Thursday, March 4, 2010

To the Man I Love

This is the man I love, he is my best friend, my Husband and the best daddy to our little girl. Not a day goes by that I am not thankful for the man that God put in my life. here are a few pictures of our beginning to now, I will love you Forever and Always.

yes, these were the days when I has a slight obsession with the tanning bed and well junk food :/ hey I was a sophomore in college.

yes i know, still tanning, but hey I was running at this point and dropped 30 lbs thanks to my Mr wonderful becoming my trainer. - we look like little kids :)

The day we said we will spend forever and ever together.

Honey moon, Jamaica

Bun in the Oven

When we became three

When my heart became Mush

you are a wonderful husband and an amazing Daddy, Thank you for being who you are, you mean the world to me and I am forever grateful to call you my husband.

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Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing, the pics were so sweet!