Monday, September 28, 2009

Work Shmerk

today is my last full day at work before vacation!! and I couldn't be more excited about it, tomorrow I come in to open at 8:30 but will be leaving at 12:30 ( saved my hard earned 1/2 day pass for this day.) I figured this would be a great time to get things together before we leave town on Wednesday!!

On wednesday the Mr. still has to go into work but we believe he will be able to get out a little earlier, not only is Wednesday exciting for us because of our Vacation but because we have an ultra sound apt at 10:30 and we will get to see our little Peanut at 27 weeks! I can't wait to see her again, as she will be much bigger than when we last saw her at 18 weeks. after this apt I will be heading on over to the salon for my hair apt to get a fresh cut and highlight along with a nice pedicure! couldnt be more of a treat before we get in the car to head for our first stop in good ol College stomping grounds in Terre Haute.

We will be going by the jewlers to pick up my anniversary band !!! even though our anniversary will be on Saturday we are picking this up early because we will be in town on our way to Florida!! we also are looking forward to eating at our old fav resturant Sushi Umi with our friends Ben and Kesiah, they were also nice enough to be letting us stay at their place that night so that we can leave early early in Thursday morning to head to Florida.

so i am super excited about my time away from work and looking forward to a great vacation!! for our drive we picked up lots and lots of movies from my dads last night and I will be bringing my labtop to watch them on, this will be my first long road trip since high school but i am really looking forward to it, lets just hope we dont have to stop ever 3.4 miles for me to pee....

Thursday, September 24, 2009

the Return of Greys

tonight at 8PM on ABC Greys Anatomy season opener is tonight, words can't express my feelings towards this show. I really enjoy biggest loser, but I Love me some Greys. I cant remember the Thursday nights of watching Greys in college Lauren and I would usually watch the show and share a bottle of yummy wine... it was the best night in the whole week. Well this season I will not be doing any wine drinking but Lauren has promised that she would not either, atleast for this first episode. hah I love her, any how now you know I will be watching this tonight at 8 and I suggest you all do too... there is just so much susspense I mean does Izzy die? was that really George who was draged by the bus or will it be some other man?!?! I just have to have these answers, and with no DVR i will be sitting in front of the TV glued, no phone calls taken during this time however I will respond to txt msg's :)

hope you all will be joining me for the Love of Greys!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Love for Old Navy

so I really wanted to make a post about my love for old navy and their online customer service. I wanted to do this becuase I never get the call to take the customer service questionair thing. but seriously Ladies... Old navy is the GREATEST... let me tell you why.

a couple weeks ago i purchased 289.00 worth of maternity clothes not knowing if i would really like many of them i figured it was best to order a lot of different things knowing i could always return the things i didnt care for, well i recieved my shipment and fell in love with 7 of the 11 items and figured i would just return the others on my next day off.

well while i was at work i hopped on over to old navys web site and noticed that everything i had bought just a few short days ago was now all 40 % off... my palms started to sweat ( you know you always start to think the worst) so there i was sitting at work with sweaty hands thinking man thats a good amt of money I could have saved and we all know, us Urankar's love to save... so i picked up the phone nervous to call because I really wanted my money back and the nice lady of the other end says well sure thing I willl credit your card the 40% off, great I thought and then i noticed they were also having a free shipping special so i mentioned to her that on my order i placed i also paid for shipping... so she said well i will credit you that too, i thought awesome with all this money i am saving instead of returning one of the pairs of jeans i was going to retun i will just re order them with this nice lady on the phone and get the correct size... becuase i was still able to save money all while keeping an extra item :)

I i got a 66 dollar credit for the 40 % off difference and then i went to the old navy on the south side to return those 4 items that didnt work for me and was returned the other 60 that was paid for them...

and then ladies TODAY, yes TODAY i got online and noticed that they are having an extra 20% off your orders if you spend more than $100 and being that my order after all the credits was like 162 or something I decided to call and see what they would say ... and you know what... SHE ISSUED ME THE CREDIT!!! so i recieved another 32.00 back... how awesome is this.... and because of this there was this super cute ( good night nora) colored velour pant and jacket suit that I really wanted for our car travels to Florida comming up but i didnt want to spend any more money... well again because i was getting credited this amt for the 20 % back off my order, it actually PAID for my outfit!!! and again, they normally charge for shipping and they are not having the free shipping special currrently but she said she would waive the shipping for me, so i literally owe nothing more and ended up with a whole new outfit!!!

so this sale ends THURSDAY so please hurry over to and purchase stuff!!! have fun with it is all 40 % off plus and extra 20% off if you spend more than 100...

