat in 24 years ago? - now your still to little to bounce but you held your head up like a big girl and smiled the whole time and mommy bounced it a little for you.

* your smiling all the time and making the cutest coo sounds, and when your laying on your changing table and I make a click click sound with my  mouth and you smily and stare and try to imitate what i am doing, it is the cutes thing in the world, and yes mommy shows that trick off to everyone!  your even starting to have facial expressions, you lift your eyebrows a lot when someone is talking to you.

* your a little drool bubble now too, when I am holding you ( face out- it's your absolute favorite) and I am walking around the house every now and again I will hear a splat on the floor and I look down only to find drool, sometimes you even have little bubbles of it on the corners of your mouth, your just so darn cute!

* now that the weather is much nicer we go on walks together just about every day through the neighborhood. you always enjoy them, you stay awake for 1/2 the time and the other 1/2 you are asleep

* you follow us across the room now so well, even when you are sitting in your swing which is moving at the same time, you are able to follow us.

* your sleeping has been AH MAZING! both naps and nighttime.  actually last night you slept from 10:45 to 6:00 Am I nursed you and you went back down till 7:15 then you woke up to play for about an hour and then I put you in your swing and you fell fast asleep, and are still asleep ( it's been just over 2 hours already)  You are sleeping in your pack and play still in mommy and daddies room, because I still wake to change your diaper and feed you during the night, however if you have many more nights where you sleep through the night then we may move you to your crib!

* you still love the moby wrap, but now I don't ware it to have you take naps, you just enjoy being in it while we do household chores :)

* no noise bothers you, actually I think noise puts you to sleep, for instance the sweeper, the hair dryer, loud crowds of people, you just conk out at the sound if your tired.

 * your hair is fuller on one side and mommy is not too sure what to do with it, so sometimes we do a side sweep, and sometimes we still brush it forward, however you don"t have a bald spot so thats good. I still love to have you wear the big flower bows your so stink-in cute in them and I actually think you like them too.

* you now enjoy your swing and nature noise on your pack N play. I think pretty soon hear you will like to look up at your play mat and maybe hold on to a little rattle....

* you are now wearing NO SNAP on your diaper, that means that the size the diapers are now are the size the diapers will be till you are potty trained.

* you are wearing size 3-6 month clothing but really much of that has to do with your cloth diaper because I have noticed when we travel and I use the biodegradable inserts instead of the cloth your pants get so much longer and look pretty baggy. I bought you your first pair of jeans this month from the gap size 3-6 months but they are still too big, so it will be another few weeks till they will fit.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

To the Man I Love

This is the man I love, he is my best friend, my Husband and the best daddy to our little girl. Not a day goes by that I am not thankful for the man that God put in my life. here are a few pictures of our beginning to now, I will love you Forever and Always.

yes, these were the days when I has a slight obsession with the tanning bed and well junk food :/ hey I was a sophomore in college.

yes i know, still tanning, but hey I was running at this point and dropped 30 lbs thanks to my Mr wonderful becoming my trainer. - we look like little kids :)

The day we said we will spend forever and ever together.

Honey moon, Jamaica

Bun in the Oven

When we became three

When my heart became Mush

you are a wonderful husband and an amazing Daddy, Thank you for being who you are, you mean the world to me and I am forever grateful to call you my husband.

Nanna's Coming to town

We are so excited for this weekend here at the Urankar household, why you might ask? well because Jada Gets to meet her Nanna for the very fist time!! Nicks mom lives in Florida and has only seen pictures of her first grand- baby but come tomorrow at 11:00 she will get to see her in person and kiss and squeeze her cute little cheeks!! I must admit I am really looking forward to seeing the look on her face when they meet for the fist time! Tracey will be in town from Friday to Tuesday and I am really hoping for some sunny weather so we can do lots of walks in the neighborhood with Jada bug.

We are also excited because Uncle Mitch and Sam will be coming in town tomorrow night as well, and then nicks Aunt and cousins will be coming to meet miss Jada on Sunday so it looks like an eventful weekend. but Mommy will be sure to keep Jada on her schedule because I am sure that just as fast as she got on schedule she can just as quickly get off and we won't be having any of that thank you very much.

although we will be having lots of fun here this weekend, my Hubby will be out of town competing in the CrossFit games at the Arnold classic. The competition starts of Sunday however he is leaving Saturday morning to go to the Arnold Classic events. I am so excited for him, he has been training very hard and although he has only been training for two months for this competition specifically, he has always been in shape so I am sure he will do great, and I really hope he gets to move on because I really would love to see him compete, but it just didn't work out this weekend as we have the family coming, so if he makes the cut which is the top 30 then he will move on to the next phase which will have a competition in another two months and you can bet Jada and I will be there, this time we will just have to be rooting him on from home. My dad is going along with him for this trip along with 6 of his other buddies, so I am sure he will have more than enough screams from his gang that is going along. but we wish him the best of Luck!

now.. I just need to get to the grocery store and get the guest room ready for our action packed weekend!