Friday, September 4, 2009

worth Celebrating

today marks 23 weeks of the Pregnancy and 11 months of being married! Fridays are now my favorite days of the week and no its not becuase I have a job that allows me to look forward to having weekends off, but its becuase each friday my Oven ticker is one week close to meeting our little girl! as I also mentioned today we have been married for 11 months, thats right this time next month we will be celebrating our 1st year of being married!!!! oh so exciting.

for the pregnancy: I am not feeling the symptoms that my friday emails informed me i would be feeling, they say that my feet may be getting swollen and I will need new shoes... so far so good... but my belly sure is getting swollen! i need new clothes bad! and there is really no where to get them here in the south bend area... you have motherhood... target... old navy.. and kholes... but motherhood seems so non flattering and target has super cute tops but no Jeans and old navy is alll the way on the south side and by the time you get there they have like 4 items... so I think i will resort to shopping online and just hopping that something fits!! yesterday I went to target and picked up 4 short sleve and 2 long sleve tops that are just basic, grey, white, black and purple but i loved them, they are practicle and simple. Like me :)

but i just have to get some pants! asap! so maybe this weekend we will travel over to the old navy and see what they have but other then that i am serious about going online... if any of you have any other tips please send them my way :)

as for other celebrations this weekend we have lots of them.... Saturday is the 1st Nd foofball game so Nick and I will be walking through the campus sipping on good ol hot chocolate and then comming home to get ready for mr Coltons 1st birthday party!!! then we also have a memorial day cook out to attend for one of nicks clients, should be fun but saturday sounds like it will be full of fun stuff! then sunday we have to just do whatever we want... so I am looking forward to starting me weekend today at 6 Pm when I get to punch out of work. yes this will be worth Celebrating!!


Mo said...

yay yay. it will be fun!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chels- Try looking online at Pea In the Pod or Isabella Oliver. They have cuter things than what you can find here in SB. Its tough trying to find cute things!