Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nanna's Coming to town

We are so excited for this weekend here at the Urankar household, why you might ask? well because Jada Gets to meet her Nanna for the very fist time!! Nicks mom lives in Florida and has only seen pictures of her first grand- baby but come tomorrow at 11:00 she will get to see her in person and kiss and squeeze her cute little cheeks!! I must admit I am really looking forward to seeing the look on her face when they meet for the fist time! Tracey will be in town from Friday to Tuesday and I am really hoping for some sunny weather so we can do lots of walks in the neighborhood with Jada bug.

We are also excited because Uncle Mitch and Sam will be coming in town tomorrow night as well, and then nicks Aunt and cousins will be coming to meet miss Jada on Sunday so it looks like an eventful weekend. but Mommy will be sure to keep Jada on her schedule because I am sure that just as fast as she got on schedule she can just as quickly get off and we won't be having any of that thank you very much.

although we will be having lots of fun here this weekend, my Hubby will be out of town competing in the CrossFit games at the Arnold classic. The competition starts of Sunday however he is leaving Saturday morning to go to the Arnold Classic events. I am so excited for him, he has been training very hard and although he has only been training for two months for this competition specifically, he has always been in shape so I am sure he will do great, and I really hope he gets to move on because I really would love to see him compete, but it just didn't work out this weekend as we have the family coming, so if he makes the cut which is the top 30 then he will move on to the next phase which will have a competition in another two months and you can bet Jada and I will be there, this time we will just have to be rooting him on from home. My dad is going along with him for this trip along with 6 of his other buddies, so I am sure he will have more than enough screams from his gang that is going along. but we wish him the best of Luck!

now.. I just need to get to the grocery store and get the guest room ready for our action packed weekend!


Stephanie said...

My hubby and I took the day off tomorrow to go to the arnold, this will be our 3rd year going, we love it!

Noel said...

I saw this on Facebook and it made me think of your blog, since you call your little girl Jada bug :)