happy shopping and I hope you love them as much as i do :)

5.15 Am Scream

Early this morning when it was still very dark outside I woke up Shouting and grabbing my calf, ouch ah owey ahhh Nick... nick uhh ahhh ehhhh my leg my leg, Its cramping it hurts so bad, Omg what do i do... i am in pain...

this was the first ever leg cramp I have experienced, and it was so bad it woke me out of my deep sleep... I am talking I remember dreaming and then AHHHGHG someone help...

is this what labor will be like? I couldnt help but think that when this pain that i have never experienced took over my body and all i could do was roll around and squirm and grab at my leg hardly breathing begging nick to tell me what to do..

One can only hope not, Nick recomended that I stand up and get blood to it that I needed to drink some water and get my leg to the lowest part of my body for good blood flow, once i did it went away, however it left my leg tingling from right under my behind all the way down to my foot, Nick said it will feel like this for a while ( guess he knows leg cramps being a football player) but any who, ya its still got that tingly numb feeling....

but if this is like labor I also thougth to myself, I got through it, so if that will be the pain of a contraction just in another area i just have to keep telling myself I can get though it...

So it was a crazy Am today at 5:15 and I really hope to not have too many more of them but I have read that they are very common during pregnancy so we will have to see.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Pregnancy Sneeze

Ladies, please tell me you know what I am talking about here...

now while it is true I have fall allergies that most often leads me to sneeze several times throughout the day, I have Never ever had this PAIN when sneezing like I do now.

seriously what is with it? I get so scared everytime I feel the sneeze comming on that I grab my belly and hold on for dear life, so far this has helped a little bit but today while driving I felt a sneeze comming on... oh no what to do right? I know ... because I was driving i couldnt just take my hands off the wheele and grab the belly soo I did nothing and just sneezed

OMGoodness..... the pain... it shot through my toes... what is this?!?!!? according to google it is the ligaments tightning because they are so lose during pregnancy.... and its not just a pian that lasts for 2.2 seconds its seriously like a minute or longer and you have to stretch and rub it out... its a little crazy...

but hey alteleast I am not sneezing and peeing on myself like google also tells me is common duing pregnancy....

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mommy situations

Yesterday was my day off so my Grandma and I hit the town and went to what felt like a million different stores with the last one being the grocery... I picked up my food and took grandma home, on the way home I looked in my rear view mirror back at the huge box that was my little girls stroller and car seat :) and I began thinking about how exciting this whole process is and how i cant wait to one day look in that mirror and catch a glance at her :)

I was nearing home thinking about all that I had to Haul into the house, old navy bag, groceries, laundry detergent, a library book, and that big Ol box with the stroller in it. I opened up the garage and went into the house, Sparty ( our dog) was there to great me. I did the usual "hiii sparty "and set a few of my bags on the counter and let him out the side patio door, i went back out to the car to bring in more bags and then noticed he was still standing on the back patio which the first thought that came to my mind was.... why isnt he going pee?!?!? if that boy Peed in the house..... so I went into the living room and everything was clear but then i noticed the door to our bedroom was opened.... this is un usual... I imediatly get that hot stomach feeling and walk in as see pee on the floor and our covers on our bed all un done in a perfect little sparty body ball.... I was so ticked!!!!

I went out to tell him what a bad dog he was, and he knew he had messed up, I then came back in to blot up the pee and then treat it with this special carpet cleaner we have and sucked it all up with our AWESOME carpet cleaner my mother in law bought us for our wedding... it came right up ( yay) but I still treated it a second time... wanting to be sure there is no sign of that smell or stain ANYWEHRE !!

but not only do you have to clean the spot, you then have to dump the water from the carpet cleaner and then clean it out and then put it back.... I then realized i still had all the groceries to bring in and put away and that i had already used 25 minutes taking care of the sparty mess and making out bed again....

it was in this moment, that I thought.... what am I going to do in just a few short months when instead of it just being me that walks through the door it could be myself, and our little girl just arriving back from the grocery store.. who would i do in this situation? who would i attend to first?

the pee spot?

the crying child who needs fed?

the dog who is running crazy outside?

bringing in the frozen and refridgerated products in from the car?!?!?

whats a mom to do?

