Monday, February 22, 2010

Transition time

this past Saturday Nick and I decided it was time to have Jada start sleeping on her own, not off in her own room just yet, but in her pack N play. she will be 6 wks old tomorrow, and so far every night she starts out sleeping on my chest or her daddies. the first few weeks it was nice because we could cuddle her and it was easy to make sure she was always ok, and well because I am breast feeding it made it so nice to just roll over and bam she was fed. well now that she has gotten older and is able to sleep longer when we put her in bed with us, she would sleep from 11 to 4, now those are some solid hours that both nick and I should be enjoying along with Jada, but well lets be honest when you have the most precious being to ever enter your life laying on your chest, you don't sleep all that well as you are very cautious of not blocking her air ways, and making sure that she is comfortable. So after a few conversations, we knew it was time to get her used to sleeping on her own, because eventually she will be moving into her own room with her crib.

now we are actually doing two transitions at once, we are 1)having her sleep in her own bed, 2) we are wanting her to go in her bed with out being asleep yet. that way she doesn't wake up like what the heck, where am I , when did I get in here... and so as she gets bigger she will be able to be used to going down for naps too.

so the good news, because I am writing this you know that I survived :) but let me take you back to our journey that began saturday at 10:50PM

here is what her schedule looked like that night.

fed her at 8:20 ( then I went to bed and she stayed up with daddy for a little longer)
fed again at 10:50 ( after she ate, I burped her of course and then placed her in her bed)

she fussed on and off till her next feeding, we let her cry for no longer than 15 minutes in a row then either daddy or I got up to rock her pat her back and tell her she was ok, she was so calm as soon as we picked her up, then as soon as we placed her down she was fussy again...

ate again at 1:15AM

fussed, slept for 20 minutes till next feeding

again at 3:07AM


again 5:55AM
and 9:20 AM

by this time I thougth what had we done, when she was sleeping on us she would eat anywhere from 8 to 9 and be out till 4 am and I would feed her and then place her in her bed and she would sleep till 7 or 8 and wake to eat again...

but Nick and I promised that no matter if it took 2 days or 2 weeks we wouldn't back down and we would stay strong for one another and take turns getting up with her..

so now its Sunday and we said that we would place her in her bed for naps also, yes this child has been very cuddled her whole existance so far, for all of her naps she would be sleeping on me or asleep on me in her moby wrap, so as you can see this would be yet another transition for her...

and well the naps went about like her bed time the night before... although she did have 2 successful 40 minute ones...

so here we are sunday night...

night number two of the transition

I said a quiet prayer before I headed into bed that she get rest and have a good nights sleep... and I whispered in Jada's ear that mommy doesn't want anything for her birthday but a good nights sleep :)

so last night I fed her at 8 and then went into bed as she stayed up a little longer with daddy

nick brought her in at 10 and I fed her and then placed her in her bed, this time telling her good night Jada, its time to go night night.

she fussed, but NOTHING I mean NOTHING like the night before, this time her cry was not a OMG get me the heck out of here... this night it was just man im frigin tired, I wish I knew how to just close my eyes and fall asleep... now although she didn't fuss loud she did continue to fuss till her next feeding,

but It hit me like a tun of bricks while i was laying there and she was doing what I call " fake crying" it was that cute waa waa stuff I thought try to play the nature sounds for her, you see, her pack n play has a speaker on it and it will play music or nature sounds or even an ipod its pretty awesome... and it even has a cool blue circle thing it displays on the ceiling... so i reached around and turned it on and she was in awe... I peaked at her and she was wide eyed staring at the blue dot with a smile on her face... YAY!!!!! I found something that works ( seriously that is the best feeling ever as a mom)

so I got her up to feed her at 12:20

and placed her down in her bed and she SLEPT SOLID, til 5!!

she ate again at 5 and then went back to sleep in her bed

till she woke up at 9:10 to eat again

she stayed up for a little while to dance in the living room with her mommy to celebrate a successful night of sleep and my birthday...

then she went down fo a 45 minute nap in her bed :) and I took a shower...
and now

SHE IS NAPPING IN HER SWING while I am blogging....

thats right... in her swing... this is amazing... for the last 6 weeks I am not kidding when I say she ALWAYs sleeps on us... the only other place she has ever fallen asleep was in her car seat... so this has been a wonderful transition thus far, I am sure we will have more sleepless nights... and we are prepared for that...


Love your momma !