Monday, May 10, 2010

Jada's Dedication

This past weekend was full of fun events for our family, On saturday we had Jada dedicated at our church, we had lots of family and a few friends that were able to join in on this very special day. As you may recall a post I did was back in December about the christmas gift I received from my mom where she had my wedding dress cut and used the pieces and the beads to make a nice gown for Jada ( or future children ) to wear to their dedication, well this weekend she got to wear it.

At the moment in time we were running a bit late to the church and we had family scattered all over I didn't realize how special it was to me knowing that she was wearing the dress I married her daddy in when we vowed before God, but as we were standing in the line I looked over at her in her daddies arms as she was chewing on a part of the gown and my heart was warmed over.

It was such a special day for our family, we have now proclaimed in front of our friends and family and church, that we will raise our little girl to know who Jesus is and to put her trust in God. Her daddy and I committed to trust God's promises made to us and Jada in his word. To seek God and seep scriptural guidance in the way we live and parent Jada, to discipline and show her grace, to teach God's word to her and live out the gospel in our home, to pray for her and teach her to pray, and to partner with the church community seeking accountability and leading Jada to do the same.

After the dedication we all came back to our house for a nice cook out, it was great spending time with family and friends, we had lots of delicious food and everyone was able to give Jada a nice kiss on her plump cheeks :) Thank you to all who shared in this very special day.