all I have to Say is Sparty better be a good boy!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Daddy's Litte Girl Already

last night Nick and I were in bed around 9:45, we had both just finished reading a little and then decided to cuddle a little bit ( his new favorite thing since the belly has popped) Last night while laying in bed I was feeling her move but I wanst saying anything to him because I was so tired of getting all giddy and saying omigosh did you feel her and him telling me no that you cant feel them from the outside yet yada yada... so last night we were laying there, me on my side and his hand around on my belly and he says " Chels, I havn't said anything becuase this is just so crazy right now but do you feel what she is doing?!!? and at this point I hadn't been feeling strong kicks so i was wondering what he was talking about and then he finishes his sentence and says she has her hand or her foot but i like to think its her hand and she is just pressing up on my hand, and shes rubbing it back and forth... he was so excited, and proceded to tell me this was the most craziest most awesomest moment ever... every once in a while she would give us a push that would be strongly felt but nick said he could feel her just rubbing her hand/foot back and forth on his hand.... before i could even ask he said, chels i am not moving my hand this is too great...

but because she was doing this for so long he moved his hand real fast and let me feel her, and he was right it was so crazy but awesome! so last night was a really close moment for our little family :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

five days

so I realize today that it has been 5 days since I last posted, but really not too much has gone on i feel like... so I havn't had too many thoughts to blog about, so in a lame means to post I started to think about things I could update on here, and well one exciting thing is that Jada's Crib bedding has been ordered!!! her Grandma ordered it last week and it should be comming here this month, once we recieve that we will be able to pick out paint colors and then start on her room!!! i am so excited to start that project, right now i just have her room door closed but walk in there every now and again and strum through her little outfits that are just hanging in her closet ( waiting to be washed until we get the ever so great smelling Dreft ) and look at her cute little pink table that we have already purchased that is sitting in the corner near the window of her room.. so it seems that things are really starting to get rolling, we have registered at babies R us for our first shower in Florida, ordered the crib and should be getting that this month and the changer table/ dresser shoudl be comming in Novemeber.... with all this happeneing it sure is becomming real that we will have a little girl in our lives one day soon :) that and with my ever so growing belly... 24 weeks today.

so with all that being said I guess we have been kinda busy. life is exciting .

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

are women born like this?

Daddy is so excited.... this could be our little girl one day, oh the joys of having a baby girl :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Petunia day!!

so Orange Tree is having a Wonderful sale today for the Holiday... 20% off everything in the store .. woo hoo so if you are in the area you should def, swing by!! i took advantage of this day and purchased our Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag and baby sling, I was going to register for these items but i figured who cam pass up a 20% off sale... and the Hubby agreed so yippie!!! I can hardly wait to fill the bag with goodies and hold my little baby girl in her sling :) but wait... we still have til January 1st, but i am enjoying where we are at now, i am feeling her move around several times through out the day now i keep placing nicks hand where i feel her but he swears I am only feeingl her on the inside right now but by having my hand there i am able to recognize that she is moving... so we will wait again for her to grow super strong and start giving me some Py Yow kicks so dady can feel her more often :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

FaLl is Near..

Fall is my Favorite time of year... i Love Love Love fall... I love everything about it...but here are a few of my favorites!!!

I love the crisp air

Sleeping with the windows open

hearing the crisp leaves blow across the street

football ( not the actual game, but the festivities that it brings :)

warm Apple Cider

Carmel apples

wearing comfy sweatshirts

Oh and the Lovely Lovely Fall Fragrances ( Pumpkin, one of my all time fav's)

feeling the warmth of the sun on your back or face but never getting too hot

going on walks outside in the mornings watching the leaves turn colors....

So now that it is September I am so excited that these things are near, we started the day off right today by cleaning house with windows open, picked up my fav pumpkin patch candle from bath and body works and my new fav Leaves scented wallflowers and planted them all over the house... later this afternoon nick had a soccer game so i got to enjoy being outdoors and then came home to make dinner. after dinner we snuggled up on the sofa under a warm blanket, lit the pumpkin candle and snuggled as we watch some Tv... this was a perfect fall sunday :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

worth Celebrating

today marks 23 weeks of the Pregnancy and 11 months of being married! Fridays are now my favorite days of the week and no its not becuase I have a job that allows me to look forward to having weekends off, but its becuase each friday my Oven ticker is one week close to meeting our little girl! as I also mentioned today we have been married for 11 months, thats right this time next month we will be celebrating our 1st year of being married!!!! oh so exciting.

