Wednesday, July 8, 2009

hello Blog, it's me Chelssie...

here I am, I come to you from Good Ol Granger Indiana now, we have moved and settled into what we now call home. Having just got the internet set up Monday I finally have found time to grab my cup of decaf coffee and sit at the computer before getting ready for work.

so we like it here, we are renting a house as stated a while back and its just perfect fitting for us. the house is set back in the woods so in the morning time i get to sneak a peak at some deer which makes me feel like im in a cabin camping somewhere :) I have to admit though when we first moved in a didnt sleep well until about the 4th night. I think it just had to do with teh face that we were now in a house that is much larger than us and we are jsut two people sleeping in "the woods" with tons of windows around us and we hadn't met the neighbors yet... just kinds creepy. But it's all good now, i dont even sleep with the lights on anymore haha.

well I didn't wait long to whip this house into shape and touch it up with a little bit of color .... I wish i had a camera but well i dont right now... and the picks my Blackberry takes will do no justice so stay tuned a camera is on the list of items to get! but if some of you remember the picture where the walls were a dark tan and then the burgandy spashed on 2 accent walls? well now that burgundy is gone and say hello to PLUM PURPLE! it looks fab, with a little help from my friend MO I was no longer afraid of color :) I am super excited to post pictures of what our living quarters looks like so please stay tuned...

in other news, Mr. Wonderful is loving his job and I am back at my old store, getting back into the swing of things but I must say it is so nice to get off of work and be home with him and know that the rest of my family is just 10 minutes away, for the fist time everyone is around and its great!

as for Baby news, I am now approaching 15 weeks in the pregnancy and am still feeling great, I have found a dr. here and picked the hospital we will be delivering at. I have my next apt on the 17th however I do not believe they are doing an ultra sound then although I will be 16 weeks I believe they will wait til the folowing apt because i will be 20 weeks and that is a great time to tell the sex of the baby. So for now were just haning out and peeing a whole lot, I really feel very blessed to be having such a smooth pregnancy and can only hope it continues this way alllll the way through the labor part :)