for the pregnancy: I am not feeling the symptoms that my friday emails informed me i would be feeling, they say that my feet may be getting swollen and I will need new shoes... so far so good... but my belly sure is getting swollen! i need new clothes bad! and there is really no where to get them here in the south bend area... you have motherhood... target... old navy.. and kholes... but motherhood seems so non flattering and target has super cute tops but no Jeans and old navy is alll the way on the south side and by the time you get there they have like 4 items... so I think i will resort to shopping online and just hopping that something fits!! yesterday I went to target and picked up 4 short sleve and 2 long sleve tops that are just basic, grey, white, black and purple but i loved them, they are practicle and simple. Like me :)

but i just have to get some pants! asap! so maybe this weekend we will travel over to the old navy and see what they have but other then that i am serious about going online... if any of you have any other tips please send them my way :)

as for other celebrations this weekend we have lots of them.... Saturday is the 1st Nd foofball game so Nick and I will be walking through the campus sipping on good ol hot chocolate and then comming home to get ready for mr Coltons 1st birthday party!!! then we also have a memorial day cook out to attend for one of nicks clients, should be fun but saturday sounds like it will be full of fun stuff! then sunday we have to just do whatever we want... so I am looking forward to starting me weekend today at 6 Pm when I get to punch out of work. yes this will be worth Celebrating!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

the Urankar's Tour Memorial.....

So here I was, standing at memorial Hospital filling out my paper work, you know... the important paper work, the kind that states all your patient/ insurance information,what Dr you see ect, ect....  the hospital likes to have this in case you go into labor earlier than your due date, or if  you come in with some sort of emergency. Yes that is me.. Do i look nervous? i will admit I wasn't planning on filling out the "for real " paper work, hey after all I just thought Nick and I signed up for a free tour of the birthing suits, to my surprise... we were going to get a little more than that.... 

Other couples started to file in the waiting room of the hummingbird floor as we awaited the nurses presence to kick of this Rocking Tour... I thought this would be great for nick to learn where to park, what door to walk in and where to check in ( you know just incase I am not able to mouth all that info b/c i may be breathing through a contraction) If I had to guess there were probable 13 other couples there on the tour with us, the tour began and nick and I grabbed each others hands and walked through the double doors... First stop the check in desk. we learned this is where you will come in and tell them what is going on, they will pull your 
( important paper work AKA: the kind i just filled out ) 

Next stop Walking through the double doors into "triage" this is where they will check to see where you are at in the laboring process... they want to see Cervical Change at this point before they will admit you into the "birthing suit" so while you are in the Triage room they will check to see where you are at and then come up with a plan for you, for some it may be to go walk the hospital halls for 45 minutes and then be checked again, for others they will send you home and for some they will be admitted right away to the Birthing Suite... we learned that you will always always go to triage first before entering a birthing suite unless you have a scheduled inducement appointment or a scheduled C- section.

this room was nothing pretty... I mean it has your small hospital bed and the computer equipment that reads your little one, but I remember looking around like, yeah this isn't a room I would hope to be in for long, I hope to be the one who checks in at the front desk ready to go, check into triage, spread the legs, and get the golden ticket to the Birthing suit... yes that would be nice... 

So we are in this room and I realize, I was getting shortness of breath, I was thinking to myself, Chels your just standing here, yes shortness of breath is common at this stage of pregnancy, but your just standing... then i second guessed myself, maybe I 'am not short of breath... I just was , you know taking it all in?!?! 

Next stop, Down the hall to see the "golden ticket room" the Birthing Suits.. they were nice, you get this bed with this cut out circle thingy on the ceiling that looks like a huge spot light.... you know because mother and baby are going to be center stage of this process. We all piled into the room and nick and I took our spot on the wall leaning in the door way of the bathroom that is hooked up to the suite, I was very interested in peeking in to see the "birthing tub" because i love the idea of laboring in the tub.. haven't completely decided if I will deliver in the tub, all depends of how i am feeling at the time, but I know at some point we will be in there.. it looked big enough.... looked like i would need some flower pedals and maybe some candles to make it more you know "homey" but it looked pretty good... it even had jets... I was looking at the tub and then snapped myself out of it " chelssiw, you are on a tour and this woman is speaking to the group about what goes on in this room, pay attention" I return my gaze to the nurse speaking and hear her talk about the skin to skin contact... 

this is where baby is born and laid right on mommas chest for as long as momma wants while she is in the birthing suite, apparently you are only in the room for up to 3 hours while momma gets rid of placenta and everything gets "right" with mom again... Dad's can even take part in this process. they can strip their shirt off and lay baby of their chest as well... we were told that they don't need to go under the light because baby will be warmed by our skin contact... my heart melted.. I looked over at the bed again and just pictured Nick and I laying in bed next to each other with our naked little girl on our chest.... aww so sweet... 
again... Chels ok, the nurse again. she is talking... telling you other important info.... 

I noticed I was having a hard time hearing her and the shortness of breath was happening again.. ( what is going on Chels, snap out of it) and then I felt as though I was leaning.... nick Looked at me and smiled, and I wispered to him... I can't hear her... my feet are tingling... I am so sweaty.... ( i started to panic... what is going on?!?!?!?! ) I took off my jaket and handed nick my purse... i needed all the extra weight off of me... what was going on? my vision started getting very blurred, I am now leaning on my husband and telling him, this is it i think i am going to pass out. I am very dizzy.... 

ok seriously... this is not a joke.... no i was not freaked out about labor or what we were doing there.. i was extremely excited.... so what was going on, i got scared because this was not normal for me ever weather prego or not... but now i was carrying a baby, our little baby, our little girl Jada.... I had to be ok, i can't pass out, if i do,does she still get oxygen.. all of this was going on in my head ( this was like a 2 1/2 minute span.) I thought SAY something!!! say something, there is a nurse standing in front of you although you cant see her or hear her she is there... you know she is there.... but there are 13 other couples... and this is weird... people will just think I was freaked out or something... so mothers intuition kicked in and i walked backwards into the bathroom i was leaning on and went to the sink... 

I quickly turned on the cold water and crabbed my hair off my neck.. which was now covered in sweat, i wiped cold water on my face and was amazed by all the beads of sweat.. and went straight in and started inhaling the cold water... 

I remember thinking how am i drinking this much for this long with out having to take a break, and while i was doing this my vision started to come in cleared I lifted up my head to look at myself in the mirror and I was starting to see myself again... I stuck my head in the sink a little while longer and continued drinking... 

Nick peeks his head in to see if i was ok, but did it in such a good way that no one else would have thought anything was wrong... I walked out to him and told him i thougth I was feeling a better, but that was so scary the thought of dying was in my mind... I was really scared... 

the tour had one more stop in the room where you go if you will get prepped for the c section and that was it for the tour... 

Nick and I were talking about what we should do, we were both nervous and scared for what just happened... and wanted answers, and what a better place than being in a hospital... the tour ended at the front desk... the lady who was there when we arrived was still there... she said well what did you think... this is when we told her what happened while i was in the tour and we all thought it would be best for me to be checked out.. 

my face was very splotchy at this point and my face felt on fire but my back and arms were very cold... the check in lady grabbed my "important paper work... you know the kind i just filled out 20 minutes ago...... 

and walked me back to TRIAGE room 5... you know the one where the shortness of breath started, only this time it was just nick and I and I was now in a gown.
now these pictures were taken after the nurse  came in and checked out Baby girls heart beat which was going strong in her 140's, checked my blood pressure 116 over 60 and my pulse was 62... urine test showed all normal numbers  so i was feeling much better knowing she was ok.... oh did I mention yet the nurse that came in the room to see me was the same that gave us the tour... her first words to us when she came into our room were  " I thought it would be you" I said what, why.. she said because your face was verrrry pale, I was going to say something to you during the tour because  it caught my attention, your color just disappeared from your face.. 
after the nurse checked us she said we had to wait for the attendant to come review my numbers and then she would contact my midwife and it would be up to her if I get watched or get sent home.. mind you know i was feeling much better, back to my normal 100%. the attendant came in about an hour later and said that she thinks if my blood would have been drawn at the time I was going though those symptoms she thinks my Blood sugar would have been very low and that i was probably a little dehydrated which is why my body told me to get cold water and i was able to drink for so long..  

we all agreed that I would be fine to go home and just keep snack in my purse and an extra water bottle, because baby is getting bigger now. 1lb and is going to require more than before, Nick and I both felt so much better having been checked out, i cant tell you what would have been going through my head if we would have just left and come home. I probably would have had another restless night. and hey some may say I hyperventilated.. who knows...  but i was better now. 

oh and did I mention while waiting in Triage 5 after the test were ran and everything looked good, i told nick I know we just heard her heartbeat but i would love to feel her move around, but to be sure... and it was as if she heard me because this little girl started tumbling classes inside the womb... i am not kidding it was the best feeling I have ever experienced... even DADDY got to feel!!!! I was amazed, I was feeling her on the inside but could feel her same movement on the outside so i grabbed nicks hand and he said oh my gosh i felt her... and he has a big smile on his face. he kept his hand there and felt a few more movements... it was great. I know both God and Jada were there to answer our prayers and still out hearts... 

so what started exciting ended exciting.. and we will forever remember our first tour of memorial hospital birthing center  and one can only hope i look as happy as i do the next time i am pictured in that Gown:)